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A Report Out of the Dominican Republic Claims Carlos Marmol Has Been Accused of Domestic Violence

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Carlos Marmol bummedAs I often do, let me preach caution on this one: although the outlet from which this report originates is legitimate, there are many details missing, and it’s hard to know what’s what. So we’ll follow along as the story evolves.


Enough preamble. This has been floating around for a little while now, and I was reluctant to write about it because of the above, but it bears mentioning. ListinDiario out of the Dominican Republic is reporting that Carlos Marmol has been accused of domestic violence. The report is in Spanish, but a rough translation suggests that Marmol stands accused of some kind of violence against a 24-year-old woman in the DR.

For his part, Marmol’s attorney says, per the report, that the accusations are an attempt at blackmail and extorsion.

So, this could be nothing. Or it could be something. I’d expect that Marmol and/or the Cubs will have a statement on this at some point soon, which might clarify things a bit.


Brett Taylor

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