Dale Sveum GollyPitchers and catchers are getting their physicals today in advance of the first official team workout tomorrow.

  • Dale Sveum says last year was probably more useful long-term than a “ho-hum, .500 season where there really wasn’t much drama or roster changes or anything like that.” Because, in the latter type season, your young players probably didn’t learn a whole lot about having to deal with adversity or change. But, with that, Dale’s ready to stop talking about the 2012 season. “The biggest thing going into the season – obviously, [with] answering all [the media’s] questions – is when does last season stop?’’ Sveum said, per the Sun-Times. “I don’t want to really talk about it. It’s really over with. There’s nothing we can do about it.” I think that’s probably a fair request, but as soon as the 2013 Cubs start to skid, that 101-loss 2012 club is going to come up. Dale will just have to continue to do what he’s done relatively well: deal with the questions, offer the best thoughts he can, and go about his job without developing a chip on his shoulder. He knows the roster creation aspect isn’t his job, and he knows the roster is, largely, what makes for wins and losses. Right now, his job is to help build the team for the future, develop young players, and, sure, help win as many games as possible.
  • Speaking of Dale, you can add him to the list of folks who’ve seen Matt Garza throw this Spring and who thinks Garza looks great. I really can’t wait to see him throw.
  • Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer addressed the media yesterday from Mesa, about which much more later, and in doing so confirmed that Carlos Marmol’s case in the Dominican Republic, right now, is indeed just a civil matter. That should mean that his travel was unimpeded, and he arrived as expected last night (still waiting on official confirmation that he did in fact arrive).
  • Theo Epstein on his first round match-up against Jed Hoyer in the Bunt Tournament: “Jed has good hand-eye coordination, but you can’t tell whether he’s swinging the bat or bunting. He drives it like 160 down the middle.” Burn.
  • If you’re into uniform numbers, Carrie Muskat’s got the full list of changes/new guys’ uniform numbers. Non-roster invitee Brent Lillibridge somehow managed to finagle the highly-attractive number 20, so you can just assume he’s making the team. (*I’m being facetious. Though he might make the team.)
  • Mark Grace has reported to jail.
  • When the Tony Campana DFA news went up on the Bleacher Nation Facebook page yesterday, there was an explosion of feedback. It was, perhaps, the most commented post in the history of the Facebook page. Some strong opinions goin’ on over there …
  • http://www.worldseriesdreaming.com Rice Cube

    Tony Campana is a pretty big deal, man.

    • Kevin

      “Tony Campana is a pretty big deal, man.”

      Kind of a barometer of our current roster!

      • Nomar’s Left Glove

        Well said, and kind of scary at the same time.

    • http://worldseriesdreaming.com/ Rice Cube

      My sarcasm is lost to the ethers of the interwebz 😉

  • http://www.viewfromthebleachers.com Norm

    “When the Tony Campana DFA news went up on the Bleacher Nation Facebook page yesterday, there was an explosion of feedback. It was, perhaps, the most commented post in the history of the Facebook page. Some strong opinions goin’ on over there …”


  • Katie

    I stayed away all day yesterday and I see the furor has still not died down.

    • hansman1982

      Any bets on who is getting the Ryan Theriot Scrappy Love Award for 2014?

      I’m not even sure who the front runner is right now…

      • Katie

        No clear cut front runner as of yet. 😉

        I’m still waiting for someone to make an intelligent argument about why we should keep him. “He’s fast and a great person” ain’t cutting it.

        This is just the beginning of the sort of decisions the FO will have to be making in the next few years about these young guys. Just because fans want them to be great productive players doesn’t mean they will.

        We’ve been reading and dreaming about some of these kids becoming the next Ken Griffey Jr or Mad Dog for years, but the likelihood of that happening is rare. They have a better chance of selling used cars in Peoria in a few years and that’s just the reality of the situation. The FO isn’t going to be sentimental and we can’t either. Ultimately we can just hope that all the decisions gets us to the WS.

        • hansman1982

          But, but, but, that’s part of fandom, an irrational attachement to someone who is scrappy!

          One thing Jim Hendry excelled at was doing right by the players. There were a few times where useless players were only cut after their 10 year mark. That makes for a feel good story but I’d rather have a team with a handful of guys I hate that has a shot of making the postseason than a team with Campana’s in the outfield and Theriot’s across the infield.

          • JulioZuleta

            I aways said that the Cubs under Hendry were full of players that were willing to scale the rusty fence and face Hercules while getting the ball out of James Earl Jones’ yard in Sandlot, but they had no one that could hit it into the yard.

          • fromthemitten

            I’d put my money on either Barney or DeJesus being the new scrappy guy

      • CubbiesOHCubbies

        My early money is on Brett Lillibridge. I’m putting him at 3/1 opening odds

      • http://www.facebook.com/sharingaspare mysterious4th

        oh it has got to be Sappelt….

  • mjhurdle

    Campana is the Cub’s Tim Tebow.
    He is a great guy with a great story and enough talent for people that want to see the best to make arguments that he has a place.
    But the undeserved love and attention he gets turns other people off.

    Personally, i would love to see him on the Cubs at some point if he could find a way to get on base more.
    Someone else said it perfectly in the comments on that story when they said that, as much as they like Campana, it is a good sign when the Cub’s roster situation is getting to the point where you can’t find a place for Campana to see if he can work out his problems on the MLB roster.

    • JulioZuleta

      I must admit that I don’t follow college baseball that closely, but did Campana win the Baseball Heisman and lead his team to two national championships, and then get drafted in the first round, and then beat the vaunted Pittsburgh Steelers in a playoff game? Never, EVER, EEVVEERR compare Timmy to Tony again.

      I’m part kidding. I do get the comparison, but I have a man crush on Tim Tebow that is only rivaled by my mancrush for the late Patrick Swayze. Acceptable Tebow comps are Jesus and ….well pretty much just Jesus.

  • Rick

    More * ScardenFreude.* < sorry I butchered that. But the MLB network is having that little contest " Face of MLB" & Castro won the Vote for the Cubs. His first round match-up was Yadier Molina, & Castro, won , of course. 😏

    • Diamondrock

      Well, nobody wants the “Face of MLB” to have a hideous neck tattoo.

  • Seth

    I think the Pope was so upset over Campana getting DFA’d that he had to resign…

    • hansman1982

      He’s stepping aside for Tebow. ESPN already has the ChimmneyCam 2000 installed.

      • Katie

        Ha! Both these comments made me laugh and start a pretty epic coughing fit. Well done. Chimney cam, indeed.

  • Fastball

    Neifi Perez was a 5 tool player in comparison to Campana

  • Rich H

    Where is it written that a “Scrappy” player has to be one dimensional? Lets just be honest. That is a Cubs thing. The scrappiest of the scappy that I seen play was Craig Biggio. He had a lot more than baseball skill. You can be both talented and work your butt off everyday. Everywhere it seems but Chicago that is.

    What is the deal? Campana is what he is right now. A very limited player with a very small window for getting better. It is a plus that we are to the point on our 40 man that we do not have a spot for a guy with one plus tool and 4 that are below average. May your Future Endeavors be fruitful.

    Don’t count on a anyone opening up a spot on the 40 man for him at this point. It is just too late in the game for that. So in 10 days if he is not traded he will still be in camp as a AAAA invite. What he should have been considered all the time anyway.

    Welcome to life as a marginal player and show the FO that they made a rush judgement. It is possible but very unlikely.

    • hansman1982

      You are missing a big part of sCRAPPY. Future HoF guys are not scrappy.

      In order to win the Ryan Theriot Scrappy Love Award you have to endear a large segment of the fan base to the 1 skill you have. This endearment needs to rise above the normal, hey, I hope this guy succeeds. It needs to reach a level to where, when he is replaced by a clearly superior ballplayer you want that ballplayer to fail (regardless of what would be best for the team) so your guy can get back in.

      Typical adjectives used in nominee letters include: “hustle”, “heart”, “character”, “knows how to win”, “clutch”, “determination”.

      Adjectives that result in immediate disqualification: “talent”, “abilities”, “5-tool”, “power”, “slugger”, “superb”

      Also, I am sure that Derrek Lee, Aramis Ramirez, Alfonso Soriano, Darwin Barney, Castro, all work/worked their butts off every day to go along with their talent. Just because they don’t sprint to first on a weak grounder to SS every time, doesn’t mean they don’t work hard.

      • Stinky Pete

        Honestly, I think you could say Ryan Theriot actually won the Doug Daczenzo Scrappy award.

        • hansman1982

          We could certainly do that, just my knowledge of the Cubs really peters off before 2008-2009.

  • RoughRider

    Campana is a player I had hoped would make it. It would be nice to see a Cub player lead the league in stolen bases. Something he has the speed to do if he could get on base and something a Cub player hasn’t done in about 75 years. However; he appears to be like many of the Cub players coming up through the system over the years. One dimentional. There have been dozens of players that had power but it was all or nothing. Too many strikeouts and/or no defensive skills. Or guys that could steal a base but could get on base enough. Or great defense but couldn’t hit a pig in the butt with a scoop shovel. Or pitchers that could throw 98-100 miles an hour but couldn’t find the plate or stay healthy or awake for that matter.

    • Big Daddy

      This is what I hope Theo and Jed fix. There have been too many high draft picks that never developed. I hope they bring in more people like the guy from Vandy to help develop talent.

      • DocPeterWimsey

        Given their records with the Sox, Pads and last season, and given that Ricketts is much more committed to developing players than the prior ownership was, Jed & Theo won’t be drafting the same sorts of players in the early rounds that the Cubs had been drafting. It won’t be a question of how they train the players, but of the tool kits that those players bring to the system.

  • Timmy
  • Bob Johnson

    We went to about 12 games last year. The best game for me was the final one. LaHair homered & won the game with a walk off. Company stole 2 bases. I guess I need to find new favorite players.

  • ISU Birds

    It would be different if Campana knew how to get on base.

  • http://www.justinjabs.com/blog/ justinjabs

    I liked Campana, not because he was particularly good, but because I thought he was fun. Superman over an Astro at third was cool. I bid on a pair of his game-used pants once because they were cheap. I like the “scrappy” players, as Mr. Goat calls ’em. My man crush on Reed Johnson still exists. Sam Fuld’s catch in right excited me when I was just started to get into this. However, as I obsessively root for the Reed Johnsons and Sam Fulds of the world, I know that their value is very limited. Dumping Campana was the right move. If he does find that playoff team with the 25th spot open, it would be cool to watch him score the winning run of the World Series instead of Ryan Theriot (ugh). I’m not in the boat he should be put down like a sick dog; part of me hopes he makes it through waivers but will not rip the Jabs #8 jersey off my wall if he doesn’t.

  • Deez

    Will Grace wear the customary Pink Uniform/Underwear at Maricopa County? Will he be on a Chain Gang? Will he be in Tent City or the Mesa Hilton? HMMMMMM? Interested to see how this plays out.

  • another JP

    I hope another team picks up Campana on waivers… who’d want to revisit all the ridiculous comments again if he were to be sent to Iowa? There were people comparing this DFA to the Lou Brock trade- so much over-the-top crap that makes our fan base look like a bunch of morons.

    • TWC

      Cubs fans engaging in absurd, emotional hyperbole? I have never, ever — ever! — seen that happen before.

      I rather like when the morons look like morons. I thought it was cute.

      We should be so lucky this season if the biggest story is Campana getting DFA’ed.

      • Cubbie Blues

        It does help to weed them out a bit. I think we have hashed the subject as much as possible. We should probably just clip it in the bud.

        • TWC

          Man. Your comment really smoked mine. If there was a “like” button, you’d be rated pretty high.

  • Marc N.

    It truly floors me that someone like Tony Campana can generate the kind of reaction he got. He’s probably a nice person and all that stuff so I don’t want to shit on him, but the guy is almost the definition of a marginal player. I see things like this and wonder wtf standards this fanbase has for players…You never see this kind of stuff in NY or places that enjoy winning.

  • TomDettore

    Tony Campana = Herb Washington. End of story.