michael morse nationalsAnother domino falls, as the Nationals reportedly just sent Michael Morse to the Mariners, who sent catcher John Jaso to the A’s, who sent pitching prospect A.J. Cole (formerly of the Nationals) back to the Nationals. The Nationals are also reportedly getting an additional “good” prospect from the A’s, and a PTBNL from the A’s (though the details on that part of the deal are still trickling out).

With Morse in the fold, the Mariners now have the market cornered on DH’s who probably shouldn’t be playing a position, together with Jesus Montero, Kendrys Morales, and Raul Ibanez. I can only assume the Mariners have their fingers crossed that Montero can catch full-time, and two of the other three can hold down the corner outfield spots (unless they’re planning to unload Justin Smoak, which they very well might after his disastrous 2012 season).

The A’s get Jaso, who is so thoroughly a Billy Beane player, that, well, of course they got Jaso.

As for the implications of the deal, it looks like a nice return for the Nats on Morse, whose trade value is arguably comparable to the Alfonso Soriano’s (if the Cubs even the money out). Morse is the better, younger bat, but is a free agent at the end of the year and is a butcher defensively. Soriano wasn’t going to the Mariners, either, so that’s a plus for his market.

Whether this impacts the Mariners’ pursuit of someone like Michael Bourn remains to be seen. Franklin Gutierrez is currently slated to start in center, but I’m sure the M’s wouldn’t mind upgrading. In some ways, this could push them even harder in Bourn’s direction.

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    • Mike

      Agreed. :)

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    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Why are we even having this conversation?

      How about that Morse deal, eh?

    • CubFan Paul

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  • CubFan Paul

    ‘In some ways, this could push them even harder in Bourn’s direction.’

    Can you expound a little bit please

    • hansman1982

      I’d say they’d want to have someone capable of playing 9/10ths of the outfield.

  • Crazyhorse

    Jesus Montero, Kendrys Morales, Raul Ibanez and Micheal Morse. I have this strange feeling that any child running backwards can out run these players .

    • Mike

      I think you have to give the Mariners credit for doing as much as possible to acquire bats, as so many players don’t want to go to Seattle. They’ve now got some pretty good power hitters in Morales, Morse, Montero and, to some degree, Ibanez. I think the M’s have done well, all things considered.

      • Crazyhorse

        A little flat footed but yes the Mairners have improved. It also helps that the new dimensions make Safeco more hitter friendly for right handed batters. Still seeing those names grouped together is making me think of a turtle crossing.

  • #1lahairfan

    A J Cole is going to be good in a couple years. I just have that feeling…

  • abe


    would you take this type of deal for soriano or would you rather keep him? (I am starting to warm up to sori- It would be nice to have a veteran presence if we are going to be competitive in 2014)

  • JBarnes

    Seem to be a lot of “high end” talent going back to teams without giving up a whole lot. People seem to think Seattle would have overpaid for Upton, Bauer to Cleveland, Myers/Odorizzi to Tampa, Cole back to the Nationals…what does this mean for a return on Garza/Soriano if that happens?

    • Crazyhorse

      The market far an aging corner outfielder with a bipolar work ethic and has half of it own fans screaming for his trade -will not increase his trade value. A pitcher that is coming off some Top secret elbow injury does not help either. Both will need a half of season to prove to other teams that not only are they healthy and sound of mind, but also produce as well.

      I think Soriano if he accepts a trade , could get dealt first, if he has a good April.( spring training stats wont matter with him) Elbows and pitchers i think if Garza is to be traded,He will need a half of season for WhO the Cubs would want in return.

      • frank

        Assuming you mean Soriano, I’ve never heard that he had a “bipolar work ethic”–in fact, just the opposite–that he’s always been one of the hardest working players on the team. Hasn’t had much real coaching til now.

        • http://thecubcontrarian.blogspot.com Kyle

          It just takes one look at him to see that he’s lazy and doesn’t get the most out of his natural abilities. Not a gamer.

          • Pat

            Well, when you have a team’s own announcer (as much of a moron as he may be) proclaiming at every opportunity how bad that player is (could throw a dart and hit a better left fielder) it will become part of the national narrative.

            • Crazyhorse

              The national narrative is to lose today for a better tommorow. That what this front offfice do well talk.

            • http://thecubcontrarian.blogspot.com Kyle

              Yeah, that announcer was a blowhard who was trying to establish how tough and no-nonsense he was to try to earn fan support for a run at another managing job.

        • Crazyhorse

          Soriano in the past has been a lazy defender , a teamate that has clash with field managers about batting positions and has history of hamstring problems that has limited his range on the field and basepaths, all negatives. The [positiveis when he is healthyand his power . In the past he has always been streak type of hitter, to me thats bipolar on athletic level.

          • DocPeterWimsey

            Like all “streak” hitters, Sori’s output never deviates from expectations. The “ups” and “downs” are simply sampling error coupled with non random variation in the quality of the opposing pitching. Baseball is heavily probabilistic and repeated considerably, and thus you get a lot of “one in 20” outcomes.

            As for fielding, Sori was not lazy: he simply was not good. You cannot go all out if you are working hard to figure out where the ball is.

            • Crazyhorse

              fancy way to say his abiltiy was written in stone = kinda like the roster I see the Cubs have now . With the Astros moving to the American league the small improvement tha the Cubs have been made will likely mean the Cubs will probably finshed last . Its not that Cubs have not improved as mush as the Cubs wont face The Astros as mush.

            • jt

              A robot stating a players performance is robotic!
              circadia has its rythems as does the wife of every player.
              could it be that the chili she cooks every 5 weeks has an effect
              could it be the little nagging injuries effect some players more than others
              could it be that the constant adjusting and readjusting of pitcher to batter and batter to pitcher are adjusted to as different rates from different players.
              to count the reasons would make for a sily task. They exist!
              that a player exhibits a rhythm of performce over a period of time that is emperically different than the norm speaks for itself. It does not speak to the reason

              • DocPeterWimsey

                Robots behave deterministically. That is what makes us awesome. The robot’s point is that it is all probabilistic when you meatbags are involved. It is written in jello, not stone!

                • jt

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                  it has been done before
                  and I might add…better
                  if humans were purely mechanical then john henry would have won
                  if baseball were a game of luck then pitchers would be able to hit
                  if paleontoligists understood entropy… well they wouldn’t be paleontoligists.

                  • DocPeterWimsey

                    Probability and luck are not the same thing at all. Indeed, isn’t the definition of luck more or less an improbable occurrence?

                    (And why wouldn’t paleontologists understand entropy? It is hardly the most difficult set of concepts!)

          • frank

            Ok–though I wouldn’t say that “bipolar” defined as streakiness is the same thing as “bipolar” in terms of work ethic, unless you believe he’s streaky because he loses concentration or something along those lines–could be, but we don’t know that for sure. Could also be the byproduct of his adjustments to the way he’s being pitched, or something of that nature.

        • Crazyhorse

          Hasn’t had much real coaching til now. really the man is 37 years and have been a part of some great teams -Yankees , Rangers , Washington and the Cubs . Although he can be a great teammate he has been a distraction with most of those Clubs, because of his natural ability to hit a ball far and run like the wind his personality was always a me first attitude. When he hit 32 hr and 100 rbi season its always easy to ignore his bad behaviors. He is not a clubhouse cancer – he is just a managers headache from time to time

          • frank

            Not with the Cubs, anyway. And he wasn’t in the outfield all of that time, either. As Doc said, he simply was not a good fielder and never was. When he was younger and could move–up to the year before he came to the Cubs, his speed covered up deficiencies–as is the case with Tony Campana now. At least now, after McKay’s coaching, he’s a decent defender. And great organizations don’t always have uniformly great coaching, and coaches may tend to other problems especially when a player’s natural abilities make up for his liabilities (not saying that did happen–just a possibility). I haven’t heard much about him being a manager’s headache, but I’d imagine that could be the case–any player who’s had the success he’s had (mostly before he got here, but some here as well) is bound to have an ego. If it has been the case in the past, it doesn’t seem to have been as much of a problem here.

  • tjtrigo

    At this point in the off season, what is the percentage of Soriano being traded by the beginning of the season. I say it is 10%.

    • Mike

      Hard telling, percentage-wise. I’d love to see the Cubs unload Soriano while he still has some value. I’d rather not see him on the Cubs’ opening day roster. Get at least a little salary relief and whatever you can player-wise: maybe a serviceable lefty reliever or super-utility player. I don’t expect much else. He’s too old for anyone to give up much else for him.

  • steve

    It does seem to me that teams are over paying for veteran talent with good prospects, so I think this bodes real well for any return we get on Garza.

    • http://thecubcontrarian.blogspot.com Kyle

      I don’t think they are overpaying. I think Cubs fans are seriously overrating the value of prospects.

      • http://www.bleachernation.com Luke

        This deal looks pretty to good to me as well. If anything, I think Seattle might have underpaid a touch.

        • Patrick W.

          I don’t know about Seattle underpaying. They gave up a decent platoon bench bat for 3 years to get a decent injury risk for 1 year. I don’t think losing John Jaso is that big a deal for Seattle, they played him less at catcher than Jesus Montero and Miguel Olivo for crying out loud, but he rakes against right handed pitching. I don’t get this deal from the A’s point of view though. If anybody over-paid it’s the A’s.

  • Josh Kirby

    With this trade in mind, does anyone see a trade to the Phillies loosely of Soriano for Biddle? Biddle and AJ Cole are about similarly rated prospects.

  • terry

    Cubs websight, says theo, and dale. Are expecting to make playoffs, what have they been smoking?

    • Luke D

      Soto’s ganja

  • http://401klogic.net Westbound Willie

    For the last time soriano is an old washed up player that has no trade value. Who in the world would give up anything in value for this guy? Anybody want to name a team that actually wants this guy? The answer is nobody.

  • koboldekobold

    It seems disingenuous to suggest that blank slate no one would want Soriano. The issue is the money he makes/prospects the Cubs might demand in return. If they don’t get a suitable offer, it’s not like he doesn’t make them a better team (particularly now that he apparently can do a little bit with his glove). I will be happy if the Cubs can get a nice return, but I won’t be unhappy if Soriano is still on the team when the season starts.

  • PeteG

    He’s going to hit .250ish with 25 to 30 hrs and 80 to 100 ribbies next year. With that type of production there is bound to be a few teams intrigued by him if the money is right. I’d take someone like Domonic Brown from the Phillies. I see something special in him.

  • Serious Cubs Fan

    random. I know Brian Wilson is a strange guy and talent is obviously there, why dont the cubs sign him? 1yr prove it deal, flipable asset midseason. Give him high annual 1yr contract and he could net the cubs a decent return if he performs. I know people hate when ppl say flip players but it really makes sense in that case and could help towards the future. Also it wouldnt be bad for him either. I only see win-win situation and the cubs still have money to spend with the way the payroll being moderate right now. Plus they could just resign him after the season if they trade him, if they think their ready to compete in 2014.

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      I open*

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Thanks (and sorry). Clearly a bad third party has gotten into the ad mix with one of my networks. I’m hopeful they can figure it out soon.

    • HCS

      I’m not getting malware, but definitely getting ads popping up and taking over the screen, although I’m on Android. no problems on desktop, though. Thanks for looking into it, Brett.

      • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

        Yeah, it doesn’t appear to be a malware issue – just a crappy (and sometimes nasty) pop-up/redirecting ad issue.