ian stewart and josh vittersIan Stewart and Josh Vitters won’t be participating in today’s intrasquad game as planned. As noted in the Bullets this morning, each is dealing with a quad injury, and Stewart will be having an MRI to determine the extent of the injury. He expects to take a few days off regardless. Vitters isn’t yet scheduled for an MRI, but he’s also going to get some rest. It’s early in Spring Training, and way too early to be concerned.

As for the intrasquad game, which starts at 1pm local time in Mesa, the lineups today feature far fewer regulars than yesterday’s game, but still have quite a few roster competitors and interesting youngsters.

Brooks Raley will start for the White team, followed by non-roster invitee Drew Carpenter, Rule 5 pick Hector Rondon, and intriguing youngster Dayan Diaz (also a NRI). Alberto Cabrera will start for the Blue team, followed by Michael Bowdon, Blake Parker (NRI) and Jensen Lewis (NRI).

The lineup for the White team:

1. Watkins, 2B
2. Szczur, CF
3. Clevenger, C
4. Chavez, RF
5. Lake, 3B
6. Maysonet, SS
7. Lillibridge, 1B
8. Soler, LF
9. Valbuena, DH

And the lineup for the Blue team:

1. B. Jackson, CF
2. McDonald, LF
3. Lopez, C
4. Sappelt, DH
5. Bogusevic, RF
6. Villanueva, 3B
7. Gonzalez, 2B
8. Nelson, 1B
9. Baez, SS

Tidbits: Johermyn Chavez is the positional equivalent of Diaz (a minor league signee who is young enough and intriguing enough to be considered a borderline prospect), so he’ll be interesting to watch. Brent Lillibridge’s versatility shows right out the gate. Christian Villanueva gets starts in both games, which is interesting given that he’s not really competing for a job at this point (of course, today’s start is largely because both Vitters and Stewart are out).

Feel free to use this post as your open thread for the game, itself.

  • Rcleven

    Jesse Rogers ‏@ESPNChiCubs

    Sappelt with his 3rd hit of the day..double to wall

  • another JP

    Loving this early competition the OF has going… Sappelt, BJax, Soler all on fire. Need to see how these guys perform against other teams but man is this nice to see.

  • TonyS

    Thanks for the updates guys.

  • calicubsfan007

    I am seriously starting to think that Stewart is Al Czervik in Caddyshack.[img]http://gonewiththetwins.com/pages/80s/screenshots/caddyshack/002.jpg[/img]

    • Tommy

      Nailed it!

      • calicubsfan007

        @Tommy: Thanks (=, I couldn’t resist putting it here as well.

    • Tommy

      If Stewart has persistent injuries through spring training, look for the Cubs to cut him loose. I can’t imagine the FO isn’t getting frustrated like many of us are.

      • DB Kyle

        I’d love to see Valbuena get the job, even if by injury default, but goodness the infield bench becomes awful if he’s pressed into duty. I don’t really want Lillibridge or Maysonet making the team, let alone both.

  • Bill

    Let’s just hope the Stewart experiment is finally over with after this season. I don’t want to hear, “if Stewart is healthy in 2014, he’s a nice stopgap player…”.

  • Die hard

    Wish they cut this crapola and just move Castro to 3B and open up SS to competition among the kids

    • gocatsgo2003

      And who exactly would play SS in this scenario? Javier Baez, a 20-year old who lacked plate discipline at the high-A level last year? Junior Lake, a 22-year old with a .920 fielding percentage as a SS at AA last year? Logan Watkins, a 23-year old that has played a grand total of 93 games as a SS throughout his minor league career?

      Come on now…

      • Die hard

        All of the above and more-Castro and Barney would step up to be the leaders and help the new SS and nows time while Castro can cover much of the deep hole and pop ups down the line- it’s a win win to pay off 3 yrs away into a championship team

        • Jp3

          Look I’ve got a man crush on Javier B too but damn… We have no idea what he could be at the major league level defensively and there is no proof he can even hit major league pitching if he started SS on opening day. I’m all for swapping Barney and Castro for the sake of the team this year. Probably would be better for the team this year but not good for the long haul…

        • gocatsgo2003

          So you’re in the “screw it, may as well lose 120 games” camp?