gods-wrathMatt Garza admits that maybe he “came out too strong, too fast” this Spring as he started pitching again after missing significant time last year with a stress reaction in his elbow. Maybe that’s why he mildly strained his left lat, and is now resting for a week.

Either way, Garza still doesn’t seem too worried, even if it means he’s going to miss some Spring starts.

“Right now, I just want to get ready to throw, get ready to start pitching for opening week, and that’s where my timeline’s at,” Garza told the media. “Spring starts – of course, they matter – but I’m more concerned about being ready by Opening Day.”

Garza has been instructed to rest for a week, and then he’s likely to throw a bit on the side before debuting in a Spring Training game.

“It’s like [Dr. Stephen Adams] said, ‘Hey, time didn’t hurt anybody, so just relax, enjoy it a little bit, because this will be the last time you’ll be off,'” Garza said. “That’s kind of the plan.”

Indeed, rest rarely hurts, and there’s no sense in pushing things long before the season begins. But Garza knows as well as the Cubs (and we) do that his 2013 season is critical as he approaches free agency, and is coming off a season derailed by an elbow injury.

So it’s a balance of making sure Garza is healthy, but also making sure he’s in position to have the best possible year (or, at least first half) he can. It’s important for everyone.

  • Stevie B

    It’s getting to the point that I’ll be glad when I won’t have to hear the name Matt Garza. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have a healthy Garza year end year out.
    The Cubs and hurt pitchers is getting old old old.

    • JR

      Yeah, Stevie I agree with that. I’ve always been a Garza fan, but I am WAY over trying to figure out and think about what the best way to get value back from him and Soriano. Just thinking about Soriano and Garza’s trade value gives me a headache at this point. I have came to 2 conclusions. 1. Garza’s trade value is probably 25% of what it was last July. 2. Soriano has basically 0 trade value. Good stuff…….

    • ichabod

      i don’t know, stevie. are you my assistant? kp

  • Die hard

    Déjà Voodoo all over again as to medical advice which can’t cure a bad mechanics injury prone pitcher from the Eric Bedard Mark Prior mold

    • Castro 13

      I’m not so sure. Last year was Garza’s first full season in which he didn’t start 30 games. Mark Prior had basically textbook mechanics; pitchers are naturally prone to developing shoulder problems. He was also hit in the throwing elbow by a freak line drive.

  • Beer Baron

    Don’t forget because of the World Classic, spring training starts 2 weeks earlier this year. So Garza can easily take a week – or two – off and still be on the same schedule as a normal season. Last year the first game was March 4th – he should be ready to go right around that time this year, too.

    • DocPeterWimsey

      Also, spring training starts 2-3 weeks earlier than it needs to do, anyway. Remember, the original point of spring training was to get the players back into shape after a winter of working desk jobs, etc. Players have been working out all winter since the 1970’s now, but they’ve never adjusted ST accordingly.

  • Garza’s Left Lat

    Dooooon’t worry, guys. I’ll be ready!

  • J Wilson

    Unless you’re Sammy-Michael-Jackson Sosa, in which case relaxing and sneezing caused a sprained ligament and landed him on the DL. What’s that about steroids weakening ligaments? Oh, right, it’s an adverse effect.

  • North Side Irish

    Not worried for now, but the first time I hear about Garza doing the towel drill, I am going to lose what’s left of my mind.

  • David

    The towel drill had nothing to do with injuries or injury rehab.

    • North Side Irish

      When Wood and Prior were coming back from injuries, the towel drill was always the first step…followed by simulated games. Just meant that I heard too many times how them doing the towel drill was a sign they were close to coming back.

      • Andrew

        Ahh simulated games, I feel like the cubs must have had the best record in those considering our aces were consistently starting in them.