cactusThe Cubs got blasted by the Indians for the second time in a week, and the Cubs haven’t won a Cactus League game in a week, either.

  • Brooks Raley and Alberto Cabrera continued their rough Springs as they try to establish themselves as back-up starting options. Raley gave up three earned runs on four hits and a walk in just 1.1 innings of work. Cabrera gave up five earned on three hits and three walks in his 1.1 innings.
  • At least Chris Rusin had a nice start. He threw three scoreless innings, and gave up just three hits. He struck out one. He’s battling for a long-man/lefty spot in the bullpen right now, and his prime competition in that role – if anyone’s going to get that job – is Hisanori Takahashi. Rusin’s probably got a slight leg up, but only inasmuch as he’s already on the 40-man roster.
  • James Russell and Shawn Camp pitched the seventh and eighth innings, setting up … Kyuji Fujikawa in the ninth. Carlos Marmol pitched the other day, so I wouldn’t read too much into it. But, I mean, obviously, if and when Marmol is dealt, it’s no secret that Fujikawa will get the first crack at closing (he struck out two in his scoreless inning today).
  • Javier Baez hit his second homer this Spring, and added another hit today. He’s pretty much killing it this Spring (though he did add his second error), but that won’t stop the Cubs from cutting him at some point next week. It’s no knock against him, it’s just that we’re getting close to the time when the prospects need to head to minor league camp, and the guys actually fighting for a roster spot/preparing for the season need to get more regular work.
  • Also killing it this Spring: Luis Valbuena, Johermyn Chavez, and Brian Bogusevic, all of whom had a hit today.
  • http://It'searly Mike F

    Where will Baez go given his spring? I have to wonder if he doesn’t merit serious consideration for more than Daytona.

  • jim

    CUBS= Perennial Losers!
    Don’t even waste your time
    watching them! And the owner
    wants to spend $300 million
    on a hotel & rennovation.
    OUR TEAM! iT’S called spending
    money on proven , not old or lame
    players! WE will ALL be dead
    before this team WINS!

    • wdcock2

      “How about renovating our team. It’s called spending money on proven, not old or lame players.”
      I was wondering if you would be willing to elaborate, and list the players ($, years) that you want the Cubs to sign. People make claims like this all the time, but never seem to provide the players that should have been signed and for how long/cost.

      • Crazyhorse 2

        Look at the Cubs current roster not a single blue chip free agent signing since ? Look at last year record 101 Loses.. Sorry Bleacher nation fans and WD this team stinks. . WD this team has no free agent signings in the last few years that could considered an improvement on this team.

        ( People make claims like this all the time, ….) Look at the roster buddy. Getting sick and tired of fans defending this POS of an owner .

        • wdcock2

          I am under no delusion that this team is good and will compete for the playoffs. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on how the Cubs should become competitive, but my point was that blanket statements, such as the cubs should be signing good free agents, is pointless. Let me know who the Cubs should have signed, the money/years so I can consider your ideas, and perhaps be persuaded that signing free agents is the best method. However, I will say how many blue chip free agents have there been in the last 2 years? Pujols, Fielder, Hamilton, Grienke, probably missing another 1 or 2, but all have flaws, want too many years, and/or age that make them not ideal. Plus would any of these really put the Cubs into contention? i don’t believe so, not without signing multiple top free agents and spending like the Yankees or Dodgers.

          • MichiganGoat

            FYI arguing with a Crazyhorse is the same as beating a dead one

    • Cerambam

      That was probably one of the worst attempts at trolling I have ever witnessed.

    • DarthHater


    • heybails91

      Very facebook cubs-esque.

    • Saving Grace

      I’m 51 and a life long cub fan
      I am all for a take your time and build it right plan
      We all have to come to terms with 2015 as the year the team is set to start contending for years to come
      Big time spending on free agents isn’t the answer

      Top draft picks,international pool money and a top flight scouting department are.
      I’ve always believed free agency should be just to fill holes,not build a team

  • MJ

    I’m disappointed about Alberto Cabrera. I was kind of excited about his possibilities. Still am. Hopefully his control problems can be “RENNOVATED”. :)

  • arta

    wow, good luck!

  • #23

    Love the positive comment there jim.

  • cubchymyst

    I have a bad feeling this will not be the first time this year that we will read something a long the lines of “The Cubs haven’t won a game in a week”.

  • MJ

    If anyone happens to be watching the WBC right now (and I don’t know why I am. Bored, I guess.) Big Z hasn’t changed. Not. One. Bit.

    • Ralph

      I am watching it too. Z is a nut job.

      • João Lucas

        What did he do?

  • Rcleven

    When will Raley be sent Fitch. He has shown all spring from Intersquad to his innings in spring games that he can’t find the plate and when he finds the plate he is hit hard.

  • Die hard

    Baez at SS to start season while Castro rehabs in AZ for first 2 wks is how I see it

    • DarthHater

      That about sums up your grip on reality is how I see it.

    • cas-castro

      Castro will play the last 2 or 3 weeks and will be ready for opening day. No chance Baez goes north.

  • willis

    Raley and Cabrera are tired stories. They are terrible and have been. It’s time to give up on them and focus on dudes with more talent.

    • waittilthisyear

      when raley came up last year, i thought he had some of the worst stuff i’ve ever seen during an MLB broadcast. people rave about cabrera’s stuff, although i am not convinced as it seems his control issues aren’t the only problem considering the consistency at which he has been lit up w/base hits this spring

      • willis

        They’re both terrible.

        • Bric

          Exactly. I’ve been a Cub fan for almost 40 years. Not since the mid 90s has there been this much absence of ANY pitching. And even back then we had Trachsel and Tapani but not much else. This season there is only one legit starter and another who’s injured. It’s gonna be a long, long season.

  • Die hard

    You are the only one on this board who gets personal in posts…. That should concern you shouldn’t it?

    • DarthHater

      Yes, I’m sure that I’m the first and only person on this board who has ever remotely suggested that any of your comments was less than brilliant. Yep. Uh-huh.

  • http://Bleachernation Oliver

    Sorry , they are not there yet.

  • Jp3

    I really hope Baez rakes so hard this spring they send him to Tennessee… Save him from all the rainouts he got in Daytona last year

  • mybrettjacksonhat

    Let me know if any Bleacher Nation folks will be in Pittsburgh for the opening series. I live here and will be at all 3. Love to connect with fans of this site. One of the best on the web. Brett, congrats on the little one. My sister in law had her first last Friday and my wife is out in CA with them. I was sure to pass along that my niece was born soon after Brett Taylor’s new addition. They thought I was nuts but then I explained how cool you and this site truly are. We all appreciate the consistent work while you are celebrating, and getting to know, the little one.

  • royb

    Brett, I am a long time reader here and love your site and the work you do!
    I moved from Ohio out here to California over twenty years ago and have been a Cubs fan for 55 years.
    I have not posted here before, but had to share something that I think was missed in this game. I just wanted to bring to everyones attention that Chris Rusin’s effort was noteworthy in that as I watched the gamecast — and I assume that pitch counts are accurate there. I noticed that in those 3 innings he worked it showed only a total of 12 pitches, either 11 strikes or all strikes. He did pick off a runner and got a ground ball double play. The strike out was on three pitches. I was amazed the number of times he retired a batter in just one pitch.

    • Brett

      Thanks, royb. On Rusin, that would certainly be remarkable and impressive – I do wonder if that was reflective of a glitch on the Gameday. In Spring, those things are pretty spotty. I suspect it was, for him, just logging the strikes for some reason. It was a good outing either way.

      • Adam

        From what I recall, the gamecast only shows 1 pitch if the ball is put in play. If there is a strike out it will show 3 strike pitches, and a walk will show 4 ball pitches. I thought the same thing watching on gamecast last year until I realized what was going on.