first cut is the deepestToday the Chicago Cubs made their third “set” of Spring cuts, sending pitching prospect Barret Loux to minor league camp.

Loux, 23, was the Cubs’ return in the Geovany Soto deal last Summer (by way of Jake Brigham), and is a legitimate pitching prospect, albeit not a tip-top one. (Luke ranked Loux the 28th prospect in the Cubs’ system.) He didn’t take to Spring Training all that well this year, but he wasn’t expected to make the big team out of camp anyway. He’ll likely head to AAA after a dominant AA season in 2012, but it’s possible because of a rotation glut at AAA, and because his AA season ended after just 127 innings last year, he could start at AA.

I wrote extensively about Loux back in November, if you’d like to read more about him. He’ll be an arm to watch this year.

  • Westbound Willie

    The 28th rated prospect with the cubs puts him ranked number 840 Overall in the minors. MLB only has 750 players. For him to make in the MLB he would have to have everybody in MLB retire and then some to have a chance.

    • ab

      So only 750 players will see mlb action this year, no injury replacements, demotions, retirements??

      Did your eat paint chips as a child?

    • Timothy Scarbrough

      Your premises are so fundamentally flawed, I’m not sure how you even came up with them.

      • DarthHater

        “I’m not sure how you even came up with them.”

        I believe it involves a bodily orifice and a pulling action…

        • cubsnivy56

          Now that is funny!

      • hansman1982

        No, this is what the Cubs had been doing until recently, waiting until prospects were among the 750 best players in baseball…

      • DocPeterWimsey

        The funniest part is that he keeps posting that the Top 100 is meaningless and that it’s just as probable that the 840th ranked prospect will be an All Star as it is that the 84th ranked prospect will be.

    • Spencer


    • DarthHater


  • bails17

    Yes WIllie…that is exactly how that works!

  • FastBall

    Damn I want to make a come back. I consider myself 841st. What the hell is this all about? So the kid didn’t overwhelm everyone in ML camp. Okay he isn’t a ML pitcher yet.
    Umm the cat who gives him zero chance is just talking sh*t. I am wondering .. since he got sent down to minor league camp if he shouldn’t just go on home. He has no chance according to this genius so he might as well tell Mom and Dad he is coming home to get a job at the Honda Plant.

    I bet he pitches in the bigs before long. I bet he pitches half way decent in bigs.

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