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The MLB Fan Cave Thing is Happening Again, and Only One Cubs Fan is in the Mix

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katie cernek cubs fanFor the third year in a row, MLB is hosting a “Fan Cave,” in which a handful of baseball fans will live and watch every single MLB game during the 2013 season, while chronicling their experience online. It’s like ‘The Real World’ with baseball. And the Internet.


There are currently 52 finalists to win a spot in the Fan Cave, and only one of them is a Chicago Cubs fan. Poor showing, dudes and dudettes.

But that one fan – Katie Cernek – needs our help. If she gets enough votes between now and February 13th, she’ll get to go to Spring Training for a final audition type of thing, and then maybe she can win a spot in the Fan Cave, and represent Cubs fan interests there.

So, go here to the MLB Fan Cave page, and vote for Katie (which you can do as many times as your heart desires – you’ll note it auto-rotates among the entrants, so you actually have to scroll down and find Katie. She’s the only Cubs fan, so it’s pretty easy).


Here’s her entry video for the contest:


Brett Taylor

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