respect wrigleyWe’ve got another edition of the podcast coming later this morning, and it features another great guest. I guess we’ve given up on teasing, at least this time around, and I can tell you it’s Tim Sheridan, the Cubs’ PA Announcer in Spring Training, and the purveyor of the Spring Training goodness that is Boys of Spring. It’s a good one, and you’re going to want to check it out.

  • Barry Rozner writes that Tom Ricketts made a critical error in not threatening to move the Cubs out of Wrigleyville immediately upon taking over the Cubs. I think it’s easy to say that now, especially after discussions have been so difficult, and if you’re viewing things through a restricted lens. But, when Ricketts took over the team, I’m not so sure it would have been a good idea to immediately tell fans, “that ballpark you cherish and hold so dear? Yeah, I don’t give a crap about it, and we’re going to move the team out to the suburbs.” I think Ricketts probably could have done a better job of leaving himself some options, but coming out of the gate guns blazing about a move could have been a disaster. As for making “the move” threat now, I’m just not sure he could do it credibly. Not only do we know that Wrigley Field – actual Wrigley Field – is a unique draw for fans, but it also is a property that the Ricketts Family owns, and that has superior value only if it remains Wrigley Field. Unless they could get a suburb to pay for a new park, abandoning Wrigley Field in favor of a suburban spot where they can then pay $500 million to build a state of the art ballpark (and entertainment akin to Wrigleyville) is robbing Peter to pay Paul, even if you view it only from a financial perspective. And, maybe I’m a dope, but I still worry about attendance long-term out in the suburbs.
  • Another player looks better than last Spring. This time it’s Carlos Marmol, who is throwing “way better” than last year at this time, according to Dale Sveum. I’m telling you, it’s the new “best shape of my life” platitude.
  • Jeff Samardzija lost his offseason training buddy (Ryan Dempster), so he had to train alone in Arizona this offseason. He’s looking forward to competing with Matt Garza and Edwin Jackson for the Opening Day nod. (I also couldn’t help but notice that he mentioned that Darwin Barney was sitting on his cutter in batting practice, and Barney drilled one. That made me think Samardzija is thinking about throwing his cutter more often this year (hard to sit on a pitch a guy isn’t throwing much) – he threw it just 10% of the time last year. It was his hardest hit pitch (by line drive percentage) by far, so I wonder if he’s improved it.)
  • Vine Line has some video from Cubs camp of “the new guys.”
  • Josh Vitters talks about his brief stint in Venezuela this Winter (recall, he appeared in two games, went 0 for 7, and was removed from the roster).
  • A profile on catching prospect Michael Brenly, who dropped 20 pounds over the offseason.
  • BUNT TOURNEY! From Carrie Muskat: “Players to advance on Tuesday included Michael Brenly, Jeff Samardzija, Jaye Chapman, Brent Lillibridge, Darnell McDonald, Blake Parker, Brett Jackson and Alberto Cabrera. Cabrera won by default because his opponent, Cory Wade, didn’t show. Parker beat Kyuji Fujikawa, who batted right-handed. The Japanese pitcher usually hits left-handed.” Dude. Cory Wade. You better have a great excuse. I know you’re new, but someone must have told you by now that the Bunt Tourney takes precedence over all other Spring activities.
  • Kent Sterling performs his semi-annual troll of Cubs fans (seriously, I’m not aware of him writing anything Cubs-related save for one item in the Spring about how the Cubs are going to suck, and then another piece late in the season about how the Cubs do suck). He actually wrote the following things:

The Cubs suck. Fans know it. Ownership knows it. The players know it. While other teams are building a farm system, reaping the rewards of building one, or investing in a free agent that might put a team over the top, the Cubs are busy with other issues, according to a Paul Sullivan post on

The Cubs have become very adept over the last couple of years at monetizing the only valuable asset in the Cubs catalogue – Wrigley Field. They have hosted an NHL game, a very cramped version of college football, movies, and soon they will host field hockey. Not sure whether money was actually made, but the place has been busy for more than the Cubs 81 home dates.

Now, the Cubs are busying themselves by reassessing their music repertoire. It seems fans are upset with the barrage of hits from the 1980s, as well as the celebrity conductors of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” during the seventh inning stretch ….

Now, instead of finding a way to compete with the St. Louis Cardinals and Cincinnati Reds, they are updating the public address offerings for the pregame.

  • Classic indicia of an effort to rile people up in the interest of page views and attention (aka, professional trolling): (1) Factual inaccuracies? Check; (2) Inflammatory and/or loaded language or phrases? Check; (3) Plucking the lowest hanging fruit of fan anger? Check; (4) The semblance of a point only in the most rudimentary sense? Check; (5) Spelling and/or grammatical errors? Check; (6) Employment of logical fallacies like straw men, false choice, and reductio ad absurdum? Check. Well played, Mr. Sterling. I hope it was worth it. As with another certain professional troll in the Chicago media, you’ve seen the last Sterling mention on BN.
  • cjdubbya

    Saw that Sterling article linked on Facebook, and inevitably clicked on it to give it a read. Professional troll is right – if you do a google search for “Kent Sterling fired”, the top link goes to his own website. Dude got canned from several radio stations in Indianapolis, and seems like he’d be a blast at parties.

  • Timmy

    It’s the right thing to do for ownership to value loyalty to the park. It’s a huge part of the attraction of the team, especially for guys like me who grew up walking distance from it. I also don’t mind that they’re making upgrades, the park is worn and needs upgrades. As long as it retains its integrity (NO JUMBOTRON!) I see no problem with extensions or more seats.

    • Matt

      So…curiously; what exactly constitutes this as the “right,” thing to do? What exactly is “right,”? How do you define such a thing.

      “[G]uys like me who grew up walking distance from it.” This tells me that it’s probably, in your case, the “right,” thing for you- and certainly is a wholly subjective and biased opinion.

      I’ve witnessed the glory of Wrigley several times, and I’ve been to several other parks as well. The scoreboard, the ivy- magnificent. Virtually ever other facet of the park? Terrible.

      Clearly the Ricketts aren’t going to move- why invest so much money and effort into revitalizing the park if they were- yet I don’t see how anyone cannot step back and say the allure to the fandom of the team is not a hindrance to the players and organization as a whole.

      If the House That Ruth Built can be wrecking-balled, so too can Wrigley Field.

      • Timmy

        So you have Wrigley, that’s cool. I’d definitely get rid of the troughs, but most of the rest of the park is good as is. They just need to lower the price of beer and hot dogs.

        • CubsFanBob

          The troughs are one of the gems of Wrigley. Not only are there great conversations concurring across the troughs but the speed at which men can come in and head out is unmatched. It should be preserved for future generations of men.

          • CubsFanBob

            that’s occurring not concurring heh

          • Cubbie Blues


            • Cubbie Blues
              • TWC

                Hey, *I’m* supposed to post that video!

                • hansman1982

                  Yes, TWC owns the rights to it as the “star”

                  • Cubbie Blues

                    My deepest apologies. I thought the ™ was only for professional usage.

                  • SirCub

                    I think he should change his avatar to a screenshot of himself, mid-dive.

  • spearman

    Wow, somebody is hatin!

  • JulioZuleta

    I don’t want to give him the satisfcation of an extra page hit…who is Sterling?

    • Brett

      Former(?) – current(?) radio guy who’s bounced around a bit.

      • JulioZuleta

        I nominate him as the next podcast guest.

        • Brett

          That could potentially be awesome.

          • Whiteflag

            Awesome indeed. But I doubt he would be willing. Seems like he prefers to stir the pot rather than provide meaningful debate.

      • terencem

        Thanks for reading that column so we don’t have to.

  • Webb

    Would a more viable threat be something of this nature:

    “Without the proper support required from the city – ie additional night games, concerts, advertising and street fairs – the Chicago Cubs are left with no choice but to reduce costs for reconstruction by hiring a less expensive non-Chicago construction firm an relocate in the summer months while renovation takes place. The Cubs plan to play in Kane County(example given) for the 2014 and 2015 while renovations take place due to the previously stated lack of cooperation.”

    Realistic? Not really. But they are low on outs.

    • Webb

      Typo city.

    • Brett

      That’s an intriguing threat option, too – though Ricketts just said this weekend that any thought of playing games outside of Wrigley are currently off the table.

      • hansman1982

        I think they are trying to look completely accomodating right now so that if they have to pull out the big guns it will be the only option they have left.

    • hansman1982

      No, the only viable options for relocation would be The Cell or “We have a wacky tacky slide in the outfield where our wacky tacky mascot slides down it because we are cool and hip” Field. The city wouldn’t blink at option 1 and option 2 has already been shot down.

      The only way the Ricketts can make a decent threat to move would be if this issue drags on for another year, some of their simpler changes are not approved and the rooftops are still being obstinate. But we are miles away from that.

      • Whiteflag

        What about Millar Park?

        • TWC

          Kevin Millar has a park named after him?

          • Whiteflag

            Nope. Autocorrect (friends last name)

            • http://none millhah

              Nope, but he should!!

        • hansman1982

          ““We have a wacky tacky slide in the outfield where our wacky tacky mascot slides down it because we are cool and hip” Field”

          I guess I should have said Park, not Field.

          • Whiteflag

            Or i could just read better.

  • gutshot5820

    Brett, you are correct in thinking that coming out of the gate saying they could potentially move out of Wrigley Filed would have been a PR disaster. With all the new information that is available now and the Ricketts plan to pay for the renovations themselves. Any hint of moving out of the stadium would now work in their favor. With their new plan, they are in the public’s favor. It is ridiculous that the few are holding an entire city hostage.

    Although any veiled threat to move would not be Credible, even the mere mention of it would create an uproar in the general population. The media would take it to another level and there would be immense pressure on the mayor and alderman to work in the Cubs favor. I suspect, the Ricketts knew the timing was not right to use that sort of leverage before, but it would absolutely be stupid not to use a somewhat veiled threat to move in their favor now.

    • Brett

      I do wonder if we’ll hear a whiff – a very subtle, “quiet” whiff – of the Ricketts Family poking around suburban properties. They won’t say what it’s for, and it’ll all be shrouded in mystery. Maybe that will do the trick.

      • hansman1982

        Yup, a rumor or innuendo floated out here or there through a suburb the Ricketts are close with…

  • Internet Random

    “Classic indicia . . . .”

    The proper spelling is Cannabis indica.

    • TWC


  • Smackydoodle

    In reference to Kent Sterling, why do people today act like a business or a political office can’t do more than one thing at a time? They have divisions that handle different tasks. The division handling fan experience isn’t the same as the division that handle the product on the field. It’s so childish. This nation has become severely childish.

    • TWC

      “It’s so childish. This nation has become severely childish.”

      … whined the guy with a cartoon avatar who goes by the name “Smackydoodle”.

      • DarthHater

        Calvin and Hobbes is childlike, not childish. Big difference.

        As for “Smackydoodle,” well . . .

        • TWC

          Man, you don’t have to defend Calvin and Hobbes — my heart’s been broken for the last 16 years since “Let’s go exploring!”. I was just amused by ‘doodle’s misplaced rant.

  • RichP

    I just can’t help but think that younger Cubs fans place too much value on the popularity of the Cubs because of Wrigley field. I have been a Cub fan since 1964,and I don’t know any fan that is a fan because of Wrigley. This point to me is given way too much credibility. In the 60’s the Cubs sucked until I believe 1966 when Leo Durocher made the scene. Before that,the Cubs sucked,and attendance sucked. For 6 or 7 years the Cubs posted winning records,and attendance improved. Attendance was never about Wrigley,it was about winning. If the Cubs had a bad team and bad record,the fans stayed home,and watched on WGN. Low attendance at the park,but high viewer attendance. Fans never stop watching,they just don’t watch at Wrigley if the Cubs are losing. I can’t think of any team in any sport that keeps fans coming if they are not putting a quality team on the field. Even the Bears had games blacked out in the 70’s. I agree Wrigley field is a beautiful park,but it’s contribution to the popularity the Cuibs is way overrated by what appears to be younger fans. How shallow would Cub fans be if they were only loved their team because they play at an old Park called Wrigley?

  • MJ

    There was nothing wrong with Ricketts saying then, or even now, “We do like the park. We’re trying to save it. We know what it means to fans & the city’s economy. But, we can’t continue to let revenues get away from us. We have to make sure we are financially viable to compete.” He could even going so far as to “inquire” with, say, Arlington Heights officials about land acquisition, and then floating it out there to the media. That would have Tunney & the Roofers shook. But, Ricketts doesn’t appear to be made that way. He’s a sentimentalist.

    For the folks who don’t want a jumbotron: Wrigley is going to change. I simply has to. There will be a large HD video board coming. The LED board in right, and the second one that’s coming soon in left, is their way of easing the traditionalists into the 21st century. A jumbotron doesn’t have to equal, KIss-Cam or Mullet-Head. But, it does equal millions annually in advertising dollars. There’s a ton of money underneath the couch cushions at the ballpark that the Rickettses can’t get to, and they’re trying. You can’t run a professional sports franchise on hot dog and beer sales alone. Corporate sponsorships REALLY help pay the bills.

    There’s 29 other ballparks in the majors, and then there’s Wrigley Field. Fenway used to be right along with Wrigley at the bottom in amenities and being viable for a pro sports team. Now, it’s one of better ones. It’s probably no accident that the Red Sox fortunes started to change once they started upgrading Fenway. I do remember that they were considering building a Fenway replica elsewhere just before the overhaul began.

  • The Dude Abides

    Ricketts is in a tough spot and basically has to make Wrigley work and with investments already in the area they know he isn’t going anywhere.

    The rebuild while everyone here thinks it is great and much needed to tear it completely down and start over it hasn’t come without cost. Ricketts may not have a ticket revenue problem this year but their concessions will suffer with empty paid for seats and next season they may finally see it in ticket revenue if they don’t show improvement on the field this season. Obviously people in the stands and watching on TV is what is used to set your card rate for marketing dollars.

    While we all hope they improve the ultimate truth will be played out on the field. With all of the impending impact this and next season will have on marketing, ball park renovation, TV deal, etc., it will be interesting to see how they handle it. Do they stick to their guns or do they slowly change their tune a bit and speed things up? Could Edwin Jackson’s signing be the first sign of a slight change in philosophy? June/July should be interesting this season when it time to start flipping players. Could we actually look to pick up players? Time will tell…

  • Jim

    I thought that the celebrity seventh inning stretch thing should have ended about the year after Harry died. You can always tell how uncomfortable it was for Len and Bob to try to call the game while also interviewing somebody about their latest movie or high school football championship in the bottom of the 7th. Blah!

    As far as Wrigley Field goes, I am a Cubs fan first and foremost. If people are only going to Cub games to see Wrigley Field then turn it into a museum with part of the proceeds going to the Ricketts. I love sitting out in the bleachers at Wrigley, but I was there to see a Cubs game. When I look at a stadium like the Pirates have, I think, wow, that is nice! If the Cubs did move I would love to see them put a ballpark on Lake Michigan or somewhere with a nice view.

  • Stu

    Can we really stop the threats from for-profit, “private” businesses? The Cubs will be more interesting this year than last. Will it be enough to justify the prices paid for their “product”?

    Most fans in the new generation do not have the loyalties of the previous generations. They don’t sit up nights looking at OPSs, WHIPs and WARs like most of the viewers of this site. To them that is like enjoying a Statistics textbook. Not a big population.

    If the Cubs sell off by the trade deadline because they are out of it, attendance will fall off. Being “seen” at Wrigley to impress whomever is as fleeting as the latest youtube viral craze.
    You really have to put a winning product on the field. The Cubs will get there.

    • Brett

      “Can we really stop the threats from for-profit, “private” businesses?”

      I’m assuming you see the irony, right? They’d love to stop the threats … if they were allowed to operate like any other for-profit, private business.

  • Dumpgobbler

    Hey, brett, check this out. A little off topic but had me laughing real hard.

    • Brett

      That was awesome (except for the vaguely insensitive/racist Reyes portrayal at the beginning – am I missing something there, or was that kind of bad?).

      • Dumpgobbler

        I think I may have missed something there as well? I’m not sure really. The rest was hilarious though.

      • Bilbo161

        Anything that has to be characterized as “vaguely insensitive/racist” is probably not. It’s more likely someone is overly sensitive and making a mountain out of a mole hill. Kind of like reacting badly to the phase “throws like a girl”.

        • Brett

          I was just looking for an explanation of why they had Jose Reyes as a dirty, skinny, unclothed kid with a donkey. What’s the joke? That all Dominicans are like that? If so: racist. That dirty, skinny, unclothed kids from the Dominican are funny? If so: insensitive.

          I’m giving the benefit of the doubt that I’m missing something. Hoped for an explanation beyond “you’re oversensitive.”

          • Bilbo161

            Brett, I meant no insult, and it could be that I’m the one being over sensitive. I just can’t stand the way racism is used in unwarranted circumstances to beat on people who never intended any such meaning. I did not look at the link. I only thought if you need to use moderating terms, you should not call it racist. Sounds more like a polititian and I’ve had my fill of those.

            Love your work. Thanks for real thoughtful Cubs analysis.

            • Brett

              No worries. I just wanted to explain myself – I really couldn’t understand what that part of the video was going for (because the rest of it was hilarious).

      • deej34

        It wasn’t rascist… I think we are still a little too quick to react that way. It was a Twitter/Social Media thing a while back when Reyes was pictured with a donkey (enter Tijuana Donkey jokes here….) but I attached one of the many links I found on google simply search “Jose Reyes donkey”. Ease up guys… Not ever internet joke is racist.

        • deej34


          • hansman1982

            So you’re saying that Reyes is being racist against donkeys?

            • deej34

              Haha… literally laughed out loud in my office.

        • Brett

          That’s why I asked if there was something I was missing – this is literally the reason I asked.

          • deej34

            And I skimmed the comments I went off the deep end on my response a little. We’ve just had the race debate here too many times… my bad.

            • Brett

              No, you’re fine. I’m just glad to know now.

  • Kevin

    Go to Pittsburgh just once and you’ll be in favor of a new stadium, guaranteed!

  • Cooper

    The Cubs long ago held spring training on Santa Catalina island, off the coast of Los Angeles. They built a replica of Wrigley Field so players could still adjust to the unique dimensions, the hard ivy-covered walls, etc. Maybe the Cubs need to severely relocate. I live in SoCal, so it would make it far easier for me to see games…

    • Cubbie Blues

      Just as long as there is only one batting cage and the average dorm room is bigger than the locker rooms.

  • Stu

    You mean with public monies, exemption from anti-trust, etc.?

    • hansman1982

      Wait, so the Cubs receive public money?

      A judge found baseball to NOT be a trust. It’s 30 separate organizations.

      • hansman1982

        I guess not really a trust, but a monopoly…god, my brain is defective lately.

  • Frank Baron

    Moving Wrigley… wow where do I begin? Being a long time Cub fan who started watching Ernie Banks in 1958 I am not, underlined, not nostalgic about Wrigley Field. It’s hard to get to. Expensive to park . Over priced for everything. It’s difficult to afford a good seat and you have neighbors who are stealing your product and selling it for their enrichment. Worse… You have Government that thinks they own everything… After considering all that, I now understand Rickett’s unwillingness to move. I know I’d want to stay! For sure!!! No question!!!.

    However there is some hope that the bloom is coming off the rose… I am now hearing from lower level Cub officials about Wrigley being a museum and it being a shame that they can’t have the freedom to have they type of facilities all other “A” teams have… etc etc. This is the very beginning of the “We tried but we just can’t get it done with the city and those greedy neighbors… we have to look else where”. When that message starts to “leak out” in more media interviews then we will see some of the ice melt. If the ice does not melt they should aquire land and build Wrigley West… I think they can easily recreate the look of the neighborhood, the Ivy and the park. Addison and Sheffield… They can have parking and all the night games and concerts… wow! what are they waiting for! They can do it all and have a facility that actually works for the players and the fans.

    As for the fans not coming out? The Big STOP sign. Well if you win they will come out and in droves… beside there are a lot of people in the West burbs that will go that aren’t going now. There is a whole new market to tap. Filling the park will be no problem.

    Sidebar: It just dawned on me that, maybe, the Cubs purchase of the Kane County Cougers might be a significant move… more significant than just buying a minor league team that is.

    Finally and perhaps best of all… they can tell Ram, the boys at City Hall and the neighbors to take a walk. Plus, they have really expensive real estate in the city to sell and recoup some of their costs.. Sounds perfect. The Cubs could have a brand new facility up and running sooner than it would take to refurbish Wrigley.

    New Century, new owner, new park

    • Kasey Ignarski

      WHere to start…where to start.

      1st of all. Wrigley is not hard to get to. I work downtown. On weekdays, I hop on the el to get there. No problem. On weekends, since I live in the SW Burbs, I drive. Hard to park…maybe, but for me not so. I have been a season ticket holder since 84 & I drive there a lot and I know where to park (and not pay for it – and no, I am not telling anyone where I park), Actually, if they do move to the Burbs, it would make it much more dificult for me to get to weekday night games since I drive and park by the park in the morning and hop on the el to get to work (and then take my car home at night). I would not be able to go to work, go back home for the car and then go out to the park. THe people who sit behind me live 2 blocks from the park and do not own a car, but are season ticket holders. THey would not be able to go out to the burbs to watch a game. Antoher person I sit with lives in Lincoln Park (and has for the past 60 years). She drives rarely and has told me that she would not go to games if they moved out to the burbs. TO far for her to go. SO yes, they would lose some season ticket holders if they did move out to the burbs.

      ANd your comment about Kane County…THe Cubs did not buy the Cougars. THey just moved their low A team there.

      • frank

        Those are good points–they might lose some season ticket holders from within the city. But not everyone will see it that way, because they don’t want the hassle of driving into the city from the far west suburbs, or wherever. If you’re not used to driving in the city–it can be frustrating. And driving in Wrigleyville sucks, especially on game days–a move to the western suburbs or some such area would likely gain at least as many season ticket holders from that area–because it would make it much easier for people there to get to the games. And if they locate where there’s relatively easy access off an expressway, it’s that much easier. And people wouldn’t have to hunt for parking, and then hide their “secret” parking spots–unless driving into a stadium parking lot is detective work. The fact is, a location in the suburbs can potentially be much more convenient and hassle free–for some people. Let me say this too–I love Wrigley–but if moving means a better shot at a World Series victory in my lifetime, I’ll drive the bulldozer myself.

  • Dustin S

    It’s another nice point for Ricketts that he didn’t take the low road and use the threat to leave Wrigleyville just as a point of leverage when he bought the team. He’d have been better off from a negotiating standpoint if the city and neighborhood looked it as a serious possibility.

  • Crazyhorse

    Yeah, I can say lots but the record on the field Represents. The Cubs do suck and that is a shame. To me its like a family member that always have excuses in why they they fail. After a while the excuses do not matter but one still hopes for a better outcome.

  • mr. mac

    I have been saying for a while now that I would be in favor of the Cubs moving to the ‘burbs. It seems that those in the neighborhood forget that the Cubs and Wrigley made the neighborhod what it is, and not the other way around. Sure, I would miss Wrigleyville, but I do not think Cubs fans are so fickle that they would stop going to games or supporting the team because they moved to a suburb. All I care about is seing the Cubs win the World Series in my lifetime. Whatever it takes!

    • Crazyhorse

      Your product starts on the field. honestly , The argument to move from Wrigley Field really is not an issue.. Ricketts can either develop a plan to move, they own the team . And i would not be surprise if later down the road if they did. I would accept a move to burbs only because they own the team and it is their decision.
      I am a Cub fan Because of the players on the field, unlike some trolls that seem to only support the front office because they fell a kinship I can Criticize the front office and it is okay. I want The Cubs to succeed and yes the path they took will take time, but we do the fans a disservice if we cherry coat in the front office failures,
      This front office has laid down the foundation for the future but lets be honest . The reason is because the major league roster has performed terrible and with high draft choices the future should look bright- until it becomes the present this front office will have no excuse to hide behind.

      • DarthHater

        Yea, darn those stupid trolls that only come here to sugar-coat everything with their balanced, fact-based observations. 😛

  • Kevin

    People ask how will the fans get to a stadium located in the suburbs, to that I answer, the same way they get to all othe other stadiums they visit to watch the Cubs, drive. A new ballpark in the burbs will not have any impact filling up the stadium. And the good news…………no more mayor and no more alderman to worry about.

  • cubfanincardinalland

    The most non sensical idea is that the Cubs would not draw if they moved out of the city. I always think back to when the Cubs played the Braves in the playoffs in 2003 in Atlanta. There were more Cub fans in attendance than Braves fans.
    The Ricketts have a gift, the most loyal fan base of any sports team in the world. The Cubs would draw in Dubuque, Iowa. It’s just good business. They need to find the place where they can maximize revenues in order to build the best team possible. These two actions feed off each other. If the city of Chicago continues to obstruct them in that endeavor, then alternatives must be addressed.

  • TommyK

    I find it hard to believe that, if the Cubs played in a state of the art stadium in the north suburbs with ample parking near public transportation, people wouldn’t go. He wouldn’t have to go through with it, because if people saw he was serious they would become a lot more reasonable. If I were Ricketts, I would schedule some meetings with suburbs and just say “we’re exploring all possibilities.”

  • Fastball

    Let the dump continue to fall apart to the extent it becomes unsafe. oh it already is. sue the city fir not allowing changes to be made. If I were Ricketts I would push to have the place condemned and move all the home names to the outside for a long while. share the Cell with the Sox. Tell everyone your out of the real estate business. I could crew less about fixing Wriggle field. keep fixing a dump when you could have already had a new place . thus is a very old and boring conversation. its almost as boring as PEDs . at this point who cares who did or didn’t take them … Test the hello out of them. if you get caught your fired. if you don’t then you don’t get fired.

    • Cubbie Blues

      PEDs … smh

  • Die hard

    For away games Cubs should have several jumbo screens and allow fans to watch in park for $3.00 a seat which team would make up in concessions- also could position screens so Rooftoppers could see – could generate $1000000 each game

    • MichiganGoat

      Score! All the empty drive-ins now have a purpose, best idea you’ve ever had. I love it.

  • Die hard

    Even an old broken down clock has the correct time twice every 24 hrs

    • Hansman1982

      And you called yourself a broken clock. Double word score!!!

    • DarthHater

      Or maybe not:


      • Tommy

        Ah, I’ve been awakened at the wee hours of 12:64 many times!

    • Stinky Pete

      Not if the hands are broken off.

    • Drew7

      Shame on you for taking classic, hilarious saying and butchering it.

      • Die hard

        “25 or 6 to 4”
        (1970) Chicago