Yesterday, we talked about the very cool baseball-card oriented tickets the Chicago Cubs have created for season ticket holders. Well, it turns out they’re doing something even cooler with the concept: they’ve created an entire set of Cubs cards with Topps, featuring Cubs on classic Topps cards.

As described by the Cubs: “The Topps Company, Inc. and the Chicago Cubs have partnered to create an exclusive, 82-card Topps Archives set, featuring current and former Cubs players on classic Topps card designs. The player and design pairings are unique to the set.”

The Cubs were good enough to send me pictures of a handful of the cards, which should apply the minimum daily requirement of smiles to your lips.

1984 Ron Santo:

1972 Mark Grace:

1987 Starlin Castro:

1984 Anthony Rizzo:

1977 Kerry Wood:

Jorge Soler, Albert Almora, and Javier Baez as Future Stars:

1956 Anthony Rizzo:

1971 Andre Dawson:

1954 Ernie Banks:

It’s gimmicky, sure – but it’s the right kind of gimmicky. The fun kind.

And now that you’ve seen some of the cards, I assume you’re wondering how you can get a set. Well, they’re being given out at four home games this year to the first 10,000 folks who arrive (and to season ticket holders). If you want all four segments of the set, you’ve got to go to all four games. Again, from the Cubs:

Cubs fans have the chance to secure the entire 82-card set by attending all four Topps promotional games at Wrigley Field. The cards will be given away in four installments on the following dates:

  • Friday, May 3, 1:20 p.m. vs. the Cincinnati Reds (Cards 1-20, featuring Ernie Banks, Ron Santo, Shawon Dunston, Andre Dawson and Anthony Rizzo, among others)
  • Friday, July 5, TBD vs. the Pittsburgh Pirates (Cards 21-40, featuring Dave Kingman, Ryne Sandberg, Kerry Wood, Greg Maddux, Jeff Samardzija and Alfonso Soriano, among others)
  • Friday, Aug. 2, TBD vs. the Los Angeles Dodgers (Cards 41-60, featuring Billy Williams, Starlin Castro, Dennis Eckersley, Anthony Rizzo, Mark Grace, Glenn Beckert and Darwin Barney, among others)
  • Friday, Aug. 30, 1:20 p.m. vs. the Philadelphia Phillies (Cards 61-82, featuring Lee Smith, Milt Pappas, Keith Moreland, Fergie Jenkins and Rick Sutcliffe, plus a “Future Stars” card with Jorge Soler, Albert Almora and Javier Baez)

You can see the full set of cards (smaller images) here, including a list of everyone featured.

Pretty nice idea, Cubs.

  • Kyle N

    Ah, memories. Now I get to look back at all the vastly overprinted cards of the late eighties and early nineties. It’s good to know that when I run out of toilet paper in an emergency, I’m covered, right? I mean. . . something is better than nothing, I guess.

    It was in that afforementioned early nineties when each card company put out numerous special edition sets with embossed foils and gave them crazy names that sounded like escort services available only for the extremely wealthy. Topps Stadium Club. Fleer Ultra. Score Pinnacle. Bowman Switch Hitters. (Okay, I made that last one up)
    They charged like $5-10 a pack for these “top shelf” varieties and marketed the “normal” sets to broke kids under twelve years old, homeless people, and persons of questionable reputations.

    Remember back when that mint 1989 Ken Griffey Jr. Upper Deck rookie card was going to put you through college?

    Good times.

  • cjdubbya

    Love that ’87 look. Probably my favorite-looking card of all time.

    • Internet Random

      It looked better when they called it 1962.

    • Carne Harris

      Same here. And as luck would have it, that was the only year I bought the complete set as a kid. Still have it.

    • TWC

      I have this completely irrational fondness for the 1989 Donruss cards. Incredibly, incredibly ugly. But I love ’em.

      • Internet Random

        1989 Fleer:


        (Couldn’t resist.)

        • Internet Random


          • Internet Random

            Am I the only one who recognizes the significance of that card, or do others just have enough taste not to comment on it?

            • TWC

              I just assumed that it was allowed to stand as an icon.

              I got the one with the white box over it. I was never cool enough for that card. I didn’t deserve it.

              • Internet Random

                My little brother heard about it, went out and bought like two or three packs of Fleers, and got one of the originals.

                Kids were coming by the house for like two weeks to check it out.

    • Internet Random

      1956 all the way.

      • TWC

        Those are great.

        Somewhat surprised that none of the new issue cards used the 1986 look. I always thought that was a pretty bold design.

        • Internet Random


  • Kyle N

    But yeah, it is a nice idea for sure.
    (And I clearly need an “Edit” button)

    • Jono


      • TWC

        NOTE TO JONO: There used to be one but WordPress updates made some features go away. That was one.

        • Jono

          Thanks for the info. Im a huge fan of edit buttons and sometimes CAPS LOCK WHEN I REALLY want to get a point across

          • Internet Random


            • DarthHater

              Please, stop shouting. 😉

            • Jono

              LOUD NOISES!!! That was actually the first time I’ve used all caps. Im clearly not doing that again….or ill do it everytime now. Hmmmm

            • Spencer


  • Rich H

    I had the “mint” Frank Thomas golden arm card from his 1st year. It may never have been worth a lot but man was fun to look at.

  • hansman1982

    Any idea on why they chose 82?

  • Mikelach13

    Nice to see they included Sammy Sosa! Seeing Bobby Mercer’s name just reminds me how upset I still am the Cubs traded Bill Madlock for him!

  • MichiganGoat

    Where is Dick Tidrow’s card obviously they didn’t ask anyone on BleacherNation

  • miggy80

    For the first time in years, wait decades, I’m giddy like a school girl over baseball cards. I remember picking up cans when I was little. When I had 20 I would trade them in for a $1 and I could by a pack of 87′ topps and Garbage Pale Kids.

  • Jason

    Yes, these are going to be a great set for sure. I’ll have to buy them though, as I won’t be making it to all of those games…

  • Tommy

    Ahh, the year Kerry Wood had in 1977. Unbelievable. Great memories!

  • spencer

    “The Cubs were good enough to send me [ AND EVERY OTHER CUBS FAN] pictures of a handful of the cards”.

  • sdcoddi

    Cool! I’d be willing to buy someone a ticket to each game if you make sure to get me a set from each game. I’d go myself, but MA is too far of a drive.

  • ReiCow

    That Castro card is a thing of beauty.. I wonder how expensive it will be on ebay when I try to get one…


  • Tobias

    The majority of years I collected baseball cards was from 1976-1993 and my favorite years of Topps was:
    1. 78
    2. 83
    3. 81
    4. 76
    5. 68

  • hawkcub

    If I lived in the area I’d be at every one of those games.

  • Pat

    I’m a little surprised these are tied to Friday games. They must not have a lot of faith in single games sales at this point.

    • hawkcub

      Agreed. These aren’t bad dates. I would think a promotion like this would be a Tuesday in April.

  • gratefulled

    I am not missing the August 30th game…Future Stars card. Man, that is all kinds of awesome!

  • Katie

    That 87 style takes me back. That’s about the same time I started collecting cards. It didn’t last long but it was great fun. Especially putting the sucky ones in the spokes of my bike. And I’m one of the weirdos who actually liked the bubble gum in the packs.

    How I wish I lived closer to get my own sets. Cool promotion!

  • Timmy

    love it. miss the days where all of my stat knowledge was off the back of baseball cards. i’d check extra careful for italicized leader stats…