cactusSo, maybe the Indians really are that improved …

Today’s game was one of those you chalk up to it being “just Spring Training,” and move on. It was uuuugly.

  • Alberto Cabrera had a rough day throwing batting practice making his first Spring start. In his 2.2 innings of work, he walked just one, which is swell. He also gave up seven hits, including two homers and two doubles. All told, he left having given up five earned runs.
  • His immediate relief didn’t fare much better, with Brooks Raley once again struggling (2.1 IP, 6 H, 1 BB, 4 ER).  At least Casey Coleman threw a couple scoreless innings, walking none, striking out two, and allowing two hits.
  • Alfonso Soriano had a homer and a double in his two at bats, which is probably about all he needs to get ready for the season. Then again, it’s quite cold in Chicago in April, so you may have to wait until May or June before you see a truly productive Soriano again this year.
  • Brian Bogusevic’s streak of reach base in seven consecutive plate appearances came to a close.
  • Johermyn Chavez homered in late relief of Scott Hairston.
  • Junior Lake played third again today, but logged his second error of the Spring.
  • Matt

    I thought it said “Journeyman Chavez,” and briefly wondered what signing I had missed.

    • Brett


    • Jeff

      I like this guy, looks like a nice addition to AAA

  • Rich H

    Lake is also now only batting .235 with 2 more stikeouts today. He definitely has opened eyes this spring but still has some work to do.

  • ramy16

    Johermyn Chavez has been playing great! I saw his double yesterday against the Angels…do the Cubs have options on him? Brett can you shine some light on this. I think he’s actually been playing better than Bougasevic? Do you think Johermyn Chavez has a chance to be a 5th outfielder?

    • Mike Taylor (no relation)

      He’s guaranteed to start at AA. I believe all NRI have minor league deals guaranteed, but could make it onto the roster through openings due to injury / excellent play during Spring Training.

  • CEO

    Keith law’s insider post on Brett Jackson’s swing change is not very positive.

  • Dying Quail

    Junior’s error was more on Nelson, in my opinion, who held his glove a foot over his head as a target

  • Cory

    I watched the replay of yesterdays game this mourning. I couldn’t help but look at Chavez and think what a specimen he seemed to be. Looking at his #s 3 things became apparent he has tons of pop, he K’s alot actually more than alot, and he seems to have solid approach at the plate. I’m just wondering is there anything here? He is still relatively young at 24 and never has succeeded above high, A. Does anyone know his story? I just can’t help but be intrigued with the power a OBP.

  • North Side Irish

    Fangraphs article on Soler….refers to him as “the game’s next elite prospect”. Also refers to Baez’s bat speed as “dreamy”…

  • gutshot5820

    Unfortunately, today’s game can be better described as what we should be prepared to expect in the regular season. Not being negative, just positive that this is probably going to be the norm this year.

    • TWC

      It’s going to be “the norm” that 6 of a game’s 9 starters will be pulled from the mid- and low-minors?

      • DarthHater

        No the norm is going to be lots of hyperbolically negative comments, accompanied by protestations of “not being negative.” 😛

  • twinkletoez


    Its comments like this during spring training that have me questioning what goes through some fans minds. You do realize this lineup had 1, yes 1 projected starter (who hit a HR and a Double), 5 guys who probably don’t make the major league team, and 3 platoon guys. And that is just the hitters. Throw in a young relief pitcher trying to be stretched out as a starter, and a few relievers, at best, fighting for the last bullpen spot. Somehow you got a read on how the regular season is going to go from this game?

  • ETS

    Stinkin Coleman! I can’t decided whether I think he will ever figure it out or not.

    • DocPeterWimsey

      What is there to “figure out”? Coleman simply does not have very good stuff.

      • Ron

        Couldnt an argument be made that he has to figure it out because he does not have good stuff? A pitcher that has great stuff can be a one pitch guy and get away with it like Mariano Rivera. But a pitcher that has marginal stuff has to ” figure it out” by changing speeds, location and attacking weakness there by “figuring out” the craft of pitching.

  • North Side Irish

    I love that the Cubs are doing the Topps baseball card look for the tickets again this year. I remember getting this future star cards for guys like Ty Walker and being excited that the Cubs had a guy who was going to be a star.

    TomLoxas ‏@TomLoxas
    @CubsDen Check this out

  • arta

    Brett, have not heard much of Matt Szczur this ST, is he hurt?

    • Brett

      No. He’s playing occasionally, just not doing much worth remarking upon. He also seems typically to only get in as a very late replacement for just one at bat.

      • cub2014

        looks like to me szczur just cant hit

  • arta

    Ok, thanks.

  • Die hard

    Trade with Texas who needs L pitcher?– Could write off season now and move Our lefty starter for couple prospects