The Chicago Cubs are offering a nice little bonus for their season ticket holders: cool looking tickets.

Specifically, the tickets feature Topps baseball cards of Cubs players in some classic looks. A couple examples tweeted by Darren Rovell:

castro baseball card ticket

Per VP of Sales and Partnerships Colin Faulkner, the Cubs also had some cards created with the help of Topps, and they’re sending those to season ticket holders as well. An example card (warning: you may swoon):

  • Fishin Phil

    That is brilliant!

  • Coldneck

    I want one.

  • TNN2

    This is great. Last year’s tickets were fantastic looking and I can’t wait to see the new set this year.

  • Nate Corbitt

    Any idea if that last one will be available to us regular folk?

  • Mr. Gonzo

    Brilliant! Castro’s 1987 card evokes so many great memories — the same year I became obsessed with baseball cards. What are the chances these get made into actual cards?

    • Mr. Gonzo

      For non-ticket holders…

  • miggy80

    Maybe the souvenir cups will also get a much needed make over.

  • Jim

    I want that Future Stars card!

  • Joel

    When do season tickets get mailed out?

    • JVD

      Season tickets are sent via FedEx the second or third week of March. If you have an email address on file, you will receive an email containing the FedEx tracking number once the tickets are sent.

  • CUB5

    Hawk!!! Man these look great. Now if they could do a Mark Grace card…still my favorite Cubbie.

  • Idaho Razorback

    Wow! Love the ’82 Topps card. Reminds me of when I was buying up Ripken rookies for $5.00. Great memories.

  • Jason

    Great idea!

  • Jason

    Here’s a look at some other cards they made, these were in the basement at the Cubs Convention this year:

    I suspect those will be on the tickets also?

  • Jason

    On the Cubs website, they have a page that talks about 4 games where they’re giving away about 20 cards per game from an 82 card “archives” set:
    The set looks awesome!
    Here’s a pic of the 82 card uncut set: