Get yourself ready to rock.

Today the Chicago Cubs announced that Pearl Jam would indeed be playing at Wrigley Field this Summer:

pearl jam wrigley field

Nice way to do it.

As the sign indicates, the concert will be July 19, and tickets will go on sale February 9 at 10am CT. Time to start working with my calendar.

Pretty fair bet that Eddie Vedder plays this one (and I cry):

  • CubChick72

    Heard the announcement on WGN this a.m. while taking the kids to school…Johnny B played ‘All the Way’. I shamefully cried in my car in my pj’s & robe in the freezing cold. You won’t be alone when sobbing in July….

  • Stinky Pete

    What’s the over/under on the cheap seats?


    • Brett

      If so, I’d take the under. I bet the cheapest tickets are around $80 (of course, then the fees and taxes … ).

      • Joker

        Here’s the info from the Ten Club on ticket purchasing for members:

        Chicago ticket info: Due to the size of this baseball park, there will be 3 different ticket options. Prices vary. You may enter the drawing for as many ticket options as you like, but you can only be drawn for one pair of tickets to this show. Reserved seats will be assigned based on seniority.

        GA Pit tickets: These are general admission standing tickets and are located on the floor immediately in front of the stage. The GA section is allocated for fan club members only; therefore there will not be a Ten Club early entry for this section.
        Reserved Field/ Lower Bowl: Reserved seating on the field and lower bowl.
        Reserved Upper Box: Reserved seating in the upper box, lower ticket price.

      • Joker

        And while these are 10 Club ticket prices, you can use this as a guage. I doubt the prices will be any lower.

        PRICE is for PAIR

        Chicago, IL Standing GA Pit $168.00

        Chicago, IL Reserved Field/ Lower Bowl $168.00

        Chicago, IL Reserved Upper Box $116.00

        • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

          Damn… That is pricey.

          • Vespertine

            That’s for a pair of tickets.

  • Stinky Pete

    Typically, I have a $50 limit for concerts etc. I told the old lady last night that for this, I would stretch to $75.

    Maybe $80… plus fees and taxes (Rationalizing.)

  • Joker

    Great to wake up to the confirmation. Got my hotel booked on the cheap – now to work on the flying vs driving comparison for the wife and I. It’s a good day.

  • Jim


  • Joker

    For what it’s worth, the official PJ announcement states:

    “We are excited to announce two special Pearl Jam live performances to take place in London, Ontario and at Chicago‚Äôs Wrigley Field in July 2013. Both evenings will be An Evening with Pearl Jam; there will not be an opening band for either performance date”

    So expect a 3 hour plus show and the prices held down as much as possible. Does anyone know if there is a curfew for shows at Wrigley?

    • Scooter

      Joker, where did you find a cheap hotel, if you don’t mind me asking? Huge PJ fan and Cubs fan so this is the best of both worlds. Can’t wait.

      • TWC


      • Joker

        Hilton Garden Inn at Mag Mile. Right near Red Line stop.

        • Scooter

          Thank you Sir!

  • North Side Irish

    Really surprised at the date. The Jason Aldean concert is the next night and we saw what back-to-back concerts did to the outfield last summer. Plus, it doesn’t allow for them to add a second show, which I had assumed (hoped) they would do.

  • RicoSanto

    I paid 99 for McCartney behind home plate , there was tickets for 50 or 60 When there is a large screen anywhere is a decent seat

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