An ugly fight broke out during today’s relatively important Mexico/Canada game in the World Baseball Classic after catcher Chris Robison (former Cubs farmhand) bunted despite Canada’s six-run lead in the ninth inning. The next batter was plunked, and the gloves came off. There were almost too many simultaneous fights going on to see them all.

What can you say about these players, who are willing to go to the mat for their country? Clearly, they are committed.

You can see the MLBN broadcast version of the fight at this link (h/t Cork Gaines), or you can watch this video, taken from the stands (and already uploaded, because the Internet is amazing):

  • CubFanBob

    shit just got real

  • waittilthisyear

    that canadian kid got punked

  • Die hard

    Sveum likes that type of old school Eddie Stanky Billy Martin baseball— he should show the replay tomorrow at team mtg

  • danimal8

    “Eddie Shore?”
    “Old time hockey?”

    • Die hard

      Eddie Stanky 1915-1969 the ” brat” —- look it up

      • DaveY

        Piss on Eddie Stanky!

        • Die hard

          Maturity is a heavy cross to bear…. But worth it…. Stanky not perfect but teams played hard for him…. Would be great if Sveum garners same respect

    • Die hard

      Stanky Started with Cubs 1943

    • Die hard

      Managed White Sox mid 60 s

  • justinjabs

    A Hardball Talk article said a move like that bunt is “pure bush league” in any other situation. I think that’s BS and I agree with the Canadian manager’s “play the game like it is 0-0 the whole game” assessment. Continuing to try and score runs is just fine in my book as long as you’re not giving a Nelson from the Simpsons “Ha-Ha!” to the other team each time after you cross the plate.

    • cubchymyst

      I’m not watching the WBC, but I thought a read somewhere that if teams are tied in record runs scored might be a deciding factor. Is this correct? If so then WBC is promoting an environment where teams try to run up the score to insure they win any tie breakers.

      • justinjabs

        The tiebreaker is run differential. So yup, it is advantageous for Canada to continue beating up on Mexico – not literally, though.

  • CubFanBob

    Fun WBC day so fa between the fight and Big Z coming close to going el loco on the ump. Hoping Rizzo lines a bomb off of Braun’s head that pops over the wall for a HR later tonight hehe.

  • cubchymyst

    Was expecting to see a jersey pulled over a head then a few uppercuts from the Canadian team.

  • Kev

    And thus began the infamous Mexican-Canadian war that would last for decades and nearly completely unravel western civilization.

    • Carne Harris

      Great halftime show though.

    • DarthHater

      Marauding Canadian & Mexican troops, constantly battling back and forth with the tides of battle, reducing the former United States into a burned-out no-man’s land…

    • MightyBear

      Unforutnately, the US was caught in the middle. ba rump bum.

  • Riley W

    I played college ball with a few Latin players. Bunting with a lead is a big no-no to them. I had a similar situation once when I was pitching, my catcher (from Puerto Rico) wanted to rip the kids head off and it was just a fall scrimmage.

  • Rich H

    And all of those guys will get a call from Kurt Gibson tonight saying he has a spot for them. He loves their grittiness and spunk.

  • Carne Harris

    No idea who won the game but Canada was ahead on points.

  • DaveY

    Who bunts when they are trying to run up the score?

    • Die hard

      WBC tie breaker rules is runs scored which explains running up score

  • DarthHater

    Rizzo with the takedown on Brandon Phillips!

    • Brett

      I liked that. Could have been even harder …

      • DarthHater

        Yea, but don’t want to start another brawl. Especially not when Italians are involved… 😉

        • Internet Random

          Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line.

  • BubblesHargrave

    This is exactly the reason why, I believe a sensible owner would absolutely forbid his players from participating in this stupid World Baseball Classic! Why with more than six months of baseball left to play would anyone with sense feel obligated to be a part of it? There are too many opportunities for injury. While we may like to joke about Rizzo being some hero in a brawl, why would we want risk of injury that for our number one offensive threat?

    • FFP

      I’m with Bubbles on this one.

    • MichiganGoat

      Agreed I do see the value of having a WBC but I’d never want my players involved in game that players are throwing at players, making take out slides, and engaging in a royal rumbles. Many of these players are playing like its the playoffs when they should be playing Spring Training games.

  • Joe

    Couldn’t agree with you more! I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks its stupid

  • cubzforlife

    When it comes down to it they are all just big kids.

  • (not that) spencer

    (I said something vaguely racist.)

    • TWC

      No, seriously, fuck off.

  • Big Joe

    The WBC sets up this kind of event, with the run differential rule.
    As far as the WBC being “stupid”, or “pointless”, the United States is, most likely, the only country that has that opinion. The WBC is extremely popular, and taken very seriously by just about every other participating country. It’s a big deal everywhere else.
    I understand about teams not wanting starts to get hurt. I’m sure NBA teams share the same amount of hesitation, when players head off to the Olympics. The still go and play.

    • King Jeff

      With the lack of MLB guys in the Olympics my entire life, the WBC has been one of my favorite events when it comes around. I love seeing most of these guys out there playing like they are because they are proud of their country and want to represent them by playing hard. I am going to the USA/Puerto Rico game tomorrow night in Miami and I expect a fairly pro-PR crowd, but that also means that the atmosphere in Marlins Park is going to be more intense than it will for any Marlins games this year, so I see where the concern is for not wanting your guys hurt.