Meta: CubsCon 2013 – I Have Arrived

2013 cubs conventionWell, it feels like the early afternoon to me, given that I was up before 4am this morning. If I don’t catch a nap at some point today, I’m going to be hurting later tonight …

I have arrived in Chicago without incident, although it was mighty cold walking from the L to the hotel. Mostly, it’s my fault, because I insist on wearing my very light Cubs jacket. Still, it’s great to be back in Chicago for the first time in almost half a year.

I’ve already got a compliment for the new Cubs Convention venue: they let me check in at 8am. It’s like getting an entire extra day at the hotel, which is fantastic, because … confession … I am all about taking showers at hotels. It’s not a weird thing – it’s just that the water pressure at my house is miserably poor, so when I have the opportunity to lounge in a quality shower, I take it. By arriving early, I’ve just banked myself at least one additional shower (added to the four or five I was already planning to take before I depart on Sunday). That’s a +1, Sheraton.

I haven’t had a chance to walk around the hotel much yet, as I scurried out to get breakfast and do some writing. It doesn’t look quite as decked out in get-you-excited Cubs stuff as the Hilton was, but that could very much be the product of my having only seen the lobby and my room.

Registration for the Convention starts in about an hour, so that’s when I’ll really start roaming the place.

After a nap and a shower, perhaps.

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28 responses to “Meta: CubsCon 2013 – I Have Arrived”

  1. Crazyhorse

    Awesome , needed a laugh with the cup coffee!

  2. Sprtswiz1

    Awesome. i look forward to the updates since i couldnt get out there this year.

  3. cjdubbya

    Awesome! (needed to continue the string) Also looking forward to the updates. Get some rest, Ace – you’re probably going to need it.

    1. itzscott

      When you go to the men’s room, mention my name and you’ll get a good seat.

  4. Brandon - AA Correspondent

    Look for the Tennessee Smokies Booth at the convention. GM Brian Cox, and staffers Robbie Sheuerrmann and Lauren Chesney are there. Mention my name and get a free gift (haha). Luke made the trek to Smokies park last yer, so Brett….it’s time to man up and come on down in 2013.

    Have fun this weekend. Wish I was there.


    1. Joker

      If Ace makes it down, I’m hauling over from the Nashville area. Count me in.

  5. Bob

    Does anyone know if they sell authentic cubs jerseys at the convention? I’ve seen nothing but replicas in stores

  6. scorecrdpau

    I have wanted to go many, many times. just can’t justify burnig the vacation days.
    just a question…Is it possible to by a Wrigley Field scorecrd from the 19teens, or 1920′s in the area? I could justify the trip to my wife if that were possible. hell, if one of you guys see any available you might take note, or picture. You could possibly make a little cash to help pay for your trip by selling them to me??? I am serious. very early scorecards from Wrigley Field are very hard to find!!!!!!!!

  7. Todd McCombs

    I am with you on the shower thing for the same reason

  8. Evan

    I knew I saw you walking in lol wanted to say hi but didnt want to look like an idiot if I was wrong lol

    1. hansman1982

      Don’t worry, Brett will be the one drawing the attention in that area.

  9. Zachary

    Where u traveling from

  10. Rice Cube

    May your showers be almost as awesome as your Convention experience.

  11. Bob

    Are Authentic jerseys sold at the convention

    1. MichiganGoat

      I’ve never been there but I’m sure there are vendor booths plus its not a long train ride to Wrigleyville and all of the vendors and shops there.

  12. Robertp

    The ChiBar is for wristbands only. The wristbands are for season ticket holders only. Where are you going to be.

  13. Robertp

    It looks like its wristband only per the Cub employee

  14. Robertp

    My mistake. It will be open to the public after 7:00.

  15. Austin

    Brett, did they not do the scratch off this year?

  16. Austin

    Damn, we won on our two scratch offs.

  17. svenerik312

    Hi Brett,
    Oh would I love to be in Chicago, it’s been -32C over here this last week, too cold to snow, too cold to do anything

  18. Jason

    It was nice meeting you Brett. We met you Friday night, my dad and I were up waiting for the opening ceremonies to begin. I told all my people that you are a great guy, but your taste in shoes left something to be desired (I was the MSU fan!)

    Thanks for the great work you do here!