Hooray: More Chicago Cubs Spring Training Games on TV in 2013

cactusMLB Network has released its Spring Training broadcast schedule, and you can now add five more Chicago Cubs games to your television viewing plans for this Spring. The schedule, which is available here, lists the following Cubs games for broadcast on the MLBN cable channel, subject to local blackouts (times are CT):

  • Mon., March 4 8:30 a.m. Chicago Cubs Split Squad @ Los Angeles Angels
  • Sat., March 16 – LIVE 3:00 p.m. Texas Rangers Split Squad @ Chicago Cubs Split Squad
  • Sun., March 17 8:00 a.m. Kansas City Royals @ Chicago Cubs Split Squad (game is LIVE on WGN-TV)
  • Fri., March 22 12:00 a.m. Chicago Cubs Split Squad @ Seattle Mariners
  • Mon., March 25 6:00 a.m. Chicago Cubs @ Cleveland Indians
  • Tue., March 26 6:00 a.m. San Francisco Giants @ Chicago Cubs (game is LIVE on CSN)
  • Thu., March 28 1:00 a.m. Chicago Cubs @ Kansas City Royals Split Squad
  • Fri., March 29 6:00 a.m. Seattle Mariners @ Chicago Cubs (game is LIVE on CSN)

Now, what you’ve noticed is that only one of those games is being broadcast live. The other seven are rebroadcasts (sometimes at odd hours). It isn’t great, but it’s better than no video at all. If nothing else, it will give you the opportunity to see some of the prospects you might not otherwise get to see for a while.

In total, then, you’ll have seven live televised games, and seven rebroadcast games (with a little overlap between the two). Every game (except for one split-squad game) is available via either video or audio live (and the one game that is is that March 4 rebroadcast), so you don’t have to miss out on anything.

Brett Taylor is the editor and lead writer at Bleacher Nation, and can also be found as Bleacher Nation on Twitter and on Facebook.

74 responses to “Hooray: More Chicago Cubs Spring Training Games on TV in 2013”

  1. cjdubbya

    Cool. I’ll be at two of those games. Thinking I need to score my Bleacher Nation T-shirts before my trip?

    1. Hansman1982

      Pfft who needs shirts when you have banana hammocks.

      Speaking of, Brett, has there been any of those ordered so far?

  2. Chris

    Actually, the game with no broadcast on the Cubs side is being shown on MLB Network on a tape delay on March 4. So, all the games at some point will be on TV or radio.

  3. Justen

    for what its worth if you get the mlb.tv package that includes the spring training games you would be able to watch them live and i think there may be a few additional ones in there that are not going to be shown on TV. that is the only way i get to watch the games so i had already purchased this a few weeks ago, thats how i know.

    1. Seth

      Quick question Justen. Did you buy the MLB.tv premium or regular package? I’m seriously considering getting one of these packages, I am soon to move to Denver from Illinois and I’ve always wanted to try it out but couldn’t because of the blackouts.

      1. Justen

        I bought the premium package so that I could use my Xbox and PS3 to watch the games. You can always just get the regular package but then you can only use your computer but if you have a PC cord you can hook up your laptop to the TV also. Getting the string training games was a bonus to the premium package as well. Cost was $129 for the premium and then I also added the MiLB package for $20 so you can watch minor league games as well.

        1. Seth

          Thanks for the reply. Yeah I’m probably go with the regular package and just watch most of it off of my laptop.

      2. Justen

        The other big bonus to the premium is you get your choice of home and away feeds. I can stand having to watch the away feeds so that has always been a big selling point for me. Overall, with the regular being $109 it is worth it to me to pay the extra $20 for the premium.

        1. MightyBear

          I can’t stand listening to other announcers especially the Cardinal announcers. It’s worth the 20 to me so I don’t have to endure that. Plus with the premium you get access to classic games. A couple months ago I watched game 7 of the 1965 World Series where Koufax dominated the Twins. It was cool to see the after game interviews, everyone was well spoken and complimentary of the other teams and respectful of the announcers. A lot of fun on a Saturday night when I couldn’t sleep and nothing was on the 250 channels I get on tv.

          1. Stinky Pete

            The one cardinal announcer (Shannon, I think?) reminds me of Steven Wright.

            “Here comes David Freese. He’s red hot. Zzzzzzzzzzz.”

            1. Danny Ballgame

              Mike Shannon, annoying as they come.

              1. Stinky Pete

                Honestly, I would take the cardinal guy any day over Brantley.

              2. cubfanincardinalland

                Shannon should be an inspiration to everyone. He is a classic example that you can find success and make money in America without any talent and sucking at what you do. And be an arrogant jackass as well. What a country!

          2. DocPeterWimsey

            I agree that a lot of other announcers are annoying, but I always listen to one game each series on the other team’s broadcast. I find that gives me a much better idea of what general baseball people think of the Cubs.

            1. Stinky Pete

              I really do try to listen with an open mind and understanding of how I would feel if I were a fan of the other team. All announcers get excited for good things for their team, I get that. Some tend to go on and on about it and sound too much like a guy sitting next to you on a bar stool. Also, I honestly believe Pat does a fantastic job describing the action. Other announcers will say, “There’s a high pop up…… aaaaaaand……. Weeks has it.” I think Pat paints a much better picture of what is happening on the field. I will allow that I am subconsciously being a homer, but that’s how I really see it.

              1. TWC

                Pat Hughes and Jon Miller (SF Giants) are best radio play-by-play men currently broadcasting. I’d follow along if they read the phone book.

          3. Justen

            I absolutely couldn’t stand having to listen to Ken Harrelson last year when the Cubs played the White Sox. I purchased the package with my cable provider last year and didn’t have the option of which feed to watch. I had to turn off the game and refuse to watch any game that Harrelson is announcing. He is absolutely the worst announcer in all of sports.

  4. MightyBear

    I do like listening to Vin Scully when they play the Dodgers and Euchre is always a treat. Old man Brenaman with the Reds and Milo Hamilton with the Astros are/were terrible. Shannon and Harrelson should be shot. I hate Joe Buck too. A lot of people think he’s good, I think he sucks.

  5. Hansman1982

    Wait, misreading comments about day games AND Campana to Brock comparisons.

    I love the smell of lunacy in the midday.

    It’s such a good feeling to be a cubs fan…

  6. Dustin S

    They did tweak the package a bit this year. Last year you could do mlb.tv month to month. only need it for ST, so I just got it for that. I’d pay the extra for mlb.tv for the few filler games I wouldn’t otherwise get, even though I get most games through my provider. But with MLB’s blackout rules it wouldn’t add much for me. I am going to try to get the MLB gameday audio package if it’s available though. I haven’t seen much info on it this year yet. I’m hoping it’s available directly from mlb.tv or through Cubs Club.

    I’m excited that the season’s around the corner, but it kind of sucks that there’s only 1 televised Cubs ST game before March 16th.

  7. North Side Irish

    Quick video of Soler taking BP…

    Jesse Rogers ‏@ESPNChiCubs
    Savior I mean Soler is here. http://vine.co/v/brraPAgmZV6

  8. md8232

    What, no Chimp Caray love?