Spring Training Miscellany: Cubs 3, White Sox 15; Japan 5, Cubs 7 – March 15, 2013

cactusToday the Cubs were blasted by the White Sox, and held it tight with a very good Japanese team. In the latter game, the Cubs tied it late, and walked off on Javier Baez’s second homer of the game. Yes, you read that correctly.

  • We actually got to watch Scott Feldman today, and his ugly line – 7 ER on 7 H and 2 BB over 3.2 IP – was pretty much earned. His sinker was up in the zone (and probably didn’t have as much sink as it will have next month outside of Arizona), and he wasn’t really hitting his spots. Of his five outs in play, only one came on the ground. That pretty much tells the story. As always, caveat Spring: you don’t know what he was working on.
  • Feldman wasn’t the only one who had a lousy day against the White Sox. Hector Rondon gave up his first earned runs of the Spring – two of ‘em on two hits and a walk (the big damage was a grand slam to Dayan Viciedo. Nice relief prospect Tony Zych gave up an earned run of his own, and allowed all three of his inherited runners to score. That came after lefty relief prospect Zach Rosscup faced three batters, walking them all.
  • Largely unheralded outfield prospect John Andreoli (whom Luke highlighted in his ranking series) offered pretty much the only highlight against the White Sox with a 9th inning homer.
  • Against Japan, Travis Wood was in the zone all day, but he got slapped around while he was there – 7 H, 5 R (4 ER) and 4 K over 4.2 innings.
  • The bullpen shut things down, though, with each of Cory Wade, Casey Coleman, and Rafael Dolis throwing scoreless frames (Wade actually went 1 and a third).
  • Dave Sappelt had a huge day against Japan, which can’t hurt his chances to lock down that 5th outfielder job. He had three hits in four at bats, including a double.
  • Alfonso Soriano, with scouts in attendance, went 0-2 with a sacrifice fly.
  • Javier Baez hit a 400+ foot bomb, and a walk-off bomb AND took a walk. That’s a good day, young man. Nobody noticed the error.
  • Dan Vogelbach had a single in four tries, and Jorge Soler went hitless in his four. Vogelbach was thrown out at home at one point, but I don’t have any details on that.
  • Josh Vitters got back into game action after missing a long time with a quad injury, and went 1-3, driving in a run. He did make an error at third, though.
  • Christian Villanueva finally got a hit that wasn’t a homer … it was just a very deep double to the left center gap.

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50 responses to “Spring Training Miscellany: Cubs 3, White Sox 15; Japan 5, Cubs 7 – March 15, 2013”

  1. another JP

    If anything comes out of this ST season it’s that Baez is the real deal. Guy has unbelievable talent and potential.

  2. cubmig

    BAEZ……..BAEZ…….BAEZ………BAEZ……..BAEZ…….BAEZ………what’s left to say?

    1. DarthHater


  3. someday...2015?

    Javy! Javy! Javy!

  4. Brian Schwertfeger

    Gotta love Vogelbach holding up traffic after the game, stopping his all white Range Rover to sign autographs for a group of grown ass men with clipboards.

  5. terencem

    This is a great start for Dave Sappelt’s future career in Japan.

  6. MightyBear

    Villanueva doubled before Baez. Boy if Villanueva could become a powerful hitting 3b, the Cubs infield could be Villanueva, Castro, Baez and Rizzo. Great defense, great hitting, great fielding AND for a long time – 22, 22, 20, 23. (I think those ages are right)

    1. MightyBear

      I meant power instead of fielding – great defense, great hitting, great power

    2. terencem

      When Jason Parks was on the BN podcast, he said Villanueva is a nice player but not somebody to get excited about. Decent floor but low ceiling. He’s possibly a better defender than hitter.

      1. MightyBear

        I know I heard that but I thought he also said that his defense was very good and he could hit some but not for power. He’s actually had a few homers and doubles this spring (although his average is down). Maybe his power is coming around as he gets older and can be a solid 3b. Well see. We can hope.

  7. Brian Schwertfeger

    Btw…They sent Vogs from second on a blooper to center. Should have never sent him but hey it was tied in the 8th late. He knew he was out half way to home never had a chance.

  8. Dustin S

    I was looking forward to the game on TV today, but giving up 15 runs to the Sox while listening to Hawk+Stone was along the lines of a trip to the dentist to get teeth pulled.

    Feldman may just be working on things, but if Baker was back and ready to start today I’d rather keep Wood in the rotation right now than him. Feldman gets some K’s but also leaves a lot of balls up in the zone that get hit hard. That’s not just an observation from today’s game.

  9. BluBlud

    I know I keep repeating this, but if Baez continues this once he hits Daytona, he will not be there long. And if he continues once he reaches Tennessee, he will be in Chitown by years end.

    1. Andy

      No he won’t. Front office believes in giving players time in AAA before getting to Chicago. Best he’s going to do is Iowa this season, and that’s a stretch.

      1. BluBlud

        Dude, this front office has never said that BS, and if they did, I would call Theo a liar to his face. Baez nor Soler will ever see 300 AAA at-bats, better yet 600. No top prospect does. Theo is no different then any other GM in baseball. If Baez rakes like he has this spring all season, there is no way he doesn’t see Chicago this September.

        1. cjdubbya

          Well, they’ve said that they like to have guys get at least a season’s worth of games at AAA, but they haven’t said that EVERY SINGLE PLAYER FOREVER must do this. If Baez is beastly at Daytona and Tennessee this year (mighty big if, I realize), then why not? I get the service time concerns, but with the big questions at third, put his bat there and let’s see what happens.

          1. Blublud

            I have never heard them say that either (link please) and if they did, that would be a horrible GM move. I not saying Baez won’t see a full season of at-bat at AAA. He could if he stalled out. But if he hits this season like he has this spring, there is no way Baez won’t be in Chicago come September. In fact, I would go as far as saying if Baez is raking AA and doesn’t get that call, then it would be a horrible move by the FO. A month of the Bigs at the end of the year would do his a lot of good going into the following year I which he’ll get his permanent call up.

            1. Blublud

              This also applies to Soler.

            2. mul21
        2. DarthHater

          “No top prospect does. ”

          Adrian Gonzalez (1st pick in 1st round of 2000 draft) had more than 1000 plate appearances at AAA over three seasons before he made it up for good with San Diego. That’s one example that took about 30 seconds to find. I won’t waste my time searching for the dozens more that undoubtedly could be found with equal ease, since your assertion was so absurdly overstated that one counter-example is more than enough to demonstrate its foolishness.

      2. another JP

        If there’s anyone who can repeat what Castro did by skipping AAA altogether it’s Baez. But I’m thinking he’ll wind up in Tennessee by June and spend the rest of this year there… in 2014 they’ll start him in Iowa just to set his service clock back a bit and bring him up ala Rizzo midseason (assuming he rakes at all levels).

        1. BluBlud

          If service clock is what you are worried about, then Rizzo is the perfect example. You bring him up in September to expose his game to the Big Leagues. Thats gives him a whole off season to work on or adjust his game, the same as Rizzo or Trout in and after 2011 and Jackson after 2012 and almost the way every top prospect does it. He comes back in ST 2014, which his “new” approach. He is then sent back to Tennesee or Iowa and recieves his permanent call up in June. Sevice clock issues avoided and he is now fully ready for the bigs.

          1. Die hard

            Asking the fans to wait until 2015 for a winner is asking alot— there may be a lot of empty seats in the renovated park

  10. Andy

    Great game for Baez. Hopefully, he’s upset about the error more than thrilled about the other stuff.

    1. TWC

      Nonsense. He could have 162 errors a season for all I care, as long as he has 324 HRs.

      1. TheDynastyStartsIn2016

        Don’t be ridiculous. No way he hits more than 280 home runs.

        1. TWC

          Way too many pessimists on this site, man.

          1. Hansman1982

            So, what, you bash him just because he doesn’t share your blind faith in Baez? Kool aid drinkers…smh

  11. Patrick G

    I need footage!

    1. MikeW

      For sure

    2. Freshness21

      Second that. Brett, please post if you end up with any

  12. another JP

    Methinks Travis Woods season will come down to whether he can keep the ball in play. Home runs were a real issue for him last year and he got touched for two today.

  13. DPRagen

    Today’s White Sox debacle is enough for me. Ship Theo back to Boston stamped rejected or, better yet, trade him to the Yankees for Hendry!

    1. another JP

      Better yet, why don’t we ship you off to the White Sox message board where you belong.

    2. CubsIn2015

      You should reconsider breathing after that comment

    3. DarthHater

      The only significance of this loss is that it is useful for flushing out douchebags.

  14. Don

    Yes Baez! 2014 will be the year. One of the fastest bats I’ve seen. He was swinging like this last year already. If he stays healthy and keeps working hard his ceiling is very high. Cubs fans are in for a real treat!

  15. another JP

    Muskat is reporting that Castillo was on deck right before Baez hit his walk-off and was told by Javy “you’re not hitting”. How’s that for some nads?

    1. someday...2015?

      The kids got a lot of swag, that’s for sure.

      1. Rcleven

        That’s his rep.

    2. Hansman1982

      Absolutely, positively LOVE it.

  16. Fakko

    Baez’s first bomb was so gigantic that the left fielder never moved. Met the guy who caught the ball off a tree just outside the park in left field. The ball was actually a WBC stamped baseball.

  17. mark

    Looks like the Cubs should move to Japan…or AAA…ha ha