Lukewarm Stove: Carlos Marmol Sounds Like He Expects to Be Traded Eventually

Carlos Marmol bummedFor reasons we’ve discussed ad infinitum in recent weeks, Carlos Marmol is perpetually on the trade block for the Chicago Cubs. They aren’t expected to need him in 2013 (because they aren’t expected to be any good), he’s got some value to other teams, and he’s a free agent after 2013. That’s a guy you trade. So, the Cubs will.

“I can’t make that decision,” Marmol told the media when asked about being traded this year. “The boss guy makes the decision. I can’t worry about that. The only thing I have to worry about is being ready every time they give me the ball.”

But does Marmol believe, given everything we know, and the fact that he was already semi-traded once before, that he will be traded?

“I don’t believe anything,” he said. “I come here, work out, and whatever decision they make here, I don’t have anything to do with it.”

Yeah, that sounds like a guy who expects that he’ll be traded eventually.

Bruce Levine says that trade is coming before the season opens, and Gordon Wittenmyer says it’ll be later in the season. Wittenmyer adds that Cubs executives have apparently told Marmol’s agent to expect that a trade is coming at some point.

Either way, the reports align with Marmol’s attitude. A mid-season trade still seems more likely, given that it will afford Marmol the opportunity – we hope – to show that his post-May changes in 2012 were legit, and carry forward into 2013. If he does that, his trade value will be higher in July than it is now.

Hopefully Marmol’s resignation to the fact that he’ll be traded will not negatively impact his early-season performance. He can veto trades to five teams (we know the identity of only one at this point – the Angels (and he accepted a trade to them)), but I tentatively don’t expect his limited no-trade rights to become an issue. No, the bigger issue is going to be his performance.

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72 responses to “Lukewarm Stove: Carlos Marmol Sounds Like He Expects to Be Traded Eventually”

  1. Fastball

    My guess is it will be hard for him to put this out of his mind. It’s going to affect his performance unless he see’s a hypnotist. I hope he does well. At this point in his career he has to understand and accept things at face value. It’s really not so much about him as it is about the organization. We have the 100mph fast ball starting at AAA this year. I expect the Cuban to be moved up by mid season and be the closer of the future. I believe with will have the other Chapman in Chicago. If Marmol can put a nice run together for us early in the season it will benefit him and the Cubs. He will end up on a contender and go to the playoffs and we will get a nice return. I don’t believe for a minute Theo will trade him before the season starts. That will only happen if a top tier closer gets injured in ST with an arm problem. If Marmol starts our in April and closes several games I could see him going early as a trading partner will get more value out of him this season than a 1/2 season rental player. The return for that won’t be nearly as good.

    1. Le Cubs

      Fastball I’m not disagreeing I was just wondering if you could elaborate the names a bit more. Is it Mcnutt or Zych and the Cuban is that the Rivera they just signed? Just want to know some names.

    2. Crazyhorse

      The Cubs need to deside . is Marmol a salary dump or an important player in the cubs system, that alone will dictate his compensation.
      For those fan that say dump him – well now , why would you expect a good return?

      1. tim815

        Epstein won’t trade Marmol unless he is offered quality in return. The Cubs will wait until they receive quality in exchange to move him.

  2. Die hard

    If Yankees were smart they would take Marmol and have Rivera tutor him this last year farewell tour

    1. DocPeterWimsey

      Rivera’s job is to pitch, not coach. Moreover, it is entirely possible that Rivera would be a very poor coach: most athletes are very incapable of explaining how they do what they do. At any rate, I’ve never read that Rivera has any reputation for that sort of “pro bono” coaching the way that Greg Maddux had. (Maddux was very unique in that way, not just in that he was willing to invest the time, but he was able to communicate concepts, too.)

      1. Cubbie Blues

        Actually he has taught his cutter to other pitchers. That’s where Kerry learned it.

        1. MightyBear

          Correct Cubbie Blues.

        2. DocPeterWimsey

          Really? I’m surprised that I never read that given the inordinate amount of press attention that the Yankees get. (Let’s face it, the reason why we don’t know about non-Yankees leaving autographed baseballs on the nightstand is because they aren’t Yankees, not because they are not doing it!)

          1. Hansman1982

            I believe it came from Kerry.

            If nothing else, the amount of reporting that Kerry picked up his cutter is enough for me.

        3. davidalanu

          Exactly what I was thinking. I seem to recall Wood working with others on the pitch when he re-joined the Cubs.

          1. MightyBear

            He may have but he threw it in New York when he learned it from Rivera. One of the reasons he had such a great second half with the Yankees. Lenny and Squiggy talked about it ad nauseum. Just cause you didn’t read about it, doesn’t make it so.

            1. DocPeterWimsey

              No, that obviously is true, but there are some things that are much less apt to escape my attention than others. (Hence the Jeter comment!) I suppose that it’s possible that I get so much Yankee information that I just start to tune it out.

              (Brain damage from sleep deprivation might be an issue: I don’t remember the radio guys talking about Wood’s cutter at all!)

              1. MightyBear

                It was the tv guys. Kasper and Brenley.

                1. DocPeterWimsey

                  Ah, I rarely watch TV broadcasts anymore. I’ve lived in the DC area since 2007 now, and I listen to almost all the games on computer/iPhone/iPad. I do catch the Cubs when they are the free game of the day, but that happened far fewer than one time in 15 last year, and one of them was against the Nats, so I was at the game! (And it would have been blacked out, anyway.)

      2. mudge

        “Very unique” is an incorrect construction; a person or thing is either unique or not, so the qualifier is incorrect.

    2. Patrick G

      Yankees already have Robertson and Joba for next year when he retires if not trying to pick up a closer on the market next offseason. No worth trading for a pitcher when those two are equally as good as Marmol

      1. MightyBear

        Chamberlain wants to start. Could be an issue, especially with his arm history.

        1. Patrick G

          I highly doubt Joba starts. I’m not saying he won’t but they already tried that out and he has not been the same pitcher. He was dominating out of the pen when he first came up

          1. MightyBear

            I’m not saying he will either but I read on MLBTR that he wants to be a starter and that he’ll be a FA in 2014. Could be an issue for the Yanks.

  3. Fastball

    Glad to see Stewart is coming back a few days earlier than expected. I am sure he is feeling a sense of urgency at this point. Dale has his Dusty Baker / Neifi Perez man crush on Valbuena and Stewart has to know that. At this point I hope Stewart really steps up and shines the remainder of ST. I know a lot of people don’t like him. But, we need him this year. Otherwise we are just going to suck at 3B offensively and defensively. Valbuena isn’t a 3B. In another year we will have replacement depth at 3B. This year we need him so I am rooting for the guy. Not because I like him anymore than anyone else. The team needs him and that’s it in a nutshell.

    1. Crazyhorse

      Stewart is a waste of time and Little Theo pet ego that has gone terribly wrong. IF Stewart get shurt from now til April !st. The Cubs should cut him and turn to a different direction. IF Stewart . performs badly he should be cut.

      1. TheDynastyStartsIn2016

        I don’t think this has anything to do with Theo’s ego. He has already admitted this was a bad trade. What this does have to do with is the total lack of options the Cubs have at 3rd base. May as well give Stewart as much rope as possible and hope for the best.

      2. AB

        “Stewart get shurt”

        Is this some new kind of apparel??

        If Stewart is healthy, he should definitely be the !st option for the Cubs at #b, with Lake, Vitters, and villanueva competing for the next shot to be across the diamond from Rizzo at !b.

        1. Crazyhorse

          Is that not that the case already, Its a pity that he is still on the roster. A player that will hit barely 210 and might get 20 homeruns. when and if he is healty. Thier are a number of reasons why the Cubs are a terrible team and Stewart is a major cause. even if he is healty he is still a bad player.

          1. Patrick G

            How is Stewart a major cause to the Cubs being a terrible team if he’s not playing? He can’t help injuries that have bothered him his whole career

            1. Crazyhorse

              Excuses can be reasons as well. Stewart replace Aram – because of Stewarts or lack of Stewart at 3b could be viewed as one of many reasons why the cubs had the worst record in 40 years,

              The cubs need a 3b, a player that can play everyday and not perform like a sub par replacement player. If the limp wristed slow trotting player is not healty to perform his duties at 3b, why the fuss to keep him.
              Give Lake the opportunity to play the position or anyone else.

              1. Patrick G

                I agree if he’s not performing to cut him loose and let Lake play, but can’t blame him for the Cubs losing 100 games last year.

                1. Crazyhorse

                  Stewart is not the cause of the cubs woes but he did replace a player that produce better. and people who bring up defence . The only thing i can say defence dont win games> IT just help in prevent losing games.

                  I think the Cubs had a big improvement of defence alone last year, yet it still produce the worst record in 40 years.

                  1. DarthHater

                    Laugh all you want, and I don’t give a damn about people’s typos, but repeatedly spelling defense with a ‘c’ while simultaneously being so all-embracingly pompous is just hilarious.

                    1. MichiganGoat

                      DEFENCE – Puts the C of committed and crazy into the discussion

                    2. AB

                      Frankly, in this age of narcissism, if people want their opinions taken seriously, they should spend an extra 5-10 seconds to check for spelling, grammer, and sentence coherency. It’s really not that hard.

                      If they are too lazy to achieve even that simple task (in the words of Jeffrey Lebowski), they don’t deserve any credibility or serious thought or response to their words.

                    3. Internet Random


                    4. MichiganGoat

                      Grammer is committed form of grammar ;)

                    5. MichiganGoat

                      Grammer is the committed form of grammar ;)

                    6. MichiganGoat

                      Okay that was strange?

                    7. MightyBear

                      Are you talking about my Grammer? She has passed on.

                    8. Kelsey Grammer

                      I’ll thank you all to please leave my name out of this discussion or you’ll be hearing from my attorneys.

                  2. Patrick G

                    Defense does win games. Ask Alex Gonzalez about the 2003 grounder he missed or pitchers who have terrible fielding. Anything can prevent losing if its done right. If you score 10 runs a game your you can prevent losing pretty well

                    1. DocPeterWimsey

                      Fielding *affects* games, but it does not “win” them. A game lost because of a grounder getting under a fielder’s mitt was also lost because the pitcher allowed other men on base that inning. It is lost because multiple batters made failed to get on base and failed to drive the ball.

                      What affects the game most is starting pitching and slugging by your batters. This is not to say that these are the only things that affect the outcome: if both teams get identical starting performances and slug identically, then something else decides who wins.

                      Gonzalez’s error could have been meaningless in 2003 had the Cubs hit better in that game or had Prior not run out of gas. Those things didn’t happen: and each of those failures contributed to the final outcome as the grounder even if they escaped our notice.

                  3. Crazyhorse

                    IF the score is – 1-0 – the team that commited the error lost by its defense, but the team that won did not win by its efense..

                    1. Patrick G

                      Have you ever played baseball?

                    2. DocPeterWimsey

                      This is a good example. A team loses 1-0 on a grounder with man on 2nd that goes under the legs of an infielder. Who lost the game? The fielder on that play: but also with each of his PAs where he probably failed to get on base and even more probably failed to get an extra-base hit. The pitcher(s) who allowed the guy to reach 2nd in the first place and who failed to K the batter. However, that was only 1 run, so it’s not too much. But most of all, the game was lost by the other 7 or 8 batters (depending on whether it is NL or AL), who obviously failed to hit any HR and who probably failed to draw many walks or hit any number of doubles.

                  4. Bret Epic

                    Dost thou even baseball?

              2. Kygavin

                Thats a good plan. Lets replace Stewart with a prospect who has posted 1 full season with an OBP over 340, never taken more than 35 BB in a season, has K’d over 100 times in all but 1 of his full seasons (he had 99 in that under 100 season) and had has 22 errors in 57 games at 3B, Not only that, but it would start his FA clock early in a season where they obviously arent going to compete. Why dont you have Theo’s job?

        2. Crazyhorse

          go ahead call out the spelling – i laugh at you already

          1. MichiganGoat

            A crazy committed laugh at that hmmmm

            1. MightyBear

              Cub fans are committed.

              1. Crazyhorse

                No stupid fans are committed . fans enjoy the game. The Cubs owe you nothing win or lose. Dont make it your life unless you make it your living.

                1. MichiganGoat

                  So when the Cubs are winning you promise won’t be celebrating you fandom to this team? Because if you not committed to being a fan your not really being a fan you just being a viewer. Can’t be a fan that doesn’t care and bleed the blue. Why post on here if you aren’t a committed fan… wait I guess if you enjoy trolling for arguements then you are committed to trolling.

  4. Fastball

    Die Hard… you are right about that one. That kind of tutoring and Rothschild as his coach could only improve him. Rothschild knew how to hold Marmol together. I think Rothschild had an effect on Marmol. Marmol was much better when Rothschild was still around. He still had his lapses but they weren’t quite as bad as they have been since his departure. The new staff has turned him back around getting to throw a 94 mph fastball instead of that slider all the time. Also, Marmol is one of those guys who will second guess himself to death. Closer’s can’t think too much. The more rocks back and throws his fastball the better his slider works for him.

    1. Pat

      Actually Marmol’s worst year, control wise, was 2008 under Rothschild. He walked 7.9 per nine innings and hit 12 batters that year.

      1. Rich H

        Do not try to confuse people Facts. Pat you should know better. Rothchild is the greatest pitching coach the Cubs have ever had so he must have made Marmol into a star.

      2. cub2014

        Ya dont forget 2nd half of 2012 Cubs told Marmol to
        throw fastballs and dont shake off catcher. That is
        why he had success 2nd half, he gets infatuated
        with the slider and doesnt throw enough fastballs.
        Thus better control less walks and improved counts.
        Maybe Rothschild called in that strategy.

        1. Hansman1982

          So the Yankees pitching coach called the cubs and told them what to do with one of their players? Do you see yourself typing sometimes?

          1. cub2014

            Hansman pay attention the Rothschild comment
            was sarcasm….in response to fastballs comment.

            1. Hansman1982

              Ok. Then you do see yourself typing sometimes. :-o

  5. rich

    Brett it seems as though this doc peter character seems to all the answers all the the time I think you should get all the inside scoop from him ! LOL !!!!!!!

    1. RoughRider

      Whimsical Peter Doc.

      1. DocPeterWimsey

        As my whimsey takes me, and all of that!

    2. MightyBear

      I wouldn’t say “all the answers all the time”. I would say most of the answers most of the time.

  6. Crazyhorse

    The Cubs lost 101 games last year and its always the same people that think that an improvement.

    1. MichiganGoat

      You really don’t understand the process do you? This is a plan, a rebuild it isn’t a quick one year fix.

    2. cub2014

      Brett, I am assuming if the cubs keep say lillibridge
      then they have to take someone off the 40 man

      1. Luke

        Or start someone on the current 40 man on the 60 day DL and make the decision of who to cut later.

  7. Crazyhorse

    Was pretty good at the sport ,besides that would be a moot point . The Cubs hitting Coach was a terrible contact player . yet for some reason he can coach players he himself could not do. Hit the ball unless it went a mile

    1. cub2014

      Many of the great coaches in sports were mediocre
      players in the sport they are coaching in.

      1. DocPeterWimsey

        And a lot of great players were absolutely horrible at coaching/managing. The popular explanations (and for once, they make sense!) mediocre players have to work a lot harder and either are forced to become students of the game, or they resort to becoming students in an attempt to keep up.

        Great players, on the other hand, frequently just do things. Even Greg Maddux is a good example there: he could explain the *tactical* side of pitching well, but he couldn’t communicate his command of the strike zone or his ability to change speeds.

    2. Ian Afterbirth

      I am completely fed up with trying to figure out what Crazyhorse is even trying to say….

      I’m outta here…

      For today.

  8. Die hard

    Orioles joining Yanks and Red Sox in need of another bat…..Markakis neck bad

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