cubs mark priorThe lead everyone is likely to use on this one: some variation of Dusty Baker and Mark Prior reuniting. Fine. Write it up that way. If Prior manages to show he can still do a little work out of the bullpen, then, indeed, the two might reunite.

Of course, all that line of discussion does for me is bring up terrible memories about what might have been (which then leads to arguments about how much responsibility Dusty Baker should take for Prior’s arm deterioration), and about how many pitches Prior threw long after Game 2 of the 2003 NLCS was over (in the Cubs’ favor). Was he gassed a bit by the end of Game 6? Shouldn’t Dusty have gone out to settle him down …

Ugh. Never mind. I don’t want to go down that road.

So, anyway: the Reds have signed Prior to a minor league deal, and he’ll continue working hard to get a shot to return to the big leagues for the first time since 2006. Good luck to Prior, from a human perspective. I admire how hard he’s worked and long he’s tried to come back.

In terms of it being the Reds … well, I mean, I don’t expect the Cubs to be rivaling them for first place come August, but I still don’t particularly want to see a resurrected Mark Prior taking the ball on the bump at Wrigley Field while wearing a Reds jersey. Or maybe I do? I know I’d cheer for him. But I also know I’d have a nasty feeling in my stomach the whole time.

I hope he does well in his minor league outings, and I hope he earns a shot to return to the bigs. Beyond that, I’m not sure what I hope.

Good luck to him, I guess.

  • Rice Cube

    The Dusty Baker/Prior thing is a really obvious joke and most people would be remiss if they didn’t give it a go 😉

    Best wishes to Mark Prior. I think had a really nice article on what he was doing to make his comeback, so hopefully this is his second chance and he makes the most of it.

  • KidCubbie

    That has got to be one of the most poorly written articles ever.

    • KidCubbie


      • Brett

        Show me where, and I’ll correct it.

        (Defensive reaction: that has got to be one of the most hyperbolic criticisms ever.)

        • DocPeterWimsey

          Well, if there are some errors, then I’m sure it’s just due to exposure to meconium.

          • lukers63


          • Cubbie Blues

            I really don’t miss those at all.

          • Leo L

            made me laugh. you funny

          • cubchymyst

            I had to look up what that was, and the picture on wikipedia for it made me gag a little.

        • KidCubbie

          Brett, sorry that wasnt directed at your article. I was talking about the linked article. Sorry for the confusion.

          • Brett

            Haha. Classic mix-up – but it generated an interesting conversation nonetheless.

            • Cubbie Blues

              Burn him anyway!

              • KidCubbie

                Lol i feel bad enough that it got Brett a little hot and bothered. He’s under enough stress with the baby without me getting on here and being critical.

      • Rice Cube

        I’d give the man a break, I mean…he did just make a baby. With the help of his wife, of course. But that’s a real job!

        • Brett

          I appreciate that, but I don’t require a break – I’d just like to know the issues he’s spotted. I see stylistic choices, but no grammatical issues. If it’s one of the most poorly written (grammatically) pieces ever, I’d think it would be easy to point out dozens of problems. I also think they’d be easy for me to spot on a re-read.

          • Rice Cube

            I think the grammar is technically fine, you probably used a few too many commas here or there but you’re basically writing as if you were in a conversation and not necessarily as a Hemingway. I don’t think you have to change anything, but that’s just my opinion.

            • Brett

              (Not for nothing, but the comma use is perfect. :) )

              • Rice Cube

                I’ll rephrase that to mean that if you weren’t using “stream-of-consciousness” style writing, you could have restructured a few phrases to reduce the use of commas 😉 I think the piece was fine but I’m generally not as easily offended as other grammarians.

                • Brett

                  Ah. Gotcha. And I knew you weren’t dumping on me, by the way.

                  I’m not sensitive about many things – grammar/spelling/syntax/word choice/etc. … they are my go buttons. Which is not to say I don’t make mistakes – I just want to know what they are so I can fix them.

                • Rice Cube

                  I also took the “stream-of-consciousness” thing from DocPeterWimsey below, so kudos where they are due.

          • DocPeterWimsey

            I don’t see any real “grammatical” errors. Now, it might read like stream-of-consciousness: but that’s a style appropriate for the topic and occasion!

            • KidCubbie

              Sorry everyone. I was talking about the article written by John Fay, not Brett.

      • CubbieBlue

        Because your blog is better?

    • Cubbie Blues
      • Cubbie Blues


  • FastBall

    I hope this guy doesn’t scrutinize my posts! :) I clearly have no use for proper grammar when posting my thoughts/opinions. The funny part of that is I was an English/Journalism major in college. It made me nuts over 4 years. Now I type what ever the hell I want. :)

  • Bob Johnson

    I hope Prior makes it back to the big show! It doesn’t matter to me that it might be the Reds.

  • KidCubbie

    Again i want to apologize for the confusion in my earlier statements. I was refering to the article that Brett provided the link for. I’m not one of these dick heads that get on here and complain about anyones spelling or grammer. Mine is far from perfect. That article just struck me as a bad editing job. I love this site and wouldn’t complain about anything that Brett wrote. I love this site.

    • DarthHater

      (a) Brett is one of the “dick heads” who frequently corrects grammar here

      (b) you should have put an apostrophe in “anyone’s”


      • KidCubbie

        Like i said :-)

        • Tommy

          You spelled grammar wrong, as well. :( Very sad.

        • DarthHater

          Like you said yours is far from perfect? Or like you said I’m a dickhead? Oh, never mind… 😉

          • KidCubbie

            Yes and i would never call you a dickhead Darth. Even if you are you are one of the funnier posters on here.

  • hansman1982

    If he makes it back, I hope he gets a standing ovation at Wrigley. I still remember his 1st start at Iowa – it was a beauty.

    • ETS

      I was on crutches at his first rehab start in iowa. I was a pretty incredible experience. SO many standing room only tickets sold to that game.

  • auggie1955

    I don’t see Prior making it back, but I always wish him the best of luck.

  • Polar Bear

    I think Dusty asked for one last chance to finish off Prior. He wasn’t satisfied with him still walking around with anything that resembled what used to be a great arm. Now, Dusty can successfully destroy what is left of his body and pride.

  • clark addison

    Either Prior doesn’t blame Dusty for his crash, or nobody else offered him a contract.

    I still wish him the best.

  • fromthemitten


    • hansman1982

      Hostages becoming sympathetic to their captors…SMH

  • cubzforlife

    I would love to see Prior back on the mound. Remember the size of that dude’s calves?I was at game six and damn Brett you had to bring it up. That was the year before I got my season tickets and I spent 1400.00 for 4 tix to see the Cubs go to the World Series.

  • Timothy Scarbrough
  • cubzfan23

    Know this is cruel… but in a weird way, I don’t want him to succeed with the reds or anybody other than the cubs.

  • Die hard

    Glad Prior didn’t throw in the towel on his career…. Now if he avoids throwing the towel he may make it…. but would’ve thought that the Yankees pitching coach would have tried to make amends with a shot… To the Reds is like giving the executioner another try

  • Al Spangler

    When does HGH testing occur?

  • Timmy

    Kudos to Mark for still trying. What a tragic career that had so many possibilities before injuries.

  • August

    The 1984 NLCS was bad. The epic fail at the end of 2004 was bad too. But 2003 was titanic. If Prior wins the big one wearing another uniform like Grace did, there gonna pass out Prozak at Wrigley.