bnpodcastimagesmallIt’s the thirteenth episode of a super awesome podcast featuring me and Sahadev Sharma. You can listen to the podcast there below, or download it for later listening. You can also subscribe via iTunes. Here’s your iTunes link, and you can also find it by searching in the iTunes store. For those of you who use other feed-catching services, here’s the podcast feed. For those of you just tuning in who want to catch up on prior episodes, here’s the whole lot.

As always, you can send questions, comments, etc. to the official podcast email address (podcast AT bleachernation DOT com) if you want your thoughts included on a future show. Today’s set got us rolling on a CBA rant, a rotation rant, an Ian Stewart (non)rant, and the competitiveness of the 2013 Cubs rant.

This week we talk about, of course, the Cubs Convention and our hanging-out exploits. If you missed any of the funny fan questions at the Convention, we’ve got you covered.

We also discuss the renovations coming to Wrigley Field, the funding of those renovations, and Jeff Samardzija keg stands, among many other salient topics.


  • ETS

    Mets are asking for a ruling to get to keep their 11th overall pick if they sign Bourne.

    Do you think this stuff would clear up if MLB said, “Yes, you surrender your first round pick when signing a ‘qualifying offer’ guy, but you still get to keep the 1st round money pool and spend in other rounds as you see fit.” ?

    • Brett


    • Kyle

      I’m assuming that’s because it would have been 10th overall and protected if not for the Pirates’ Appel replacement pick?

      • Brett

        That’s their argument. On the plain language of the CBA, it doesn’t hold water (first 10 picks), but we’ll see what the Commissioner’s Office is willing to do.

        • North Side Irish

          Jim Callis has been answering questions about this in Twitter all morning. Basically, the CBA was amended to specifically say 10 picks, so there’s not really any way around it. The MLBPA has said they would support the Mets claim, but that’s largely because it would benefit Bourn.

  • Is it me?

    Man that podcast sucked. What the F?
    Are you kidding me with that garbage?
    Brett talking about his legs chaffing? Really? Couldn’t even get past the intro.

    Really, reeeeeally bad.

    • louis

      I’m bored from this comment

      • TWC

        I couldn’t even get past that comment’s intro. I could tell it was really, reeeeeeally bad.

    • Brett

      Thanks for giving it a full and fair listen!

      • hansman1982

        No, when you jump into a podcast at episode #13 you just need the first 45 seconds to determine value.

      • JR

        Brett, perfect response. I thought it was a good podcast.

        • Brett

          Thanks, JR.

          And, in full disclosure, “Is it me?” has another name around here, and I’m thinking he may have gone into the podcast without the highest of expectations or regard for me, chaffing or otherwise.

          • TWC


          • DarthHater

            It’s not full disclosure unless you tell us who it is. 😉

        • Spencer

          It is a good podcast. Admittedly, I didn’t listen to the whole thing because I don’t have enough time, but that stuff I listened to was good. I sent an email about this, but I dunno if you guys got it or not – I often do not have enough time to sit and listen to the podcast all at once (yes, I know that’s what the download button is for), so more times than not I only listen to the first 20-25 minutes of it in my free time. I try to go back to it if I can, but I invariably forget or don’t have time to do so. This is a somewhat selfish request, but I think answering listener emails at the end of the show would be better for folks like me that want to get to the more important news of the day ASAP, rather than waiting 15-25 minutes before that happens. Just a thought. Keep up the good work

    • hansman1982

      1. Yes
      2. See answer to #1
      3. See answer to #2
      4. See answer to #3
      5. See answer to #4

  • Is it me?

    You are correct. I did not go into the podcast with the highest of expectations. 😉

    • DarthHater

      Or the highest of IQs. 😀

  • Curt

    it might be a different time and climate but politicians haven’t changed if by some miracle the renovation made the mayor look good he’d be all over it but that aside I only see 2 options 1) help the cubs and 2) get out if the way and let them run their buisness the way they see fit, I’m pretty sure that other “businesses ” get tax breaks and incentives to either locate there of expand so really how much is different just sayin.

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