bn-baseballWe had an unusually fertile weekend for news and Cubs-related stuff, so I wanted to offer a quick round-up for those of you who are weekday-only BN’ers, and who may have missed all the stuff that appeared here over the weekend.

  • MichiganGoat

    Goat bullets:

    -Goat is crazy sick with the flu
    -Goat can’t taste or enjoy beer
    -there is still snow in Michigan
    -Jr. and Mrs. are also sick so everything sucks at the barn

  • dan

    It is time to move the cubs. Come on Tom we are behind you

    • MichiganGoat

      alright you and the few can send out a scouting party and find a perfect location the rest of us will stay back here at Wrigley and await you response.

    • hansman1982

      Let’s move them to Des Moines…I certainly wouldn’t mind.

  • hansman1982

    This is what I love about BN – an entire post just dedicated to pimping stories written here on BN.

    At least it was short and informative…

    • Brett

      I like that Smitty’s nearly immediate follow-up justifies that my instinct was correct.

  • Smitty

    Brett, as one of the weekday only BN’ers I appreciate this round-up. It makes it much easier to enjoy the site! Please consider doing this in the future as well.
    Great Job as always!

    • Brett

      Thanks, Smitty. Glad it helped.

    • Spriggs

      Yes, it does help! Brett, I just read the Ryan Braun story, and you said it looks “bad” for him. That really means “good”, right? :)

  • Sheeeeeep

    CT vs CUBA
    Yao-Lin Wang (CUBS Prospect)3.0IP,6H,5K,BB(Yulieski Gurriel),HR(Alfredo Despaigne)
    HBP 2ER (FB 88-89mhp,touch 92mhp,control problem)

    Hong-Chih Kuo (form-CUBS?) 1.1IP,H,BB(FB 91-93mhp,touch 94mhp)

    Top International Free Agent RHP Jen-Ho Tseng(18y): 2.0IP H,BB,K.

  • Le Cubs

    Speaking of international players, what is going on with the two players from Cuba? The shortstop and outfielder I believe, I really wanted to Cubs to sign these guys but I haven’t heard anything recently.

    • Brett

      Mum’s the word of late. Seems like the age issue with the shortstop (Diaz) really messed things up.

      • Le Cubs

        Thanks Brett, that’s kinda disappointing to hear there are age issues. Was really hoping the cubs could make a play for one or both.

  • Mr. Brent Kennedy

    This happened over the weekend: I purchased a pack of Topps 2013 baseball cards at Target. I don’t go to Target that often as most people. The trip ends up being roughly a quarterly endeavor. So needless to say I get excited about swinging by the card shelf. Anyways, in the pack who should I find, Adam Greenberg. In the voice of Gob, “Oh, c’mon.”

  • 8800

    Ricketts are from Omaha NE. Omaha just built a brand new Baseball stadium for the College World Series. The stadium holds 20K+ now and was designed future expansion if necessary. Move the team to Omaha!

  • Jason (Thundermug)

    Matt Gamel (Brewers) is out for the season again after reinjuring his ACL.