Thanks to the wonders of technology and e-friendship, BN’er Eric sent me a couple videos from Mesa showcasing Brett Jackson in the cage – complete with his new swing. We’ll see it in action soon enough, but for those of you champing at the bit to get a peek, here you go.

The first video:

And the second:

  • calicubsfan007

    Far better of an improvement from last year’s swing. Others have already pointed out the little flaws still in his swing, so I don’t think I need to say that again. I am going to wait and see how he does against live MLB pitching before I give him too much credit.

  • arta

    I’d like him to make it, but it’s a big jump! big change i should say.

  • cubzforlife

    Can’t wait for the games to start. Haven’t been to spring training since 2003 and I have to decide between taking the 8 year old to Disney or Dad getting his Cubs fix.

  • DB Kyle

    The objective person in me is still convinced he can’t hit in the majors, but the fan in me is excited about his new swing. Spring is for the fan. Go Brett and Ian!

  • Die hard

    For those with short memories when Cubs messed with Corey Pattersons swing they ruined his career

    • Brett

      Or the changes simply didn’t take, and the natural flaws in his swing prevented him from becoming an above-average regular.

      What’s the alternative? We already know Jackson’s current approach doesn’t work. Leave it alone, and he fails. Mess with it, and maybe he succeeds.

      • Die hard

        Or leave it alone and let him take year off to figure it out and gain self confidence in process- weight loss thru gimmicks only a temporary fix- when person figures it out himself then is permanent

    • DocPeterWimsey

      What ruined Patterson’s career was that he had a lousy batting eye. When you swing at a pitch a foot outside the strike zone, the mechanics of your swing are pretty much irrelevant.

      Again, this is a classic case of selection rather than alteration. Patterson’s ability to make contact was good enough to get him through AA with strong numbers. MLB pitchers presented a much stronger selective gradient, and a deficiency that minor league pitchers could not reveal was revealed.

      • Die hard

        That last sentence was a classic but I think you know what you meant

        • Drew7

          I’d be careful making that assumption…

    • mark

      they also fiddled with sosa’s swing. they taught him how to hit with power to the opposite field. he has stated that’s when he became an elite hitter, and it completely changed his career for the better.

  • Wi Jeff

    I coached a ton of talent including Corey and Ben Sutter ( with Bruce) as 15 year olds for east Cobb Astros in ATL. the swing and approach changed dramatically from age 15 to 18 years old. everyone saw his hands drop and change to a pronounced uppercut. he admitted wanting to be a barry bond-slugging player. he was all world, but fell in love with the home run. Great family. Quiet person. I wish he had the career we all envisioned. Baseball Gods had other plans for him.

  • Marc N.

    Maybe it’s just uniforms vs. Under Armour, but he looks like he’s in the *best shape of his life.*

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