hohokam-park-signIt’s the Chicago Cubs’ home opener on the Spring – and it’s also the opener of their last season at HoHoKam Park. The Cubs host the World Champion Giants, who may leave behind some success dust for the Cubs.

Jeff Samardzija gets the start for the Cubs, and he’s got a lineup of many starters behind him (nice of the Cubs to rest them on the road yesterday so they could be in the lineup at home today – seriously). The lineup offers a little insight as to Dale Sveum’s early thinking on lineup construction – everything looks to be about where you’d expect it. If you assume a left-handed bat at third base in the 7-hole (which is how this lineup looks without the DH with with an Ian Stewart or a Luis Valbuena), it goes lefty, righty, lefty, righty, lefty, righty (if Castillo) or switch (if Navarro), lefty, righty, pitcher. Balance much?

You can catch the game via audio on Cubs.com, and you can chat about it here.

Today’s lineup:

1. David DeJesus, CF

2. Starlin Castro, SS

3. Anthony Rizzo, 1B

4. Alfonso Soriano, LF

5. Nate Schierholtz, RF

6. Dioner Navarro, C

7. Brian Bogusevic, DH

8. Darwin Barney, 2B

9. Christian Villanueva, 3B

  • http://www.justinjabs.com/blog/ justinjabs

    Go Shark!! Here’s hoping for 6 K’s and a shower!

  • http://www.bleachernation.com Luke

    I like that line up.

    And it’ll be interesting to see how Villanueva looks at the plate. He’s already probably the best defensive third baseman in camp, but I’m afraid his bat is projecting closer to what we’d expect out of a second baseman, not a third.

    Now watch him hit three 500+ foot home runs. Exuberance isn’t the only thing irrational at Spring Training.

    • X The Cubs Fan

      He can be solid at the plate to me he sounds like a perennial 15-20hr .280 hitter with great defense.

    • DocPeterWimsey

      heh, wouldn’t an average starting 2Bman’s bat be better than most of the options for the Cubs right now? Of course, I realize that the issue is who is going to be paying 3rd for the Cubs in 2-3 years, and that the current collection of players probably is not going to figure into that.

    • Zachary

      Stewart is better on defense then valbuena

  • Dylan

    Why no GameDay?

  • Rian

    Who’s calling today’s game? I’d thought it was Len, but haven’t heard him yet.

    • Rian

      Never mind, here he is! Crisis averted.

  • http://Yes Dude

    Wonder if Lake will see some time in the OF this spring?

  • Dying Quail


  • Rcleven

    ChicagoCubsOnline ‏@TheCCO

    Samardzija sharp in the 1st inning. 11 pitches, 8 strikes

    Carrie Muskat ‏@CarrieMuskat

    In 1st, Soriano hits single off Cain, who stays in game, then gives up 3-run HR to Dioner Navarro. #Cubs lead, 4-0

  • Rcleven

    Jesse Rogers ‏@ESPNChiCubs

    4 hits in first after 14 yesterday..hitters seem way ahead of usual pace..runs were unearned after throwing error on DP ball by firstbaseman

  • Rcleven

    “throwing error on DP ball by firstbaseman”
    Come on!
    Somebody get Rodgers a score card.

  • Rcleven

    Granderson with broken arm and what pops up?

    Buster Olney ‏@Buster_ESPN

    Alfonso Soriano loved playing for the Yankees, and told me last summer that was a team to which he would accept a deal. Could make sense.

    • Patrick G

      Watching the Yankee game now and as soon as I heard that I thought SORIANO. Yanks don’t have that good of a farm though

      • Rcleven

        Yanks have a need. Don’t think it will happen.
        Granderson out till May only.
        Even with Cubs eating most of Sori’s money still puts Yank’s over cap.
        Yank’s not a good match up with Cubs.

      • http://www.wavesoftalent.webs.com tim815

        They have a good enough system. Theo would ask what he always asks….

        “How far down your system do I have to go to get someone I really want?”

        • Rcleven

          The real issue is staying under cap for Cashman. Staying under cap this year resets the clock so they go over cap again next year.
          Then again what do they do with Sori next year?

  • Cubbie Tim

    Just got “friended” by Hayden Simpson on FB. Check it out Brett. I follow BN on Fb. I’m under Tim D____s. My Cubbie Tim tee is my profile pic.

  • Rcleven

    Jesse Rogers ‏@ESPNChiCubs

    Samardzija line: 2 IP, 3 hits, 2 k’s, 1 run

  • another JP

    Can’t see the Yanks trading for him after they already said they weren’t interested in Soriano.

    • Patrick G

      I know they did say they weren’t interested, but after Granderson going down for 2 months, they may get desperate. They needed a right handed power bat anyway

      • another JP

        A trade to the Mets makes more sense… they have more prospects (Snydergaard, Wheeler, etc.) we’d be able to deal for. Plus their OF is total dog chow.

  • another JP

    Marmol already on pace for another wonderful April.

  • Rcleven

    ChicagoCubsOnline ‏@TheCCO

    Fujikawa with an excellent inning, 10 pitches, 9 strikes. James Russell warming up in #Cubs pen