frustrated babyAs you may have noticed from a comment here and there, The Wife and I are expecting our second kiddo soon – a boy, who will be taught to throw left-handed and to long-snap – which has some implications for you, Dear Reader.

The “due date” is March 1, but we’ve entered the zone of plausible arrival, so I wanted to give you this heads up now. When the appointed hour does come, I’ll try to throw up a (presumably pre-written) post alerting you that we’ve entered the baby zone. You can expect there to be a day or two gap in posting – maybe longer, maybe shorter – as we have our baby, hug our baby, bring our baby home, and re-adjust to a profound lack of sleep.

Once I resume writing, you can expect regular coverage as usual, but I’ll warn you now that my overall participation/availability is likely to be reduced for the first month or so. You may notice that I’m a little slow on the trigger on breaking news/rumor-type stuff during that window, but, fortunately, there’s usually very little of that during Spring Training. You may also note that my typically sublime grammar/spelling/word-choice suffers slightly from an otherwise occupied mind. Such are the sacrifices we all make for theĀ propagationĀ of the species.

By the time the season rolls around, I reckon things will be back to normal.

I should add that I’m crazy excited for The Little Boy to join the The Little Girl. Hooray, family!

  • Jon

    I was hoping it would have been a puppy

  • Santos L. Halper

    Good luck, Brett. Keep up the great work.

  • Tom A.

    Great for you ! My prayers will be with your wife, you and son during this wonderful life event !

    That same week I will be in Arizona for 4 days and now I truly will remember to think fondly of the newest addition to the growing family of Cubs fans !

  • miggy80

    Congratulations Brett, March 1st is the best day of the year!

  • #1lahairfan

    Good luck, and god bless!

  • Dan

    A month? God bless you if it’s slow for only a month

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  • Beegleldstoks

    I spammed.

    • justinjabs

      Spammers … smh