gods-wrathAccording to reports bouncing around Twitter, Matt Garza had an MRI on his mildly strained lat yesterday, and the results were … a mildly strained lat. Neither Garza nor the doctors seem to think it’s serious, and GM Jed Hoyer called the results “good news.”

The plan now is for him to rest for a week before throwing again, assuming he feels good. If he does, obviously his Spring schedule will be pushed back slightly, but it’s still too early to say how or whether this will impact him for the start of the regular season.

I guess is this is as good as we could have hoped for at this point, and we’ll now hope that, come next week, Garza’s back on the mound without incident.

  • EQ76

    Cat’s PJ’s!

  • Ron Swanson

    On one hand, with Spring Training slightly extended this year, it could be no big deal. On the other hand, this is exactly how bigger problems seem to start.

  • aCubsFan

    Jake Peevy all over again

  • JB88

    I think this just about kills any chance the Cubs have to trade Garza this spring for anything resembling value.

    I also really wonder what it does to his potential value midsummer. This is starting to raise serious red flags, regardless of whether this is serious or not. I feel for Garza because this is likely going to affect his FA market.

    • CubFan Paul

      Or he’s faking and gambling on a mid season trade so that no one can offer him the qualifying offer…

      It’s not Ryan Dempster’s hammer, but it’s the only play Garza has (for a lucrative free agency).

      • hansman1982

        Let’s hope it backfires on him as badly as our waiting until the trade deadline last year to trade him did.

        Or, maybe, just mildly backfire, in that he is a 2.something ERA 20-win pitcher this year… he gets his payday, and we are in contention until the end.

  • Dan W

    This message is for Garza, because I know when he is sitting around not pitching, he’s reading this site. Hang in there Matt, I hope the best. I know your heart is in it, and you will pitch like a number one (maybe 2) this year. And when you do, the Cubs will sign you to a huge contract around June. You will be a big part of the team that brings Chicago a ring.
    Get well soon……

    • Scotti

      With the cost of pitching, unless the Cubs get blown away with a trade offer (read hot pitching prospects), the Cubs should lock Garza up (if healthy). And do Samardzija’s deal last week…

  • Dustin S

    The Villanueva deal looks even better now. We’re all pulling for Garza to be fine. Even before this he was probably going to be limited to 5-6 innings in the early season just to be careful. At least they have Villanueva to do swing starts if Garza needs another week or so, and don’t have to run a Casey Coleman/Randy Wells out there. If Travis Wood had more options it would probably be Villanueva in the rotation anyway (unless they think they need to have at least 1 lefty). As it is he still might be in the rotation depending how Spring Training plays out.

  • When the Music’s Over

    I doubt Garza is actively faking/managing injuries to help control his fate in terms of a big payday. Best possible way he gets a big payday is to remain healthy all year long and make 30+ starts this season. This is especially important in regards to his recent health history, where red flags are beginning to appear. The dude throws really hard, and while you hate to see a pitcher breakdown, this could be the beginning of that process. I hope that’s not the case for both his and the Cubs sakes.

    • Scotti

      Agree that he isn’t faking anything. He seems bright enough to realize what you have spelled out and energetic enough to want to get out there and pitch as much as possible.

      • Scotti

        Some guys just get snake bit–let’s hope he gets over this.

  • http://Bleachernation Loyal100more

    Maybe an injury plagued 2013 gets us a garza extension on a super team friendly deal… And then come back player of the year? It seems the baseball gods would like to see garza a career cub…I believe with all the physical set backs, that if garza has a non productive year… That he lands in our laps at a discount. I for one am not crazy about this senario… But it looks like we could be stuck with garza for a while per our best corse of action.

    • Scotti

      I wouldn’t re-sign him of he’s injured.

  • Edgewood

    Not to be the guy who doesn’t understand the gravity of the situation (and not that an injury of any kind isn’t a cause for concern), but doesn’t a tight lat make some sense for a guy who hasn’t thrown in quite a while and who, because his elbow might be feeling good again, maybe really cut loose during his session?

    It’s bad timing, for sure, and being Cubs fans seems to mean always waiting for the other shoe to drop. But….yeah. Right or wrong, I’m not as worried about the lat as I am happy that the elbow seemed OK.

    Because, can you imagine if THAT had been why he needed an MRI?


    • wvcubsfan

      How dare you be positive or attempt to use common sense!!

  • http://Bleachernation Loyal100more

    Given theos love of reclamation projects I think he’d love a down year from garza production wise… While this definatly not at all what cub fans would like to see, if the garza comeback keeps hitting snags and we can’t get good trade value for him, an extension and chance to come back and prove himself just may be how this story ends… I’d love for garza to have great success this year and bring a haul of prospects as most cubs fans have been counting on and eating for… However I’d say the orginazation has a plan b lined up in the event that things go south.elbow at the deadline last year, and now a lat injury that all but reassures the cubs will not see a good return this spring as so many expected. It’s one thing after another… Here’s to hoping garza brings us the goods weather it be in a trade or a productive season (200+ innings 30 quality starts) he’s still a pivotal asset, and can really create a lot of club upside.