A Report Out of the Dominican Republic Claims Carlos Marmol Has Been Accused of Domestic Violence

Carlos Marmol bummedAs I often do, let me preach caution on this one: although the outlet from which this report originates is legitimate, there are many details missing, and it’s hard to know what’s what. So we’ll follow along as the story evolves.

Enough preamble. This has been floating around for a little while now, and I was reluctant to write about it because of the above, but it bears mentioning. ListinDiario out of the Dominican Republic is reporting that Carlos Marmol has been accused of domestic violence. The report is in Spanish, but a rough translation suggests that Marmol stands accused of some kind of violence against a 24-year-old woman in the DR.

For his part, Marmol’s attorney says, per the report, that the accusations are an attempt at blackmail and extorsion.

So, this could be nothing. Or it could be something. I’d expect that Marmol and/or the Cubs will have a statement on this at some point soon, which might clarify things a bit.

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  1. waittilthisyear

    any chance this is, in part, delaying a trade?

    1. justinjabs

      Interesting thought. Not sure what Cubs could even get in a trade for him anymore. I think it’d be better to wait and have him show some more of the post-ASG form… Cubs certainly have the cash to pay him half his salary.

      1. Voice of reason

        You must be new to this website?

        The answer to your question of what we could get for marmol is very simple…. OLT!

        There are people on this website who think the rangers are just standing by, waiting to trade their young third baseman to us.

        Garza…. Soriano…. Mamol…. Campana… Or some sort of combination plus a minor leaguer or two!

        Whatever the case, it’s simple…. OLT!

        1. ETS

          If I were texas I’d be trying to get value for either olt or gallo. I don’t think the cubs will get either.

  2. Section503

    I always appreciate that Brett doesn’t jump to conclusions or just add color to a already vibrant story without the facts. That said, come on Marmol can’t you just wait until we trade you ;)

    1. cheryl

      I agree, too many reporters would jump on this and worry about facts later.

  3. Andrewmoore4isu

    Is there a difference between domestic violence and domestic assault? Or just the verbiage?

  4. Smitty

    Brett if you haven’t seen the kittens recreate album covers on yahoo, you will want to check it out.

    Sorry, I don’t know how to add a link.

  5. RoughRider

    Apparantly Marmol has filed a formal complaint against the woman of extortion and blackmail.

  6. North Side Irish

    Between this and Mark Grace’s guilty plea, it’s a big day on the Cubs police blotter…

  7. Blublud

    Could this be roid rage.

  8. EQ76


  9. Leo

    Warning: PED’s can give u roid rage

  10. Mick

    I’ll wait to jump to any conclussions until I’ve purchased the Jump to Conclussions Mat.

  11. TonyP

    Jumping to roid rage is absolutely asinine.

    1. TWC

      Steroids… smh.

    2. Blublud

      I mean, Steroids are starding to become a major problem.

      1. Blublud


        1. mudge

          “starding” is not an acceptable word here.

      2. TonyP

        Steroid use has been around for a long time. Not everything that happens in a player life is related to PEd use.

        1. Blublud

          Dude, did you just tune in today?

          1. TonyP

            No dude I have been around a while.

            1. TWC

              Tony, man, there’s been a kid spamming the board the last few days with nonsense crap, trying to draw eyeballs to his blog. Many of his comments have been of the “Steroids… smh!”-type. We’re screwing with him — you just got caught up in it.

              1. TonyP

                I saw the blog kid, I didn’t realize Campana’s comment was made as a joke to that. My bad. I will go back to lurking now.

                1. TWC

                  Aw, man, don’t go into hiding!

                  And did you just refer to Blublud as Campana? That’s the funniest comment of the day!

                  1. TonyP

                    I’m not hiding, I just don’t comment much; but read everything. And yes I did :-)

                    1. Blublud's now Campana

                      Hey, wait, you don’t like Campana, so this could actually qualify as name calling and Brett says name calling is unacceptable. Brett please talk to him.

                    2. TonyP

                      I didn’t say whether I liked Campana or not. I just know that you do and vehemently defend his roster spot. ;-)

                  2. Blublud's now Campana

                    Thanks for the compliment

                    1. DarthHater

                      Dude, I’m sure your OBP is better than Campana’s…

              2. justinjabs

                It’s starting to become a big issue

                1. justinjabs

                  Woops. Blubud beat me to it. Better read the comments next time…

            2. Blublud

              Go back in a couple of today’s other post and maybe you’ll get it. I don’t actually think this has anything to do roid rage, unless, of course, it does. ;)

  12. Nate Corbitt

    There’s a joke in there somewhere about “throwing strikes”, but I’m too nice a guy to make it.

    1. Mick

      For once we’d be ok with a Marmol walk?

  13. ChicagoCubsTalk

    It’s about time we get rid of Marmol.

    1. TWC

      Hey, kid, please go the frack away, mkay? Things are gonna start getting all BetterNews around here soon, if you keep this up.

      1. hansman1982

        Holy hell, if TWC is saying this, listen up.

        Kid, we gave you a chance with your first post. I said to become a part of the community, right now you are acting like a piss-poor troll.

        How about you just sit the next one out.

        1. fromthemitten

          if you guys want to argue about it you should go to http://www.fuckyeahpolicydebate.com lololol

    2. MichiganGoat

      I’ve reached out to you on twitter twice, I really want to give you a chance and help you out but acting like this will not grow your blog. Those 1000 hits were mostly due to people complaining about you and will go away very quickly. You might be more at home over at BleacherReport.com

      1. fromthemitten

        I think that not only has he ignored every piece of criticism (constructive or not) thrown his way and continues to spam with inane posts here and on the message board makes him an ideal candidate for the banhammer. That or I’m going to dig deep down and pull out the 1997 version of myself and go full troll on him

      2. calicubsfan007

        @MG: What did I miss? I always miss these things, so I never know what is happening.

        1. DarthHater

          If I’m not mistaken, in a nutshell, some folks have their noses out of joint because a douchenozzle is posting links to his blog here without adding any actual content to this site.

          1. calicubsfan007

            @DH: Thanks. Sorry, I didn’t see any links to that guys site, that is what threw me off. (=

    3. hansman1982

      Goodness, the changes you made to the layout (the tiled background pic) made it worse.


  14. hansman1982

    What happened was this:

    Marmol was in his back yard practicing against the broad side of his barn, and this lady happened to be standing behind him…

    1. Lou

      Given the weight and consideration of what could have happened here, that comment was so NOT FUNNY!

    2. Big Daddy

      I heard he hit Rob Dibble’s Mom and the Durham Bull. The Bull is pressing charges.

  15. Peter

    Marmol must be throwing…..

    1. EQ76


  16. Dustin S

    These topics are always tough without knowing the inside scoop. It’s good information to know about since just from a baseball perspective, the cloud (true or not) unfortunately probably puts any chance of a Marmol trade on-hold for a little while. We’ll just have to see what comes out of it and if there is an investigation, etc. There are plenty of cases of exploitation of stars in and out of the US, but sadly domestic violence is also far too common. I have a relative dealing with that now…”but I love him”, she says…so I’m just waiting to see them on an episode of Cops.

  17. TonyP

    Anyone have Marmol’s Stats after he wasn’t allowed to shake of what the catcher called?

    1. EQ76

      I’ve seen them on here a lot.. I’m thinking an ERA in the 1.80′s or so.. very few blown saves, if any and more like the stats he was putting up a couple years ago when he was pretty much un-hittable.

      1. TWC

        I just tried to grab the July>Sept splits from B-R, but apparently you can’t do that like you can w/ the yearly stats. That 1.80 ERA sounds about right. Dude killed it.

  18. Chris Sanchez

    (Translate To English) In the early hours of Wednesday afternoon, counsel Miledys Cepeda Mejia, 24, applied to the Public Prosecutor, the writ of attachment of coercive measures against major league baseball player, Carlos Marmol, who the girl accuses of abuse.

    The request was filed by attorney Juan Gonzalez Batista who said there is evidence that the player acted in violation of Articles 309-1, 309-2 and 333-2 of the Criminal Code Dominican amended by Act No. 24-97 on violence against women.

    Cepeda’s lawyer claimed that Carlos Marmol relationships has used the courts to thwart justice so act to the big leagues pay the consequences of the alleged offenses.

    From their side, the lawyer Nelson Pimentel, who represents the player’s native community Sonador, Bonao, said the allegations against his client are not more than a vulgar attempt at extortion and blackmail, so is the waiting for the prosecution to do its job.

    Pimentel said the prosecution rests on a formal complaint about extortion and blackmail to make the star of Chicago Cubs against the girl who says looking impair professional, social and family of the defendant.

    1. Mick

      WTH does, “Cepeda’s lawyer claimed that Carlos Marmol relationships has used the courts to thwart justice so act to the big leagues pay the consequences of the alleged offenses.” mean???

      In my best estimation, Marmol might owe the defendent money or child support but has used the legal system to delay or relinquish his payments?

      1. DarthHater

        I think it means somebody was using google translate.

        1. Mick

          Nos rodea y nos penetra, se une a la galaxia, el uso de la Fuerza, la Fuerza estará siempre con usted.

          1. DarthHater

            Que el lado oscuro de la fuerza te acompañe!

            1. Mick


      2. Spencer

        I don’t speak Spanish, but I think there’s a little “lost in translation” problem here. I think the gist of that part is that maybe he’s accusing Marmol of trying to use his stature as a MLB player to avoid the consequences of his actions. I’m just speculating, though. There are lots of details left to be uncovered. The disconcerting thing is that this isn’t the first time Marmol has been faced with allegations of this kind.

    2. fromthemitten

      damn it a lawyer at 24? I was still pounding 12 packs of busch as an undergrad when I was that age

  19. Spencer

    Some of these comments are ridiculously insensitive for this type of story.

    1. Mick

      Good thing the morality police are cracking down. Keep up the good work :)

      1. Spencer

        Thanks. You be sure to keep doing whatever it is you do around here.

        1. Mick

          I deal with the goddamn customers so the engineers don’t have to! I have people skills! I am good at dealing with people! Can’t you understand that? What the hell is wrong with you people?

          1. Spencer

            First, Mr. Samir Naga… Naga… notgonna work here anymore anyway

  20. ChicagoCubsTalk

    Dontrelle Willis will crack the bullpen by the end of March…anyone agree?

    1. TonyP

      About the same time as monkey’s fly out of my arse

      1. DarthHater

        Sorry, dude, but I used the flying ass-monkey line yesterday and trademarked it. ;-)

        1. TonyP

          oopsie I will send you residual check

    2. Cubbie Blues

      Well, since he has pitched every year since 2003 I wouldn’t call it a comeback. He just hasn’t been good since 2006. If you see a whole in the ground here is a hint, it’s not your ass since you apparently don’t know the difference.

    3. butlerdawgs

      like..really dude? Take a break, man.

    4. DarthHater

      This idiot’s blog will die a well-deserved death by the end of January…anyone agree?

    5. Miggy80

      So does any one think the Cubs will get new souvenir cups in the Wrigley renovation?
      Does anybody want to check my youtube channel?

  21. Coldneck

    Extortion, unless you’re talking about eyeballs.

  22. josealdeman

    dear Theo Epstein we have a criminal oh loorrdddd !!!
    Remeber what happened to Mr Milton Bradley
    We dont want criminals , and maybe an OJ SIMPSON prototype
    So please dump this creature
    If someone hits a girl that person deserves to be punished
    Cubsfans Say no to Domestic/Gender Violence

  23. CubsFanForLife

    Hopefully Marmol can pull together and go back to throwing his nasty sliders and saving us games.

  24. Rcleven

    “But a source close to the Cubs’ closer said an investigation into the alleged incident, involving Miledys Mejia Cepeda, already has been completed by local law enforcement officials in the Dominican, without finding sufficient cause to bring charges.”


  25. Bilbo161

    My wife has a trick. She just ignores me. Really pisses me off too.

  26. Serious Cubs Fan

    Well there goes Marmol’s chances of being traded. Just our luck. Teams will be extremely cautious now and might try to use this as way of a negotiation to try and make it seem like they are less interested in him to try and lower the amount they’d have to give up in a trade for him.