carlos marmol yesWell, it didn’t take long for those Carlos Marmol rumors to pop up, as expected and discussed earlier today.

Bruce Levine this evening reports that “several teams” are taking a look at acquiring the Chicago Cubs’ closer, who is under contract for 2013 at $9.8 million. League sources tell Levine that the Detroit Tigers are included among those teams.

Levine goes on to add that, although Marmol can veto a trade to four West Coast teams (we know the identity of one of those teams – the Angels – and we know he’s willing to accept a trade there), he would likely accept a deal to just about any contender.

Phil Rogers suggests that, indeed, Rick Porcello would be a possible target in talks between the Cubs and Tigers, and adds an additional layer to the possible Marmol-Tigers connection by speculating that the Cubs could try and add Alfonso Soriano to the deal. The Tigers added Torii Hunter already this offseason, but it’s plausible that they could use another right-handed power bat in the outfield, at least on a part-time basis. But would Soriano accept a deal knowing he might not be a regular, even if it’s to a contender like the Tigers? Eh. I’m going to just focus on the Marmol part until there are any indications that a Soriano inclusion could actually have legs.

Levine has been banging the Carlos Marmol trade drum all Winter, stating several times with confidence that Marmol would not leave Spring Training with the Cubs. It’s no surprise, then, that he’s been hearing of a great deal of interest in Marmol.

Oh, and by the way, you can expect to see a strongly-worded denial from Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski by tomorrow, because, like, that’s what he does.

  • @cubsfantroy

    Why would the Tigers want/need Soriano? That part doesn’t make sense to me.

    • Brett

      Meant to address that. Adding now.

      • @cubsfantroy

        Sorry, just a knee jerk reaction when I read that. If it came off that I sounded like an ass, which was unintentional.

        OK, I will just shut up now.

        • Brett

          Nah, you’re totally fine.

  • Fastball

    I think Levine wants Mario to be traded so badly he just gets diarrhea of the mouth. Back it up with some sources who say he this a definite thing. If it was wouldn’t every market in the country be talking about Marmol. I don’t see where the interest is all that great. Detroit isn’t saying we want Marmol.

  • Bric

    Much as I’d love to see either/both Sori and Marmol head off to the Tigers I’m a little leery. Didn’t a rumor about Sori going to the Tigers surface last year? At any rate let’s hope this rumor’s for real this time. A closer has little value when his team’ down by three every game and it’s just time for the Sori chapter to end. May I add a fair return for the two would be Castellanos and a PTBNL.

    • DocPeterWimsey

      Castellanos would be too much, even if the Cubs picked up Sori’s contract. One thing that has become more and more apparent to teams over the last few years is how over-valued closers were for a long time: and a good young 3rd baseman is worth more than any closer. And Sori really does not offer the Tigers much that they don’t already have. Indeed, they really have a logjam of guys who should be DHing as it is!

      A much better possibility is Porcello, if only because the Tigers clearly are a bit tired of waiting for him to fully develop. It’s really not a good deal for the Tigers: but familiarity breeds contempt and all of that.

      • Bric

        Actually Doc I was just kidding about Castellanos. We both recall how Castellanos and Jake Turner’s names were getting thrown around last year (by many including me) and they were both too expensive. If Garza, Dempster and the other names offered around couldn’t get it done, Marmol and Sori certainly aren’t. Porcello would be a steal, considering I don’t own a T-shirt shop on Addison and so don’t see any value in keeping either Marmol or Sori any longer.

        • DocPeterWimsey

          heh, my bad! I do think that Porcello is possible, though. Ordinarily, I’d say that someone his age with his stuff is a pipe-dream: the Tigers have soured on him, it seems.

          Besides, the Cubs need more pitchers! 😉

          • Bric

            Totally agree- starting pitching.

            • Hee Seop Chode

              I’ve always wondered – is your name a reference to brazil Russia India and china?

              • DarthHater

                No, it’s Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, and Croatia.

          • CubFan Paul

            He’s making $5M in his 2nd year of arbitration. I’d sour on him too (that’s what she said). Theo&Co will want more (young cost controlled players) than Porcello.

  • Rob

    Would the cubs have to throw another player in. Or could they straight up trade porcello for marmol?

    • Jed

      From what I was seeing earlier, both teams would have to add more to the deal. Tigers don’t like the deal straight up. They might have changed their minds though.

  • AD

    In his weekly chat, Bruce mentioned that the Cubs may be more interested in Castellanos than Porcello. However, that is some what of a pipe dream unless Detroit is that desperate.

  • Bryan

    Worth noting that CBS’ Danny Knobbler who is a pretty solid Detroit guy says the Tigers won’t be pursuing Marmol (or Soriano, for that matter). I think Phil is definitely talking out of his ass on the Sori stuff.

    • Brett

      Thanks for asking him about that, Bryan. I also think it’s worth pointing out that it is definitely overstating things to say the Tigers wouldn’t at least check in on Marmol – even if they don’t like him much, if he’s dirt cheap, they’d at least want to know that for planning purposes. And, at least according to Levine, that’s already happened.

      • Bryan

        Haha no problem. Also worth noting that Phil Rogers and Wittenmeyer are also on the record as saying the Tigers aren’t looking at Marmol. I get the feeling Levine has been running with this story so long he just doesn’t want to drop it.

  • fearbobafett

    Tigers are interested if the price for Marmol is cheap enough. No way soriano goes there and i won’t believe any rumore with him unil after i read that he has offically been traded.

    Castellanos is not coming here for these two players

  • Hansman1982

    So is the 13th or 14th time Levine has reported this?

    • @cubsfantroy


  • CubFan Paul

    Porcello isn’t enough for Marmol (plus cash). Theo&Co will insist on a Marshall-like return especially when Detroit is desperate (knowing all along Rondon might not be ready).

    • Bric

      I honestly don’t think any trade that happens with Marmol will be as good as Marshal (if a trade happens at all). Marshall was younger, cheaper, more reliable, arguably better in his position than Marmol is in his, and not an injury plagued head case. Way more valuable.

      • CubFan Paul

        In this case, Marmol is exactly what the (contending) Tigers need. That’s value.

      • EQ76

        dunno… Marmol has plenty of faults as a pitcher, and walks way too many hitters, but when he’s on… he may be the most un-hittable pitcher in baseball.

  • Crazyhorse

    Cubs trying to trade Marmol and Soriano for………. Quality prospects or future draft choices Via overall team standings. Just sad.

  • Diamond Don

    Marmol won’t be traded until the deadline. He will have much more value at the trade deadline as contenders set up their bullpen for the stretch run. That said, I would trade Marmol for Porcello in a heartbeat if Detroit wants to pull the trigger now.

  • Diamond Don

    Cubs almost traded Marmol for Harren (1 year at $14 million). Why wouldn’t they trade him for Porcello? Seems like Porcello is a great return.

  • DB Kyle

    Crazier things have happened, but Cubs fans asking for Porcello in a Marmol trade seems like a kid being given a dollar by his mom at the toy store and running straight to the video games.

    • Brett

      While I think a Porcello-for-Marmol straight-up swap would be crazy, I do think some overestimate Porcello’s trade value. A lot of his desirability is pure projection. There’s still plenty of downside, and it doesn’t come at a super cheap price.

      There’s a Chris Volstad-ish argument to be made, though I’m not going to make it.

      • DB Kyle

        That’s fine, but Marmol’s not exactly a sure thing. You’re getting all the “we don’t know if he’ll perform or not, but there’s nice upside” but with older, less control, more expensive and fewer innings.

      • Jono

        HA!! Im not sure why I thought that last part was funny, but I did.

  • #1lahairfan

    There is no way you get Porcello for Marmol. Reasonably you would get a top 20 pitching prospect for him.

  • Abe Froman

    Bruce Levine “The Tigers haven’t loved Marmol in the past. I don’t know about Porcello though. The Cubs might want someone like Castellenos instead.” What am I missing here? How does he even make this suggestion?

  • Bill

    I could see why the Tigers wouldn’t be high on Porcello. He’s the Tiger’s version of Randy Wells.

    • JR

      Porcello is a lot better than Wells. He is just a bad fit for the Tigers. He is a groundball pitcher with the worst infield defense in the league behind him.

    • John

      Randy Wells was never a consensus top 20 prospect in all of baseball (in back to back years).

      He’s still only 23. Porcello would be a steal.

      • Bill

        My point wasn’t that Porcello was equal to Wells, as far as talent goes. My comparison is that both pitched very well their rookie seasons, raising the hype for these guys. Just like Wells, Porcello’s numbers have gotten worse each year since his rookie season. Just like Wells, Porcello pitches to contact and doesn’t strike a lot of guys out.

        I’d rather trade Marmol for a prospect who has a higher ceiling. Porcello looks like a back of the rotation guy, at best. The other thing is Porcello is not exactly cheap and he’s not getting cheaper. I’d pass.

    • Drew7

      Yeah, except for Wells is a FB-pitcher, and was just beginning the 1st of 3 years in AAA when he was Porcello’s age.

  • Coal

    Loved this paragraph.

    “Levine has been banging the Carlos Marmol trade drum all Winter, stating several times with confidence that Marmol would not leave Spring Training with the Cubs. It’s no surprise, then, that he’s been hearing of a great deal of interest in Marmol.”

    Very well played.

  • http://Yes Dude

    I think Marmol turned the corner last year. They will get much more for Marmol if they trade him after he pitches well the first half of the year.

    • Jono

      Very good point and I strongly agree

  • cubfanincardinalland

    Did you see the quote of Dale Sveum yesterday talking about Soriano. “I rank him as one of the top 5 people I’ve ever been around in the game, as far as work ethic, people, and everything.” Keep in mind, Sveum is a man who has been in professional baseball for 30 years, 17 of them as a player.
    There is a whole lot of value having a veteran player like Soriano on a rebuilding team full of young talented players.

  • Cubby

    3 way trade

    Cubs get Olt
    Tigers get Marmol
    Rangers get Porcello, Soriano, Lake, Maples

    • cubfanincardinalland

      Lake might be a better prospect right now than Olt.

      • Drew7


      • AB

        Yea, I’m as big of a Lake supporter as any, but Lake’s not even in most people’s top 15 cub prospects anymore.

    • Patrick G

      So your giving up 4 players for Olt?…pass

    • @cubsfantroy

      Sorry, but even in fantasy land, that is a terrible trade.

      • Cubby

        Terrible for who?

        • Patrick G

          Cubs giving up 4 players for Olt isn’t terrible? Rangers giving up Olt’s potential for 2 mediocre minor leaguers, old Soriano(who would reject anyway) and Porcello who would get tourched in Rangers stadium. Think too much is being portrayed from people looking into Marmol

        • Kevin B

          Terrible for who? Terrible for the Cubs!

          You are trading Marmol, Soriano, Lake and Maples for Olt? Old is not the second coming of Mike Schmidt and though he is more advanced then Maples he is not necessarily even a better long term prospect then Maples. Even is he is (and for the short term Olt is since he is major league ready) you trade Maples and throw in Soriano, Marmol and Lake. Sure I can see two of those for Olt now but 4? I think that is nuts.

          Then again that is just my opinion and of course you have yours, that is why we are here talking baseball ….. :-)

    • Jason

      So, what are the Tigers giving up in this trade??

      • Jason

        Nevermind, I read that three times and missed Porcello each time!

    • praying the cubs get ready to win

      I wouldn’t put Lake in the deal. I think the deal could work. Texas is key to wanting Porcello vs Olt. Obviously the Cubs have to put some money in this deal. I am happy opening with this team and making trades at the trading deadline.

  • cubfanincardinalland

    Brett, I am no good at posting links, but there was a great article on Fangraphs today by Wendy Thurm about the Cubs attempts at a Wrigley renovation and the city stonewalling them. She also gave a shout out to Bleacher Nation in the article.

    • Brett

      Oh, I know. It’ll be in the Bullets tomorrow. Thanks.

  • Jono

    is it just me, or is that a really old picture of Marmol?…..I don’t mean to nit-pick, just curious

    • dash

      Off topic, but speaking of that pic… The other day something was mentioned about “Cubbie blue.” What is that, exactly? The hat and shirt Marmol’s wearing here aren’t even close to being the same. It’s silly, but it does kind of annoy me.

    • Coal

      Yes. Cubs haven’t worn those road hats in several years – about the last time Marmol had that physique.

    • Brett

      It is.

  • another JP

    Can’t see Soriano agreeing to any trade… he likes playing with the youngsters on this team and wants to be a Cub. This seems to be the bi-weekly call for a trade that will never happen since no team that Sori would go to will give anything of value. It’s hard for me to see how so many people still believe he’ll be dealt. Marmol is a totally unnecessary closer for this current team and is as good as gone- but I find it difficult to believe 8 teams are in on him. Get a decent young pitching prospect out of A or AA ball if necessary and call it a day with Carlos.

  • http://bleachernation loyal100more

    sori will retire a world champ in chicago in 2014!!! hows that for optimism.

  • Bra Arthur’s husband

    Once again I must ask…why do we trust Bruce? It is clear he has no real sources in the new regime and I doubt Hendry knows about this trade and calls Bruce to tell him. Bruce may have a hearsay thing. Wittenmyer and Kaplan said on Comcast tonight they highly doubt this happens how. And those guys actually have reported on rumors and stories that actually happen. But one day Bruce will be right because that’s life. I still
    think he is playing fantasy GM and not reporter. Phil Rogers does that too. Reliable sources!

    • DB Kyle

      We trust him because trades are exciting and he’s telling us what we want to hear.

      • tim815

        I trust him because his trades have largely brought in more than they send out. Also, he is sticking to a proven plan that makes sense.

        • DB Kyle

          Interesting. So which Bruce Levine trade was your favorite?

          • tim815

            I thought the discussion was Theo. My apologies.

  • rich

    Brett no disrespect, but I believe you put to much into what levine sprews . He loves to hear himself talk ! All he is is a rumor mill , needs media attention , once more he,s arrogant and condesending .

    • Brett

      There was a time not so long ago that Levine had almost all of the major scoops – he was the one who broke the Cubs’ Sean Marshall talks with the Reds a few days before the trade went down.

  • Theo Epstein

    Okay Bleacher Nation, I need your advice:

    I’m being offered Porcello and Crosby for Marmol and Sczcur, do I pull the trigger?

  • rich

    As I said Brett about levine you put enough rumors ou there you’ll bound to hit on one Thank’s for the reply !

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  • 2much2say

    The Cubs are deep at SS so, Castellanos, for Marmol, Junior Lake

    • AB

      wow….no way the tigers say no that one.

      • JulioZuleta

        Not sure, if that’s sarcasm or not, but that’s probably not close to enough for Castellanos. You get an expensive 36 year old who’s incredibly likely to regress substantially and a 23 year old that seems to be without a position who isn’t that great of a hitter for a close to MLB ready great 3b prospect? Tigers would hang up on that. Think more along the lines of Marmol, Lake, Vogelbach and a low level pitcher with upside.

        • JulioZuleta

          And I’m not 100% sure that gets it done.

          • TheDynastyStartsIn2016

            Julio, I don’t think Marmol is that old. And no, even if you add Vogelbach would the Tigers go for that at this time. Besides, what would Detroit do with two more DHs? They have like 5 already, don’t they?

            • JulioZuleta

              I got really confused reading my own post. I said Marmol, and then started describing Soriano. Marmol’s not that old. Yeah, i was saying a Vogelbach-caliber prospect wouldnt be enough on top of Marmol/Lake/Decent single A pitcher.

    • Voice of Reason

      The Tigers will not trade Castellanos for a package of Marmol and Lake.

      Sure they need a closer, but teams just aren’t giving up top prospects like they used to.

      The Tigers could just take a chance and sign another closer without giving up Castellanos. If the closer they sign fails, then they can bring in another closer. All without giving up Castellanos.

      If the Tigers were for some crazy reason interested in Soriano, too AND the Cubbies were willing to pay all of the tab for Soriano to go to Detroit AND Soriano waived his no trade clause, then MAYBE a Soriano/Marmol package could include Castellanos.

      Again, teams just aren’t giving up their elite prospects anymore… and there is no way the Tigers are giving up Castellanos for the chance on a shortstop (Lake) and a closer that they’ve been trying to get rid of since last year!