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2013 Chicago Cubs Spring Training Broadcast Schedule

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cacti mesaAh, we can really start thinking about actual baseball games again.


Today the Chicago Cubs announced their broadcast schedules – TV, radio, and internet streaming audio (free) – for the 2013 Spring Training. Save for a few split-squad games, every Spring game is covered by one or more of these methods, so you don’t have to miss out if you don’t want to.

As usual, the TV games don’t come until later in the schedule, so you’ll have to be patient for visuals. There are six total televised games, with four on WGN and two on CSN.

Presently, there is no broadcast information for the Bunt Tournament ( … he says half-jokingly, half-seriously).

Here’s the full schedule – with a small handful of exceptions, the games start at 1:05pm Arizona Time:

Feb. 23: at Angels on WGN Radio
Feb. 24: vs. Giants on
Feb. 25: at Dodgers on
Feb. 26: vs. Rockies on
Feb. 27: vs. Dodgers on
Feb. 28: vs. Athletics on
March 1: vs. Diamondbacks on
March 2: at Giants on WGN Radio
March 3 (ss): vs. Brewers on; and vs. Angels (no broadcast)
March 4: vs. Indians on
March 5: at Rockies on
March 6: at Rangers on
March 7: vs. White Sox on
March 8: at Reds on
March 9: vs. Indians on WGN Radio
March 10: vs. Padres on
March 11: at Diamondbacks on
March 13: vs. Rockies
March 14: at Dodgers on
March 15 (ss): at White Sox on; and vs. World Baseball Classic team (no broadcast info or team yet, sadly)
March 16 (ss): vs. Royals on WGN-TV; and vs. Rangers on WGN Radio (game is in Las Vegas)
March 17 (ss): at Athletics on WGN-TV; and vs. Rangers on WGN Radio (game is in Las Vegas)
March 18: at Padres on
March 19: vs. Rangers on
March 21 (ss): at Mariners on WGN Radio; and vs. Dodgers (game is in Tuscon and is a benefit for benefit the Christina-Taylor Green Memorial Foundation)
March 22: at Brewers on WGN-TV and
March 23: vs. Angels on WGN-TV and WGN Radio
March 24: at Indians on WGN Radio
March 25: vs. Giants on CSN and
March 26: vs. Reds on
March 27: at Royals on WGN Radio
March 28: vs. Mariners on CSN and
March 29: at Astros on (game is in Houston)
March 30: at Astros on (game is in Houston)


Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation.