kid-watching-tvToday the Chicago Cubs released their television broadcast schedule for the 2013 regular season, and it features 67 games on WGN (catch them while you can), 8 games on WCIU, 6 on FOX, and up to 4 on ESPN. The rest will be on CSN or CSN+.

Here’s the full schedule:

Mon 4/1 @ Pittsburgh 12:35 PM WGN
Tue 4/2 OFF DAY
Wed 4/3 @ Pittsburgh 6:05 PM CSN
Thur 4/4 @ Pittsburgh 11:35 AM WGN
Fri 4/5 @ Atlanta 6:30 PM CSN+
Sat 4/6 @ Atlanta 6:10 PM WGN
Sun 4/7 @ Atlanta 12:35 PM CSN
Mon 4/8 vs. Milwaukee 1:20 PM WGN
Tue 4/9 vs. Milwaukee 7:05 PM WGN
Wed 4/10 vs. Milwaukee 7:05 PM CSN+
Thur 4/11 vs. SF Giants 1:20 PM CSN
Fri 4/12 vs. SF Giants 1:20 PM CSN
Sat 4/13 vs. SF Giants 12:05 PM FOX
Sun 4/14 vs. SF Giants 1:20 PM WGN
Mon 4/15 OFF DAY
Tue 4/16 vs. Texas 7:05 PM CSN
Wed 4/17 vs. Texas 7:05 PM WGN
Thur 4/18 vs. Texas 1:20 PM WGN
Fri 4/19 @ Milwaukee 7:10 PM WCIU
Sat 4/20 @ Milwaukee 6:10 PM CSN
Sun 4/21 @ Milwaukee 1:10 PM CSN
Mon 4/22 @ Cincinnati 6:10 PM CSN
Tue 4/23 @ Cincinnati 6:10 PM WGN
Wed 4/24 @ Cincinnati 11:35 AM CSN
Thur 4/25 @ Miami 6:10 PM WCIU
Fri 4/26 @ Miami 6:10 PM WGN
Sat 4/27 @ Miami 6:10 PM CSN+
Sun 4/28 @ Miami 12:10 PM CSN
Mon 4/29 vs. San Diego 7:05 PM CSN
Tue 4/30 vs. San Diego 7:05 PM WCIU
Wed 5/1 vs. San Diego 7:05 PM CSN
Thur 5/2 vs. San Diego 1:20 PM CSN
Fri 5/3 vs. Cincinnati 1:20 PM CSN
Sat 5/4 vs. Cincinnati 12:05 PM CSN
Sun 5/5 vs. Cincinnati 1:20 PM WGN
Mon 5/6 OFF DAY
Tue 5/7 vs. St. Louis 7:05 PM WGN
Wed 5/8 vs. St. Louis 1:20 PM CSN
Thur 5/9 OFF DAY
Fri 5/10 @ Washington 6:05 PM WCIU
Sat 5/11 @ Washington 3:05 PM CSN
Sun 5/12 @ Washington 12:35 PM WGN
Mon 5/13 vs. Colorado 7:05 PM WCIU
Tue 5/14 vs. Colorado 7:05 PM CSN
Wed 5/15 vs. Colorado 7:05 PM CSN
Thur 5/16 OFF DAY
Fri 5/17 vs. NY Mets 1:20 PM WGN
Sat 5/18 vs. NY Mets 12:05 PM CSN
Sun 5/19 vs. NY Mets 1:20 PM WGN
Mon 5/20 OFF DAY
Tue 5/21 @ Pittsburgh 6:05 PM CSN
Wed 5/22 @ Pittsburgh 6:05 PM WGN
Thur 5/23 @ Pittsburgh 11:35 AM CSN
Fri 5/24 @ Cincinnati 6:10 PM WGN
Sat 5/25 @ Cincinnati 3:10 PM WGN
Sun 5/26 @ Cincinnati 12:10 PM CSN
Mon 5/27 @ White Sox 6:10 PM CSN
Tue 5/28 @ White Sox 7:10 PM WCIU
Wed 5/29 vs. White Sox 1:20 PM CSN
Thur 5/30 vs. White Sox 1:20 PM WGN
Fri 5/31 vs. Arizona 1:20 PM CSN
Sat 6/1 vs. Arizona 6:15 PM FOX
Sun 6/2 vs. Arizona 1:20 PM WGN
Mon 6/3 OFF DAY
Tue 6/4 @ LA Angels 9:05 PM WGN
Wed 6/5 @ LA Angels 6:05 PM CSN
Thur 6/6 OFF DAY
Fri 6/7 vs. Pittsburgh TBD WGN
Sat 6/8 vs. Pittsburgh 3:05 PM CSN
Sun 6/9 vs. Pittsburgh 1:20 PM WGN
Mon 6/10 vs. Cincinnati 7:05 PM CSN
Tue 6/11 vs. Cincinnati 7:05 PM WGN
Wed 6/12 vs. Cincinnati 1:20 PM CSN
Thur 6/13 vs. Cincinnati 1:20 PM CSN
Fri 6/14 @ NY Mets 6:10 PM CSN
Sat 6/15 @ NY Mets 12:10 PM CSN
Sun 6/16 @ NY Mets 12:10 PM WGN
Mon 6/17 @ St. Louis 6:05 PM WCIU/ESPN
Tue 6/18 @ St. Louis 7:15 PM CSN
Wed 6/19 @ St. Louis 7:15 PM CSN
Thur 6/20 @ St. Louis 7:15 PM WGN
Fri 6/21 vs. Houston TBD CSN
Sat 6/22 vs. Houston 3:05 PM WGN
Sun 6/23 vs. Houston 1:20 PM CSN
Mon 6/24 OFF DAY
Tue 6/25 @ Milwaukee 7:10 PM CSN
Wed 6/26 @ Milwaukee 7:10 PM WGN
Thur 6/27 @ Milwaukee 1:10 PM CSN
Fri 6/28 @ Seattle 9:10 PM WGN
Sat 6/29 @ Seattle 6:15 PM FOX
Sun 6/30 @ Seattle 3:10 PM CSN
Mon 7/1 OFF DAY
Tue 7/2 @ Oakland 9:05 PM CSN
Wed 7/3 @ Oakland 9:05 PM CSN+
Thur 7/4 @ Oakland 3:05 PM WGN
Fri 7/5 vs. Pittsburgh TBD CSN
Sat 7/6 vs. Pittsburgh 3:05 PM WGN
Sun 7/7 vs. Pittsburgh 1:20 PM WGN
Mon 7/8 OFF DAY
Tue 7/9 vs. LA Angels 7:05 PM CSN
Wed 7/10 vs. LA Angels 7:05 PM WGN
Thur 7/11 vs. St. Louis 7:05 PM CSN
Fri 7/12 vs. St. Louis TBD WGN
Sat 7/13 vs. St. Louis 6:15 PM FOX
Sun 7/14 vs. St. Louis 7:05 PM ESPN
7/15-18 ALL-STAR BREAK (New York – Citi Field)
Fri 7/19 @ Colorado 7:40 PM WGN
Sat 7/20 @ Colorado 7:10 PM WGN
Sun 7/21 @ Colorado 3:10 PM CSN
Mon 7/22 @ Arizona 8:40 PM CSN
Tue 7/23 @ Arizona 8:40 PM WGN
Wed 7/24 @ Arizona 8:40 PM CSN+
Thur 7/25 @ Arizona 8:40 PM WGN
Fri 7/26 @ SF Giants 9:15 PM WGN
Sat 7/27 @ SF Giants 8:05 PM CSN
Sun 7/28 @ SF Giants 3:05 PM WGN
Mon 7/29 vs. Milwaukee 7:05 PM CSN
Tue 7/30 vs. Milwaukee 7:05 PM CSN
Wed 7/31 vs. Milwaukee 7:05 PM WGN
Thur 8/1 vs. LA Dodgers 7:05 PM CSN
Fri 8/2 vs. LA Dodgers TBD WGN
Sat 8/3 vs. LA Dodgers 3:05 PM FOX
Sun 8/4 vs. LA Dodgers 1:20 PM WGN
Mon 8/5 OFF DAY
Tue 8/6 @ Philadelphia 6:05 PM CSN
Wed 8/7 @ Philadelphia 6:05 PM WCIU
Thur 8/8 @ Philadelphia 12:05 PM CSN
Fri 8/9 @ St. Louis 7:15 PM WGN
Sat 8/10 @ St. Louis 6:15 PM WGN
Sun 8/11 @ St. Louis 1:15 PM WGN
Mon 8/12 vs. Cincinnati 7:05 PM CSN+
Tue 8/13 vs. Cincinnati 7:05 PM CSN
Wed 8/14 vs. Cincinnati 1:20 PM WGN
Thur 8/15 OFF DAY
Fri 8/16 vs. St. Louis TBD CSN
Sat 8/17 vs. St. Louis 12:05 PM CSN
Sun 8/18 vs. St. Louis TBD WGN or ESPN
Mon 8/19 vs. Washington 7:05 PM CSN
Tue 8/20 vs. Washington 7:05 PM CSN
Wed 8/21 vs. Washington 7:05 PM WGN
Thur 8/22 vs. Washington 1:20 PM WGN
Fri 8/23 @ San Diego 9:10 PM CSN
Sat 8/24 @ San Diego 7:40 PM WGN
Sun 8/25 @ San Diego 3:10 PM WGN
Mon 8/26 @ LA Dodgers 9:10 PM CSN
Tue 8/27 @ LA Dodgers 9:10 PM WGN
Wed 8/28 @ LA Dodgers 2:10 PM CSN
Thur 8/29 OFF DAY
Fri 8/30 vs. Philadelphia 1:20 PM WGN
Sat 8/31 vs. Philadelphia 3:05 PM CSN
Sun 9/1 vs. Philadelphia TBD WGN or ESPN
Mon 9/2 vs. Miami 1:20 PM WGN
Tue 9/3 vs. Miami 7:05 PM CSN
Wed 9/4 vs. Miami 1:20 PM CSN
Thur 9/5 OFF DAY
Fri 9/6 vs. Milwaukee 1:20 PM WGN
Sat 9/7 vs. Milwaukee 12:05 PM FOX
Sun 9/8 vs. Milwaukee 1:20 PM WGN
Mon 9/9 @ Cincinnati 6:10 PM CSN+
Tue 9/10 @ Cincinnati 6:10 PM CSN
Wed 9/11 @ Cincinnati 11:35 AM WGN
Thur 9/12 @ Pittsburgh 6:05 PM WGN
Fri 9/13 @ Pittsburgh 6:05 PM CSN
Sat 9/14 @ Pittsburgh 6:05 PM CSN
Sun 9/15 @ Pittsburgh 12:35 PM WGN
Mon 9/16 @ Milwaukee 7:10 PM WGN
Tue 9/17 @ Milwaukee 7:10 PM CSN+
Wed 9/18 @ Milwaukee 7:10 PM CSN
Thur 9/19 @ Milwaukee 1:10 PM WGN
Fri 9/20 vs. Atlanta 1:20 PM CSN
Sat 9/21 vs. Atlanta 3:05 PM WGN
Sun 9/22 vs. Atlanta 1:20 PM WGN
Mon 9/23 vs. Pittsburgh 7:05 PM CSN
Tues 9/24 vs. Pittsburgh 7:05 PM CSN
Wed 9/25 vs. Pittsburgh 1:20 PM WGN
Thur 9/26 OFF DAY
Fri 9/27 @ St. Louis 7:15 PM CSN
Sat 9/28 @ St. Louis 6:15 PM WGN
Sun 9/29 @ St. Louis 1:15 PM CSN

  • Hee Seop Chode

    So the season starts on April Fools?

    • Brett

      Or does it?

  • ETS

    Rizzo’s debut I’m thinking was a WCIU. It seems that no matter what, the biggest games are WCIU. Was it this year or last that the last game of the season was WCIU?

    Dear WCIU, I hate you. k thx bai

    • hansman1982

      Heck, I hate any station other than WGN. CSN is only moderately bad. CSN+ is as bad as WCIU.


      • Cubbie Blues

        I always thought it was just me and nostalgia that made me think WGN games were better produced.

        • ETS

          Well, I meant I got all the WGN, CSN and (most of) the CSN+ games, but WCIU I cannot get at all. There is no possible way for me to get those games.

          • hansman1982

            I meant it that way as well. CSN is maybe 25%, CSN+ and WCIU is 0%.

            But I agree that WGN games are some of the best produced games out there.

  • SirCub

    Hmm, looks like Fox is cutting back on Cubs games this year. Can’t say as I can complain; I never got to watch them anyway.

  • Bigg J

    I thought every team only has 1 20 days in a row without off day on schedule? The Cubs have 2. Has there been a change?

  • cubfanincardinalland

    Looking at the schedule go me thinking about the talk of to many day games at Wrigley. How hard it was for players to go from day to night games and adjust their internal clocks. That this is a big disadvantage that other teams don’t have to deal with.
    Well then I look at the Cubs road games for April and May. Of the first 25 games, they play 11 day games and 14 night games. So obviously other teams are playing combo day games and night games. What gives.

  • Todd

    I hate WCIU!!!! Cubs need to do something about the games that they carry! I live less than 200 miles away, have been a lifelong Cubs fan, and I get home, go to turn on the game, and that crappy WCIU has it and we can’t see the game in the Quad Cities! They have more games than usual it appears! US QUAD CITY FANS WANT OUR CUBS GAMES!!!!

    • Bigg J

      I hear you there. I count on not watching those games because I cant and it’s annoying

    • Andrewmoore4isi

      I live in Bettendorf. Wciu…. :/

  • Not Cubbie Blues

    Does anyone know why WCIU has any games at all?

    • DB Kyle

      I would assume it’s something to do with ESPN holding national rights to Wednesday night games.

    • Pat

      They were the only local station with any interest in the WGN overflow games.

  • Patrick G

    I need to find a cable provider in NY for these channels!!

  • Jacob

    Brett, FWIW concerning your twitter argument (idk if that’s the right word), I agree with you and see what you were trying to say originally.

    • Brett

      Haha. Twitter is great for many things – nuanced discussing isn’t one of them. I tried to make a broader point, but “free agents like money” is all anyone seems to be able to say.

      (I’m friendly with all of those guys, so it’s not really a heated thing.)

      • Jacob

        Yeah I assumed that (about it not being heated). And I know that twitter wasn’t helping your case, with the limited characters and whatnot lol. I think that if they took your advice, about reading the article, they’d agree 100% with what you said.

  • butlerdawgs

    I must say that I am pretty awesome at scheduling a honeymoon. Wife and I are leaving on Easter Sunday and will be out of the country for both Easter and Opening Day…awesome. Wonder if they serve Old Style in Antigua.

  • Ryan

    I have found that I can get WCIU Bulls games in Rockford but not Cubs games. Its only in standard def on a random channel but at least they are on. I agree, I hate WCIU!

  • TheMick6x

    Any word on when Garza will pitch again? Is Shark the season opener now?

  • Colocubfan

    Can anyone tell me why with all the tight scheduling in August and September, especially if a make-up game is needed, there is always an off day between the first two games???

    • Brett

      In case Opening Day has weather problems – teams don’t want to lose Opening Day.

    • Dougy D

      That one has ALWAYS pissed me off. Why don’t they play 3 games and then have an off day, seems like it would make the trip to Atlanta a lot easier! They could still reschedule opening day for the following day by shifting each game a day back.

  • Kirbs414

    I really hope you just had to copy and paste this… Otherwise that would have been horrible to type it all out.

    • Brett

      Hmm, lie and get the credit, or tell the truth and make it look easy …

    • Brett

      (Fortunately, the Cubs sent the schedule to me in a format that was easily transferred to a post.)

  • Bacon Nation

    Looks like the schedule of destiny..or at the least 81 wins.

  • Andrew

    Say what you will about WCIU but I liked those games because when i was growing up I didn’t have cable, so I could see those, not the FSN/CSN games. Now all I care about is whats on WGN Superstation, ESPN and Fox

  • Die hard

    11 night games before May 15 – brrrrrrr- wonder if that’s ok with Rooftoppers?

  • Connecticut Cubs Fan

    First time poster, long time fan and reader of the website.
    As I am from Connecticut, I do not get any televised Cubs games unless they play the Mets on SNY. I was wondering if there was a cheaper option than MLB extra innings and if there was a way I could possibly stream the games from a laptop or an iPad and such.

    I purchased MLB extra innings a few years back, only to find many of the Cubs games were not available. It seem that maybe a little more than half the games were televised throughout the season. All responses would be great! Great job with the website, Brett.

    • ReiCow

      Moo from a smidge east! (Rhode Island)

      I have used MLB.TV for the past few years. It gives me TV broadcasts for all games except Saturday day games (which Fox has locked down.. as if they’d ever show us one of them..), and radio for all games period. MLB.TV lets you have access to games on your computer, phone, tablet, PS3, etc. It may be the right solution for you.