cactusYou get a triple, and you get a triple, and you get a triple …

Today the Cubs took down the Angels (well, a split squad of the Angels, without any of their superstars) 11-2 in their Cactus League opener, which absolutely means this season will be a pleasant surprise. It was a power barrage for the Cubs, who had 14 hits on the day, eight of which were of the extra base variety. The pitching fared well, too.

If it were the regular season, I’d be in the midst of a smile bonanza.

  • Luis Valbuena clearly wants to make the most of his opportunity to run with the third base job while Ian Stewart recovers from his quad injury. After homering in the intrasquad game yesterday, Valbuena went deep again today, and also took a walk.
  • Brett Jackson was all over the place today, tripling twice, and taking a grounder to the groin while he led off third. Fortunately he had his cup on, so all is well. A reminder, kids: protect your junk, even if you’re an outfielder.
  • Logan Watkins also had a triple, but it was of the “I got it, I got it, I lost it” variety. Still, he hustled right out of the box, which is always nice.
  • Brad Nelson also had a triple. Hence the triple thing up top …
  • Jorge Soler and Junior Lake got into the game late, notching a double and a homer, respectively (Javier Baez also got in late, but he had a measly single). Apparently Lake’s homer was a monster shot.
  • Travis Wood started and gave up a couple earned in his two innings of work, but after a walk and a double to the first two hitters, he really didn’t allow anything.
  • Trey McNutt pitched a scoreless frame, and Hisanori Takahashi followed up with two of his own. And then each of Rafael Dolis, Hector Rondon, Zach Putnam and Jaye Chapman threw a scoreless inning.
  • Timothy Scarbrough

    We must be 5.5 times as good as the Angels!

  • cjdubbya

    Everybody gets a triple… Cancel the season. Cubs rule all. No one can touch them. Greatest team ever assembled. Just hand over the World Series trophy now and schedule the parade for Monday at 10:30 am.

  • Rcleven

    Really happy with the pitching today. Outside of Woods lead off walk in the first, Cubs pitchers threw strikes.

  • George

    What’s it like to lose?????????

  • MightyBear

    I love irrational exuberance! It’s so ……………irrational!

  • Dustin S

    Only sad we didn’t get to see it televised. WTB more ST games with video. Even though they don’t count, us fans are pretty starved for baseball action this time of year coming out of the offseason. I have to resort to watching other team’s ST games for awhile to get my baseball fix.

    • Rice Cube

      Maybe next Convention we can ask Tom Ricketts to make sure all spring training games are televised on the new Cubs television network. I’d pay for that in addition to the regular season and (baseball god willing) postseason games.

      • Jimmy James

        no doubt, it stinks to have only three or four on wgn/comcast

        • Theo Epstein

          I’m doing all I can, but old man Ricketts doesn’t want to pop for a new TV contract just yet.

  • carmelo

    Listening to the game in Los Angeles, Baez F-8 in the 9th was hit over 400 ft–

  • @cubsfantroy

    I heard the game was supposed to be on WGN, but it wasn’t on here. I was all ready to watch it, then boom, Law and Order marathon.

    Glad to see they played strong today.

  • Whiteflag

    I don’t think there are any ST games on tv until mid-march.

  • Jim

    What’s a moster shot?

    • Andrew

      Jagerbomb with monster duh!

    • Luke

      Apparently a shot that took place somewhere in Norway at some point between 1916 and 1963.

  • Dylan

    What, no EBS?

    • Dylan

      Kidding, anything is better than no baseball at all!

    • King Jeff

      I want an EBS too, one with irrational exuberance would be nice.

  • Hack Wilson

    Good news, BJax at the plate: 2 for 2, 2 rbi, 0 K.
    Bad news, the rest of the Cubs did 14 times.

    Gotta love ST.

  • cubzforlife

    With both pre and regular season the Cubs have over 200 games this year. Thats a lot of agony.

    • Tom A.

      Are you just being funny ? 200 games of any baseball is better than no baseball, which would be the better definition of agony. Better yet, 200 games of even terrible baseball is better than 200 days of carrying packages a a shopping mall with your spouse and I offically say (in case she reads this message) that such is bliss !

  • When The Music’s Over

    Cubs pitchers were throwing strikes today. Interesting and neat to see them pitching to contact today, which is a departure from the past.

  • terencem

    I don’t care if this game is less than insignificant. It was a great day to be a Cubs fan. I was ready to be disappointed in Lake and then he went and hit a dinger.

    • Rich H

      Welcome to perfect analogy for Lake in one game. As soon as you think this kid has no clue he shows what got him this far already. Now if someone could have do that consistently we have something…… I still think he will not see one game in AAA for us this year. He will no longer be a Cub by the time we break camp. Not a guarantee or anything just a feeling .

      • AB

        The only reason to trade Lake in the offseason was because of a roster crunch, which is not going to happen at this point, especially with two other 3b on the sidelines the next few weeks.

        • Timothy Scarbrough

          Well, you could trade him, if you’ve lost faith in him, but another organization hasn’t dulled on him at all. I believe Luke said this about him earlier, Junior Lake: Professional Enigma.

          • Jp3

            Yeah I can’t see us trading Lake at this point just to get rid of him. Too much upside and he’s only 22 years old. He doesnt play any position particularly well but he plays adequate defense at quite a few. 3rd, SS, and didn’t he play CF in the Dominican league or something? If he could hit .260-.270/.350 and hit 20+ HRs and play all 3 OF positions, and a few positions on the infield that would be ideal. Maybe a poor fielding Derosa if we’re lucky?

            • Timothy Scarbrough

              I don’t see us trading anyone just to get rid of him, but he is exactly the kind of guy you could get surplus value for.

              • Jp3

                Yeah I could see us dealing Lake to improve our minor league pitching talent pool, or lack there of for sure.

  • Troy

    It was on wgn radio not tv. A lot of the games are like that. And march 4th is the first cubs game televised on MLB network