Pre-Gamin’: Rockies v. Cubs (2:05 CT) – Lineup, Broadcast Info, etc.

hohokam-park-signRemember last year when a late-season Cubs-Rockies affair would have generated a great deal of enthusiasm … for losing? Take that, Rockies! Cubs got the number two pick this year!

The Cubs start a mini homestand at HoHoKam today, in a game which will feature Edwin Jackson’s debut with the Cubs. Fun fact from the helpful Cubs media folks: the Cubs and the Rockies are the only teams yet to surrender a Spring home run.

Johermyn Chavez gets a start in the outfield, and although it would be an extreme stretch to see him crack the roster over Dave Sappelt, Brian Bogusevic or Darnell McDonald, he’s certainly getting some looks.

Today’s game is available via audio on, which I’m told is free. But it’s apparently been tricky for some folks to actually hook themselves up with the free audio. I have, so I’m no help. There’s a way to do it, though, and if you’re struggling, I’m sure another helpful BN’er will learn ya.

The lineup:

1. David DeJesus, CF

2. Starlin Castro, SS

3. Anthony Rizzo, 1B

4. Alfonso Soriano, DH

5. Brett Jackson, LF

6. Dioner Navarro, C

7. Brent Lillibridge, 2B

8. Christian Villanueva, 3B

9. Johermyn Chavez, RF

Brett Taylor is the editor and lead writer at Bleacher Nation, and can also be found as Bleacher Nation on Twitter and on Facebook.

49 responses to “Pre-Gamin’: Rockies v. Cubs (2:05 CT) – Lineup, Broadcast Info, etc.”

  1. cjdubbya

    Count me among those interested that don’t have – tried yesterday, but said I needed to pay. So that was no fun.

    1. Cubbie Blues

      I went to and clicked on the gameday icon (a little baseball diamond) next to the game on the left side of the page. My only problem was the margins were chopped off in the player.

  2. Patrick G

    Brett, how do you like I would love to watch Cubs games but not sure if its wrog the price, especially if they aren’t that competitive yet.

    1. Diamondrock

      I can’t speak for Brett, but I just bought it for the first time a few weeks ago. I moved to Massachusetts this year, so I figured it would be worth it because no Cubs games will be blacked out.

      I haven’t had it very long, but I’m already very happy with it. I’m looking forward to a long summer watching Cubs games (even if they are pretty awful). I think a lot of it depends on how much you expect to watch, but if you love watching games like I do then I think it’s definitely worth it. If you live outside your team’s home area, that is. With the blackouts I doubt I would have bought it if I still lived in Illinois.

    2. KidCubbie

      Not Brett but i have and i think its wonderful. Especially since I live in DC. I wouldnt get any games on tv except when they play the Nats so its well worth it if you live out of market. I think its like $19.99 a month so its not too bad if you’re a baseball nut.

    3. hansman1982

      YOU GUYS SUCK!!!

      Since I live in Des Moines, I am close enough to Wrigley that if the game is sold out, I can go to the stadium and watch the game live! Same goes for the White Sox, Brewers, Twins, Royals AND Cardinals!!!

      Just think, in a days time I can easily go to 6 different games at 6 different stadiums!!!!!

      1. illinicubfan

        My brother-in-law used to live on the Michigan/Indiana border and had the same issue with blackouts. He called and they adjusted his account so the Cubs games wouldn’t be blacked out. I think it took him a couple tries, but eventually he got the right person on the phone.

        1. hansman1982

          mmm, I’d get if I could watch every Cubs game…

          1. Melrosepad

            I’m in the same boat Hansman. I’m about a 100 miles North of you and have thought about it, but the blackouts would hurt.

  3. Randal is by far the best money I spend each year. I don’t have cable so this is 5+months worth of greatness at home And work on my phone! I’d suggest it.

  4. hansman1982

    The procedure to get the free audio is in yesterday’s game thread.

    You do need an log-in.

    1. Rcleven
    2. cjdubbya

      OK – I just don’t know how to read, apparently, as I interpreted that as you had to have an payment deal set up. Logged in now. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. Danny B

    Anyone know if the game will be on WGN or MLB Network?

  6. MightyBear

    I have MLB tv and its awesome. You get all the games, not just the Cubs games and you can get them on your phone now. For the money, its definitely worth it.

  7. Corey Costello

    Hey brett, any chance will say Baez/Soler playing?

  8. Jay


    Hows the baby watch going…we are in our final week

  9. Rcleven

    1 Colvin CF
    2 Culberson 2B
    3 Gonzalez LF
    4 Cuddyer RF
    5 Paulson 1B
    6 Hernandez C
    7 Wheeler 3B
    8 McBride DH
    9 Herrera SS

  10. CastrotoBarneytoRizzo

    Anybody else having trouble getting the audio for todays game?

  11. Rcleven, SCOREBOARD, then click listen.

  12. Rcleven

    Carrie Muskat ‏@CarrieMuskat

    Edwin Jackson faces 8 batters over 2 IP, 2 H, 0 R. #Cubs

  13. cjdubbya

    Gordon Wittenmeyer’s now railing on Ian Stewart.

    1. Rcleven

      Gorden WHO?

    2. dw8

      I liked the bit where it he was complaining about having to do his job. Blaming the internet.

  14. Rcleven

    ChicagoCubsOnline ‏@TheCCO

    Excellent 2nd inning for Edwin Jackson. 3 up, 3 down on 14 pitches, 12 strikes, all 3 outs on the ground #Cubs

  15. Rcleven

    Len. Let’s get some baseball in between interviews. Missed whole half inning. this is not TV.

  16. Rcleven

    Villanueva sure in a grove right now.

  17. dumbledoresacubsfan

    Is the mentality this spring to put the first pitch in play every at bat? MLB Gameday can’t keep up!

  18. Rcleven

    Infileld drills paying dividend in spring.
    Ha. it works.

  19. Rcleven

    Rusin up next.

  20. Rcleven

    First and third less than two outs.
    Can we get Castro in?

    1. Rcleven

      Jackson with the SF. Yea.

    2. cubchymyst

      Jackson comes through with a sac-fly, and he just missed that homerun.

      1. Rcleven

        Got Castro in. Something they did very little of last year(man on third less than two outs).

  21. Rcleven

    Rusin picks off Covin.
    14 pitches 11 strikes 1hit.

  22. Rcleven

    Sappy goes yard. 3-1 Cubs.

  23. cubchymyst

    Favorite stat of spring so far, Cubs out homer opponents 8-0 in first 4 games so far. Of course that means that Colorado will him a homerun later this game.

  24. cubchymyst

    Did I just hear them order old styles over the air?

    1. Spriggs

      They started selling the 16 oz cans this year for $7. Last few years they had the 12 oz cans for $5.

    2. Spriggs

      Oh, and they always run out of it with about 2 or 3 games left on the schedule.

  25. Rcleven

    Didn’t get a pitch count. 1-2-3 Can’t be all bad. Putnam.

  26. Rcleven

    Struck up next.

  27. Rcleven

    Pitchers a big plus today. 1 walk.
    Rule# don’t shoot yourself in the foot.

  28. fromthemitten

    you have to throw strikes to be able to give up a home run >.<