stovePitchers and catchers have reported around the league …

  • The White Sox claimed Tony Campana last August off of waivers, according to Bruce Levine, but the Cubs and Sox couldn’t work out a trade, so the Cubs pulled him off of waivers (recall, trade waivers in August are revocable). It makes you wonder, assuming many teams would be interested in claiming Campana if he were put on waivers now, could the Cubs work out a trade for Campana with the White Sox or another team (see his chat thoughts on that, below)? Levine says the Cubs haven’t spoken to the White Sox about Campana this time around.
  • Anthony Rizzo also seems to think the Cubs are going to swing a deal involving Campana, and he’s been working to keep his buddy’s spirits up through the DFA process. Paul Sullivan, who wrote that piece, also says the Cubs are trying to trade Campana short of having to waive him.
  • Bruce Levine chatted yesterday, and among his thoughts … (1) Kyle Lohse on a one-year deal for the Cubs doesn’t make sense from Lohse’s perspective, since the Cubs have a bunch of holes (I’m not sure I agree that that’s why it doesn’t make sense – for one thing, I think he can do better than a one-year deal, but if he were going to take a one-year deal, he could do worse than a team that is likely to trade him mid-season, thus ensuring he isn’t dragged down by draft pick compensation next year. For another thing, he’s just not a fit on the Cubs unless they trade Matt Garza immediately.); (2) Bruce suggests (in an answer that got cut off) that, if Edwin Jackson got $13 million per year on a four-year deal, Matt Garza, if healthy, would get a lot more on the open market (to me, a healthy Garza probably gets something in the range of Anibal Sanchez’s five-year, $80 million deal, give or take, depending on how he looks this year); (3) Bruce guesses Garza is on the Blue Jays or Rangers come August 1; (4) Bruce thinks someone is going to trade for Tony Campana soon; (5) the Angels could become interested in Carlos Marmol again if the Ryan Madson injury proves serious; (6) the return on Marmol could be a “very good” young player; and (7) Bruce doubts Brett Jackson is traded.
  • A source tells Paul Sullivan that Carlos Zambrano is headed to Japan or Taiwan to pitch if he can’t land a Major League deal. Barring an obscene rash of pitcher injuries around baseball in the next two weeks, I just don’t see him getting a big league deal.
  • After a back and forth about his elbow, the Mariners and Felix Hernandez did indeed finalize their seven-year, $175 million deal. It reportedly includes an option for an eighth year at $1 million that vests for the Mariners if he has a serious elbow injury during the course of the first seven years.
  • Kyle Lohse is expected to finally sign very soon, according to Ken Rosenthal.
  • When asked if he saw any significant players being dealt between now and the deadline, FanGraphs’ Dave Cameron picked only one name: Matt Garza. That’s just his speculation, I reckon, but he could have picked any other name.
  • Steve

    I can’t fathom why anyone would want Zambrano…if it was based purely on his pitching talent, he did relatively well out of the bullpen last year and is worth a million dollars…but add in his personality and infectous cancer attitude and there is no value to be gained there. Doubt he’ll do well in Japan either…

    • Nomar’s Left Glove

      At least the Japanese won’t understand his asinine ramblings. How do you say “we stinks” in Japanese?

  • Lance

    Long time reader first time poster. Garza to Blue Jays or Rangers are very interesting to me. I think they match up pretty will for trades. A Rangers deal would have to center around Olt and a Blue Jay deal I wouldn’t even talk without Sanchez or Norris being the center piece.

    • Edwin

      Olt seems a little much. Last midseason the Brewers traded Grienke to LA for Jean Segura, who was ranked 55 on Baseball America’s top 100. In 2012 Olt was ranked 43, and I assume his prospect value has gone up since then. I’d say a hitting prospect in the 75-100 range or a pitching prospect in the 50-75 range seems more likely, if Garza is traded mid-season.

      Does anyone know when Baseball America comes out with their 2013 list?

    • Ryan

      Ranger, yes…BlueJays, soooo unlikely to happen. Unless two pitchers go down with TJ surgery, they are set for 2013 and beyond with SPs. I would venture the BoSox, Orioles, Angels, Yankees, AZ, Indians would have more of a need. Those teams are either very mediocre in their rotations or have a specific need.

  • North Side Irish

    Nice little note about an event Javier Baez threw for some kids in Florida with Spina Bifida… %85

    • ab

      What does Javier Baez get on his pizza??

      Whatever the ##### he wants

  • macpete22

    Don’t see Garza to the Jays unless one of their starters go down. Their rotation is pretty solid with Dickey, Johnson, Buehrle, Morrow, and Romero.

  • Bob Johnson

    It would surprise me if Campana doesn’t land on a contender before to long. Speed is so important , if Dave Roberts doesn’t steal that base for the Red Sox in the 2004 play off with the Yankees, the Red Sox would not have won their first World Series in 86 years.

    • Edwin

      I’d think Garza would get less than Jackson, or something close to Jackson. Jackson has been a more valuable pitcher than Garza over the past 3 seasons, and Garza would be a year older than Jackson was in FA.

      • Edwin

        That wasn’t supposed to be a reply. Button slipped, sorry.

  • Die hard

    Phillies sign Theriot and trade to Cubs for Campana is doable

  • Frank F.

    Transcript of Campana trade talks:
    Cubs: hey, you want Tony Campana?
    Other teams: no.