cactusThe Cubs’ bats woke up for the second straight day after manager Dale Sveum started talking about how quiet they’d been all Spring. Back-to-back wins, hooray!

  • Jeff Samardzija wasn’t especially sharp today, giving up four hits, two walks, and four earned runs over his 4.2 innings. That included a couple homers. He did, however, hit a homer of his own – so, if it were the regular season, you might give him a pass. Since it’s the Spring, you definitely give him a pass.
  • Welington Castillo also went deep for the Cubs, his second this Spring. And Cubs batters, in general, unleashed a doubles barrage, with each of David DeJesus, Nate Schierholtz, Steve Clevenger, Darwin Barney, and Brian Bogusevic joining the party.
  • Once again, Cubs batters took just one walk all game, and once again, that one walk came from Brett Jackson.
  • Javier Baez went 0-4, and Jorge Soler went 1-3. Each is hitting over .300 on the Spring.
  • Steve Clevenger had a three-hit day, but I still think he’s on the outside looking in for the bench. He’d have to beat out at least one of Luis Valbuena, Brent Lillibridge, and Dave Sappelt (or Brian Bogusevic or Darnell McDonald) to win a job. I don’t see it.
  • Hector Rondon (0.2 IP, 1 K, 1 H), Casey Coleman (0.2 IP), and Blake Parker (1.0 IP, 1 K) kept up their scoreless streaks – none has given up an earned run yet this Spring. Zach Putnam’s streak went by the wayside, though, as he gave up one earned run on two hits in his inning of work.
  • Rafael Dolis, who appears ticketed for Iowa to start the year, also threw a scoreless frame.
  • Joshua Kirby

    Is it just me or is Brett Jackson turning into a Mark Reynolds “strikeout, walk, or home run” type? In which case, is it really that bad? I personally kind of like the approach.

    • DB Kyle

      He’s always been that type. The issue is that you need to keep the home runs at 25+ and the strikeouts at 250 or below to have any prayer of making that approach work, and there’s some question whether Jackson can do either.

  • tim815

    Clevenger is already on the 40 Man. That clinches nothing, but is a huge edge over Lillibridge, McDonald, and Bogusevic. They have to not only outplay each other and Clevenger, but also every available waiver free agent this month. No point adding a guy to the 25 man when it isn’t needed. Valbuena 2.0 or Camp 2.0 will replace Vizcaino. And maybe Stewart.

    • Brett

      It doesn’t hurt him, but he’s not beating out Valbuena, and he’s not going to be the 5th outfielder (so one of Sappelt, Bogusevic, or McDonald is making it). That means he’s pretty much got to hope for an injury, a trade, or Lillibridge to flop upon returning from his little groin issue. I don’t think the 40-man is going to hold the Cubs up from keeping him – they can just 60-day DL Arodys Vizcaino.

      • tim815

        They will 60 Day Vizcaino. But if Theo like reliever XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX that is run through waivers by XXXXXXXXXXX, Epstein will grab the mystery man instead of activating Lillibridge or Bogusevic. The same goes with quality hitter XXX XXXXXXXXXX from XXXXXXXXXX. Just like last year with Camp and Valbuena. It may be Lillibridge, McDonald, or Bogusevic. Could even be Johermyn Chavez (kidding). But they’d have to be better than all the guys going through waivers, who Theo gets without losing anyone if nobody gets added from the NRI list.

        Just like 2012.

      • cubzfan

        The only way I can see it is if the Cubs think Valbuena hits lefties well enough the Lillibridge is available as a platoon outfielder sometimes against lefties. Then, the OF reserves are Hairston and Lillibridge, the IF reserve is Valbuena (and Lillibridge), and the C reserves can be Navarro and Clevenger. Even so, it only makes sense if they think Clevenger is a better pinch-hitter than Bogusevic. I’m not sure if that’s the case, but it’s not crazy talk.

        Overall, I agree there are probably more waiver wire adds and drops to come.

  • Blublud

    If Clevenger can play the field, why not keep him on the 25 man over Lillibridge. His bat has to be better. I still can’t believe Lillibridge is recieving legitimate consideration to make this roster. Might as well keep Hairston, Sappelt, Valbuena, Clevenger on the roster. Plus Clev can serve as a 3rd emergency catcher if needed.

    • tim815

      Don’t be surprised if a free agent is added, then promptly farmed out, like Valbuena was. Lillibridge or whoever might miss the opener, but be in Pittsburgh for the series finale.

  • TakingWrigleyToSaoPaulo

    Hector Rondon looks pretty solid (based on stats only). Has anyone seen him pitch this spring training? How does he look in person and what’s his fb velocity?

    • cubfanincardinalland

      Rondon has been sitting at 92-94 on his fastball. What the team is excited about is his slider has been very sharp at 89. He also mixes in a curve in the low 70’s. He has excellent control, this has a chance to be a tremendous pickup by the Cubs.

      • TakingWrigleyToSaoPaulo

        Thanks. Very intriguing.

      • Blublud

        This may go down as one of Theo’s smartest moves as GM. This guy was also a good prospect, but injuries was why he was left unprotected. I think he has a chance to stick, but he may not just stick, he may be pretty good.

  • R.E.S

    Clevenger has an option left FO may want him to play every day at Iowa at least for awhile. MLB trade rumors listed cubs who were out of options awhile back.They had Dolis and Bowen as being out of options. I thought Dolis had an option left. Does anybody know for sure which Cubs are out of options?

    • ETS

      According to the Cub reporter
      clevenger 3
      bowden 0
      dolis 1
      with the following note on dolis
      NOTE 3 – Rafael Dolis has used three minor league options through the 2012 season, but because he has accrued only four “full seasons” through the 2012 season he will be eligible for a 4th minor league option in 2013. And as things stand right now, Jorge Soler and Matt Szczur will be eligible for a 4th minor league option in 2015.

  • R.E.S


  • North Side Irish

    thecubreporter (@thecubreporter)
    Per AZ Phil: Dan Vogelbach (@VogyVog24) has been assigned to the Kane County squad at #Cubs S-T and was taking grounders at 3B.

    I give the kid credit…he is trying…

    • another JP

      This seems to indicate he realizes staying with the Cubs long term means he’ll have to play somewhere other than 1B. But he’ll need to show an accurate arm and who knows how that will go. When I saw him at HoHoKam last week he looked big but a bit more muscular than his past photos. He’d be one giant of a third baseman out there.

      • Cheryl

        YIts going to be interesting at Kane County. He may be a surprise to many in terms of his fielding,but not so much his batting. How did he do at third?

  • Doctor_Blair

    I’m liking Bogusevic this spring… Be interesting to see how he progresses.

  • another JP

    As an unrelated FYI, Jim Callis projected the top ten 2014 prospects (after graduations to the majors by 2013 members) in a BA piece today and had Baez ranked #3 behind Jose Fernandez and Xander Boegarts. Better yet, he projects the Cubs to place SEVEN prospects in the top 100 next year (Baez, Soler, Almora, Vizcaino, Pierce Johnson, Vogelbach, and our #2 pick in this years draft). Quite awesome I must say…

    • another JP

      …And you’d have to think guys like Candelario, Amaya, and Paniagua have to be in the conversation as top 100 possibilities with highly productive seasons.

    • DB Kyle

      He didn’t project the Cubs to have seven top-100. A Pirates fan asked if any teams were more likely to have seven than the Pirates, and the Cubs were one team he named.

      • another JP

        Yeah, right Mr. Know-It-All. Go piss in someone else’s punch from now on you tool.

        • TWC

          Well, that’s an appropriate response. He’s a “know-it-all” because he corrected your mistake?

  • Jono

    I hope this ends up being a scrappy team

    • BWA

      impossible, we traded campana

  • cubsin

    I saw Callis’ comments in Ask BA, and he said the Cubs were one of six teams that “could” have seven players in the top 100, not “would.” But I agree that we could have ten or more viable candidates. I was more excited to see that he has Baez ranked third on his preliminary top 10 list for next year, after most of the current top 10 have moved up to the big leagues.