cactusToday’s intrasquad game didn’t have the same old guy versus new guy feel to it – it was more of a “hey, here are some Cubs, go play these other Cubs” kind of thing. Some of those Cubs beat other of those Cubs 6-3 in five innings.

Still, it was enjoyable. The hitting once again was ahead of the pitching, with most of the arms getting knocked around (good sign for the bats? bad sign for the arms? incredibly small sample size while guys are working on a variety of things that make their statistics largely meaningless?).

Luis Valbuena lasered a two-run homer, and non-roster invitee Edwin Maysonet hit a game-winning three-run homer. Dave Sappelt had three hits on the day.

Jorge Soler had a walk, and Javier Baez had an infield single.

A couple of excellent highlights passed on by BN’er Eric Pauly – first, Brett Jackson leads off the game driving a double the opposite way:

And later, he rips a single through the hole on the right. He looks very quick through the zone right now, and had three hits on the day:

  • Tommy K

    Did Baez look any better today?

    • BluBlud

      According to most young women, he’s always looked pretty good. So unless he is wearing his hair different or wearing his uniform different, I would imagine he looks the same.

      • Harry

        more like according to BluBird

        • BluBlud

          Oh yeah, I definitely think he’s a hottie.

          • DarthHater

            Of course, he’s not nearly as hot as Campana… πŸ˜‰

            • ash

              *Campana’s girlfriend.

    • Rcleven

      Went deep in the hole and made a nice back hand stop and throw.
      Twitter said it was amazing. Think I remember him getting a hit in the first.

  • When the Music’s Over

    If Brett Jackson can get his act together at the plate, the dynamics of the Cubs offense takes on a noteworthy positive shift:

    a) Another left handed bat with some decent power
    b) Dude is willing to take walks, a luxury on this offense
    c) All while coming from the lead-off spot, which is such as nice bonus on this team

    Will (hopefully) be exciting to watch his progression this year.

    p.s. Plays nice defense too, which is just another bonus

    • Featherstone

      Cant forget a little speed too at the top of the lineup. You are completely right a 20/20 guy at the top of our lineup would change everything.

    • brickhouse

      You will need to go to Iowa to watch his progress

  • Rice Cube

    Look at that kid handle those balls…


    • Harry

      whats with these old timers and their homosexual jokes on this site? brett wtf?

      • DarthHater

        What’s with these “old timer” remarks on this site, Brett?

      • Tommy

        I hope that was a joke, Harry.

      • Hansman1982

        But the white team is the home inks.i don’t often make comments on BN, but when I do, they generally involve calling someone gay.

        • Hansman1982

          Oh Jesus god, old comment mixed with new. Hooray iPhone commenting. Here was the comment I wanted:

          I don’t often make comments on BN, but when I do, they generally involve calling someone gay.


  • Marc N.

    Not that I buy the changes yet but it sure would be nice if he could turn into a quality CFer this year. The team needs one, and his speed/patience combo would be mighty useful at the top. Frees up either DeJesus or Soriano to be traded.

    • Marc N.

      Aka what was already said.

  • Doctor_Blair

    Is it just me, or does Jackson’s stance look a little bit like Rizzo’s?

    • Chad

      Yes, because Sveum retooled his swing, similar to what they did to Rizzo’s. It’s much more compact thus he can get the bat through the zone a bit quicker.

      • cubchymyst

        If Sveum and his staff can keep helping these prospects adjust their hitting to get the most out of their abilities that is a huge plus.

  • Carew

    swing looks a lot better

  • Believe in 2015

    Cubs are off to a great start so far! 2-0

    • Rcleven

      Also 0 and 2.

      • DarthHater

        Stop being so negative! πŸ˜›

      • BluBlud

        Or they could be 1-1 twice. I’m not really sure.

        • Rcleven

          White= 2 and 0
          Blue = 0 and 2

          • twins414

            White= 2 and 0
            Blue = 0 and 2

            Does this mean 2-0 at home and 0-2 on the road?

            • Rcleven

              No Just squad names.
              Sveum described one squad as team White and the other team Blue.
              Both games were played at Hohocam.

              • twins414

                Was just Kidden!

  • Rcleven

    Pitchers couldn’t find the strike zone. Lots of walks.
    Guess that’s why they went the free agent route.

  • calicubsfan007

    Wait until Jackson plays for a full season. Odds are the small issues and small bad habits might start showing as the games pile up. But that is a good thing, because small issues and bad habits would be better than what I saw last year.

  • Adventurecizin’ Justin

    Both hits were off of a lefty, too! That’s always a good sign.

  • MightyBear

    He’s much quicker thru the zone

  • mudge

    I prefer not to get excited about players until they’ve retired.

  • Tommy

    Man, Jackson sure can fly around those bases! I like that guy, I really do.

  • dan

    How come Castro now talks about winning a gold glove ? Is it because there is a better short stop at spring training and he does not want to move to 3 rd ?

    • Hansman1982

      Who’s the better shortstop? Baez? Unlikely. Castro is far better defensively than Baez.

    • gocatsgo2003

      Maybe he finally decided to listen to the coaching staff and focus on fielding.

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