sammy sosa magnateIn the midst of a media blitz not seen since … I struggle to come up with a comp, actually …

Sammy Sosa has already taken to Twitter, Facebook, and – most notably – Pinterest in an effort to re-elevate his profile, and perhaps help turn his name around in the minds of baseball fans.

His latest entry? A live webcast answering questions from fans. The video is available below, but the highlights include …

  • The background picture is Sammy with the Texas Rangers, which was obviously a deliberate choice.
  • That said, Sammy says he still follows the Cubs, who could stand to recruit some better players. He says the Cubs can reach him any time they like – they just have to pick up the phone and call him. He’s not interested in coaching baseball right now, though.
  • Sammy has an academy in the Dominican Republic where he helps work with and train young players.
  • 1998 was a great memory because, in part, “Mark McGwire and I brought baseball back.” I actually don’t know that he’s wrong.
  • Sammy believes he should be in the Hall of Fame, and his “time will come.” He cautioned that he doesn’t want to say anything that will hurt his future chances.
  • Sammy would like the Cubs to retire his number – he’s actually surprised it hasn’t happened yet.
  • You can see the video below, or at this link.

  • Bigg J

    Unfortunately Sammy, you are in the middle of an era that is a dark time in baseball. Craig Biggio didn’t even get into the Hall because of this era. I don’t see the Cubs retiring his number unless he gets into the Hall or it will be way down the road. Oh by the way, you also corked your bat!!!!!

  • Kyle

    He’s right on all accounts.

    • MichiganGoat

      Agreed… Wait are we in bizzaro BN where Kyle and I agree twice in 24 hrs 😉

  • Adam

    Sammy and McGuire did bring baseball back in 98. For myself, who was still in grade school, and I remember sprinting home off the school bus when the Cubs had day games to see if Sammy had homered.

    I lived in Central Illinois, the dividing line between Cubs and Cardinal fans. We literally watched every single game as that summer moved along.

    All the Steroid guys who have deserving numbers should be Hall of Famers. It should be noted if they used steroids. It was the era, and in part baseball’s fault. Its not the Hall of Purity. Sosa, Bonds, McGuire, Manny, Clemens, ARod etc. That was an era of baseball. Plenty of other guys took steroids, and they sucked. Eventually they will put players in the Hall who used steroids but didn’t get caught.

  • Spencer

    He’s totally and completely right about 1998. That was such a fun summer for baseball, and really got me hooked on the sports. Despite all the bad stuff that people say about Sammy and that he treated the fans poorly or whatever, he’s my favorite Cub. I’d love to see him have his number retired, and I would hope that Cubs fans embrace that idea. He was a big part of the franchise. Big Mac was a coach for the Cardinals for goodness sake.

    • King Jeff

      I agree Spencer. While he’s not my all-time favorite, his career was the start of a run of exciting years to be a Cubs fan, and I’m not sure we get there without Sammy. It’s definitely time to let things go and mend fences. Sammy meant a lot to the Cubs and the game of baseball, despite his warts, he at least deserves some praise for helping save baseball.

  • EQ76

    Cooperstown just needs to build a big “asterisk room and let all these guys into that room.. maybe have a syringe shaped plaque for each of them..

    • bluekoolaidaholic

      Yep, and the asterisk* has the word “cheater” next to it.
      I still think we should have a cheaters wing in the HOF. Then let them all in
      Especially Sammy who not only cheated with PEDs but also with corked bats and who knows what else that he didn’t get caught doing.

  • True Blue

    What a stupid A$$ wants Cubs to treat him better, when he left it was basically being ridden out on a rail.

    How about starting with an apology for the BS he put his team and the city through, How about being more active in the various Cub off field events, charities, etc. maybe show he isn’t hurray for Sammie and the heck with everything else…

    Pretty simple got to fix the rungs of the ladder before you try to climb up it.

    yes 1998 was fun, and 2004 was hard to watch and deal with…

    • walterj

      Took the words right out of my mouth .

  • rich

    Sosa is a liar and a cheat !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Cedlandrum

      As well the multitude of players who used PED’s drugs. Also you know it has never been legal for players to take “greenies” either. You would wipe out a number of players from the hall if you went that route including a bunch of these guys proclaiming the PED guys should never get in. Their rationale for saying this is because they had a competitive edge. Well so did the greenie users. Numbers have fallen off because of PED testing but I think it is just as much to do with the juice that the uppers gave these guys too. They have been used in the game for a long time.

      People get worked up because of the cheating. It is laughable. Getting a competitive advantage has long been a part of the game, be it by scuffing the ball, using illegal substances, greenies, peds, or whatever. It just cracks me up that these guys are looked at as cheaters, when cheaters have always been a part of the game.

      • dob2812

        There’s a difference between greenies and steroids.

        And if the answer is condoning cheating, why bother with the sport in the first place?

        • Kyle

          The difference is? How effective they are? That’s an odd line to draw. “It’s OK to cheat, so long as it isn’t too good.”

          There’s always going to be de facto rules and de jure rules. The law says 66 MPH is breaking the speed limit, but most people would scream bloody murder if they got a ticket for going 1 MPH over.

          Steroids were de facto accepted in baseball for a long time. Anyone who used under that period is fine by me.

        • King Jeff

          “There’s a difference between greenies and steroids. ”

          Both are illegal substances designed to give a competitive advantage over anyone not using them. I don’t see much of a difference, and implying that there is one, contradicts with your second statement.

  • 1060Ivy

    Sosa was simply the face of the Cubs for almost a decade.

    Some fans and team officials may not want to admit it but Sammy was The Man.

  • Crazyhorse

    Some people claim the Sosa did PEDS and some people say That Epstein knowingly signed players that used PEDS – hmm dont be hypocrites.

  • Clark Addison

    Time to invite Sammy back into the fold. He was the primary reason to watch the Cubs for most of his 13 years with us.

    Retire 21.

  • Cedlandrum

    I love good old Bud and his effort to “clean up the game,” after a great deal of time turning a blind eye to the fact that these guys were helping the product. Baseball was on its way down when the guys he and his posse have brandished as cheaters brought the game back and Bud and the owners gained greatly financially.

    The Cubs can be pissed at Sosa, but he did a great job of furthering their product when there wasn’t much else to be pleased with about the Cubs.

  • DarthHater

    So we have a day of comments yapping about landmark laws followed by a day of comments yapping about Sammy? Winter cannot end soon enough…

    • Kyle

      I still can’t believe January is almost over and the Cubs have done almost literally nothing this month. Not even the waiver-wire shuffling they seem to love so much.

      • King Jeff

        I figured that they would have at least figured out how to put Villanueva on the roster by now.

        • Kyle

          I can’t remember where I read it today, but there was some little blurb that one team got the impression that Hairston was off the market and it just wasn’t being announced yet. I suspect we’ve got two guys on the line now.

          • King Jeff

            I wouldn’t complain, Hairston would be a nice addition at a decent price.

    • MichiganGoat

      What if we added a giant Sosa shapped jumbotron? Discuss.

      • King Jeff

        As long as it goes directly on Alderman Tunney’s front lawn, I’m on board.

  • Jughead

    Sammy? Woulda, shoulda, coulda. Enogh said.

  • Tennessee Cub

    I loved Sosa, still do for that matter. The things he did in the time he was a Cub was awesome. Baseball and the Cubs made a bunch of money off him and mcGwire for that fact. I hate that its like throw them under the bus now when they carried the game for so long. Bonds, Sosa, McGwire, Clemens, A-Rod, Manny, etc…. all belong in the hall of fame.(Period) As for Sosa’s departure…..dont cast stones while living in a glass house. None of us are perfect, maybe he was tired of losing or something. give him a break and retire his # and have Sammy Sosa day. He is the ONLY man to EVER hit 60 homers 3 different times. Why didn’t the other “steriod” users do it? Hmmmmm…maybe they weren’t the player Sosa was.

  • Ed Wiese

    Not only his bat, but Sammy had a cannon in Right Field. Plus, he would steal some bases when he felt as it would be an advantage!

    • Boogens

      He sure did have a cannon for an arm and he’d even use it to occasionally hit the cut-off man.

  • rick

    I won’t forget he walked out on his team. Sorry i have no respect for him.

  • bluekoolaidaholic

    Bad Sammy,
    the cheater.
    No HOF, No retired number.

  • Kyle

    How do you feel about Sandberg?

    • King Jeff

      Pretty much the same way I feel about Sosa, and for the same reason.

    • Pat

      To be fair, some of the teammates Sandberg walked out on had allegedly been nailing his wife. Loyalty is pretty much out the window at that point.

  • The Dude

    I agree with Sammy on all accounts but I find myself disagreeing with you on the Texas Rangers poster, Brett.

    I thought the same thing about Texas being a deliberate choice until I went to Sammy’s Pinterest page and noticed that it’s a tribute to his 600th home run – Obviously a gift from the Rangers and his largest hat in the HOF ring.

    I can’t help but have a very bad taste in my mouth with the way these steroid era players are being treated. I just read an article where Melissa Isaacson described Pete Rose as “honest” in her argument against Sosa’s HOF credentials. That’s one of the most idiotic statements I’ve ever read. I find it funny how all these sportswriters were so quick to try and captivate our imaginations with epic stories of the home run and strikeout kings while everything was going on, but they thumb down their noses at these players now.

    Why? It was and always will be all about money. Especially as we enter the age of billion dollar TV contracts.

    When Bonds, Clemens, Sosa, and McGwire were making the media outlets like ESPN money hand over fist they were gladiators, and none of these writers would’ve had a job if they insisted on blowing the whistle on the worst kept secret within the industry. We all had suspicions but most of us didn’t want to know the truth because baseball’s return to prominence felt too damn good to rat on. Steroids connected the present players with baseball’s all-time greats, and, thus, reminded us of all the history and lore that we fell in love with as kids. Growing up everyone wanted the chance to watch Babe Ruth and steroids gave us that chance.

    I think it’s despicable how MLB and the media treat the players who’ve made them so much money when they all had their hands in the pie, and, subsequently, the mess. I feel it’s especially true with Chicago, the Cubs, and Sammy Sosa. The guy is a legendary athlete and probably the most prominent player in Latina American history. I know I wouldn’t be nearly as big of a baseball or Cubs fan if it wasn’t for Kerry Wood and Sammy Sosa in 1998.

    Sosa and McGwire making baseball famous (and rich) again, and then not allowed in it’s HOF is truly sad.

    • MichiganGoat

      TheDude – completely agree nice comment

    • The Dude

      Thanks, Goat. I have a strong opinion about this … Baseball would be closer to the NHL than it is it’s current form without the steroid era.

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  • Windy City Misfit

    The only question he wouldn’t awnser:

    “What happened to your boombox?”