gods-wrathA Cubs player out with an injury that is actually slightly worse than the original “it’s nothing” reports? No way!

Starlin Castro left a Spring Training game earlier this week with what was initially termed hamstring “tightness.” No one was worried, it was no big deal, and Castro was going to be fine.

That’s all still probably true, except for the “tightness” part. A precautionary MRI revealed that Castro’s hamstring is actually slightly inflamed, and he’s now expected to miss a week’s worth of games instead of the two or three originally thought.

Dale Sveum remained positive, though.

“It showed a little something,” Sveum said of Castro’s MRI, per the Tribune. “They said if you did an MRI on everybody’s hamstring it’d show the same thing …. Just a minor, little inflammation in that spot.”

Castro is still symptom free, which is good. In truth, there probably really isn’t anything to worry about, and a week off for Castro at this point in the Spring is not a big deal.

But he’s obviously an important piece of the 2013 Cubs, and any leg issue makes you nervous. Hopefully there are no lingering problems when we get to the season. Resting him now makes that less likely.

  • DarthHater

    That’s it. Might as well just amputate now.

  • waittilthisyear

    brett i liked your site so much more when there was no on-field action and every little update included potential trades or signings which brought reserved optimism from me. now, every little update includes “nothing” injuries being a little more than “nothing,” and an impending sense of doom is starting to creep in.

    note: i know (really really think?) that none of these injuries are serious, but, still, it is disconcerting

  • Diamond Don

    Doesn’t sound too serious, and resting Castro now is the right thing to do as we need our MVP for the regular season. Can’t wait to head to Phoenix next Saturday for 10 days of baseball! Looking forward to checking out some of the younger players.

    • Rcleven

      Can’t be too bad. Took BP today.

  • Rich

    That is normal
    Inflammation is body s protective mechanism
    All fine

  • Pat

    Of course it is inflamed. That’s what causes the feeling of tightness. A strain causes the inflammation, so regardless of reports there is a probably very minor strain there.

    I wish the FO would stop with the “precautionary” talk. They overplayed that particular card last year with Garza.

    • Chet Masterson

      What else would you prefer? Sveum and any front office staff get peppered with the same questions dozens of times. If they say nothing they’re ‘churlish’ (a snarky Paul Sullivan term) with the media and we all say smarmy things about how the Cubs are too closed off.

      If they say anything more than precautionary then they have to answer then hundreds of the same questions over and over.

      It’s like at work. Whenever there is an issue someone has to assign a priority to, the only difference in the priority levels is how many times I will have to provide the same status updates to countless project manager zombies with their issue spreadsheets.

      If I have an issue with what Sveum said, it’s that it’s gibberish. If you took an MRI of every player they would have an inflamed hamstring? This confuses me. Should every player then take the next week off? If they did, would their MRI still be inflamed next week?

      • Pat

        I would prefer they say he is sitting out because he has a slight injury and they expect him back in the lineup soon. If you wait until after a guy is injured to sit him out for a period of time, it is, by definition, not precautionary.

        • BT

          Why? What does it matter? Will he heal faster if they don’t say it’s precautionary? He will be back when he is back. How can the terminology they use to describe his injury possibly matter to you in the slightest?

          • Pat

            It bothers me because it’s a lie.

  • Die hard

    Stars are lining up for Sori to Dodgers — Carl Crawford out

  • fromthemitten


    • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

      I hear you. If we didn’t need him to pitch while playing short, and covering his own throws at first, we wouldn’t be in this situation.

    • DarthHater