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Sammy Sosa on Sammy Sosa with a Side of Sammy Sosa (A Webcast with Fans)

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sammy sosa magnateIn the midst of a media blitz not seen since … I struggle to come up with a comp, actually …


Sammy Sosa has already taken to Twitter, Facebook, and – most notably – Pinterest in an effort to re-elevate his profile, and perhaps help turn his name around in the minds of baseball fans.

His latest entry? A live webcast answering questions from fans. The video is available below, but the highlights include …

  • The background picture is Sammy with the Texas Rangers, which was obviously a deliberate choice.
  • That said, Sammy says he still follows the Cubs, who could stand to recruit some better players. He says the Cubs can reach him any time they like – they just have to pick up the phone and call him. He’s not interested in coaching baseball right now, though.
  • Sammy has an academy in the Dominican Republic where he helps work with and train young players.
  • 1998 was a great memory because, in part, “Mark McGwire and I brought baseball back.” I actually don’t know that he’s wrong.
  • Sammy believes he should be in the Hall of Fame, and his “time will come.” He cautioned that he doesn’t want to say anything that will hurt his future chances.


  • Sammy would like the Cubs to retire his number – he’s actually surprised it hasn’t happened yet.
  • You can see the video below, or at this link.


Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation.