albert almora explosionMedical science is swell.

On Thursday, Chicago Cubs outfield prospect Albert Almora broke the hamate bone in his wrist on a swing.

By Friday, he no longer had that hamate bone.

Almora tweeted yesterday that he’d had successful surgery to remedy the injury, and, unless something changed while the doctors were in there, the plan was to just take the bone out. As Dale Sveum put it, “That little bone doesn’t mean anything. You don’t even need it.”

So, Almora will now miss four to eight weeks, per Sveum, but you can expect it will be on the longer side of that estimation (because there’s no reason for it not to be). That means we won’t see him in game action until late May. Fortunately, no one is worried about the long-term impact of the injury and surgery.

“It’s not a career problem or anything like that,” Sveum said, per CSN. “It’s just more of a pain-in-the-butt-type thing that happens to quite a few hitters over the history of the game …. It will end up costing him, who knows, four to six to possibly eight weeks, I guess, before he gets in a game. But the good part about it is it’s one of those things where you just take it out and be done with it.”

At least with the bone out, there won’t be a concern about Almora breaking it again in the future. And, being that Almora is a “great makeup” young man, you can expect that he’s going to do everything he can to make sure his rehab goes well and goes smoothly.

  • myporsche

    If baez was available in this yrs draft instead of ’11 would he go #1 overall? This guys better than machado and profar

    • DocPeterWimsey

      Baez is nowhere near as good as either of those two. Indeed, it’s quite possible that both will make All Star teams at younger ages than Baez becomes an MLB starter. Again, the batting eye issue is key here: MLB pitchers probably are going to have to work a lot harder to get Profar and Machado out than they will have to work to get Baez out because the Profar and Machado are going to help them a lot less frequently than Baez will.

      • spencer

        do u have any sort of credibility or proof of your bullshit claims, or are you just talking out your ass?

        • MichiganGoat

          Face meet palm

        • DocPeterWimsey

          “Proof”? How about the facts that Machado (who is a few months older than Baez) will be the O’s 3Bman this year (he’ll move back to SS when Hardy leaves) and that Profar (2 months younger than Baez) almost certainly will be starting for the Rangers this year? Or the facts that both young men were walking a ton more while K’ing even less than Baez while playing higher level baseball at the same age?

          • Dale’s Ear

            Yeah, well, you know that’s just, like uhh, your opinion man

            • Die hard

              That’s all it is for all on this board but some require the touchy feely type of proof… A lot of good that did for the blind men and the elephant

              • DarthHater

                “the touchy feely type of proof”

                Right. Much better off with the kind of “proof” where you just say whatever the hell you want and then cling to it as obstinately as possible. After all, that’s what message boards are for, right?

                • Die hard

                  Not until from my dead cold hands will you be able to do so

                  • DarthHater


                    • ETS

                      Darth gets a little meme crazy.

                    • DarthHater

                      Sorry. I promise I’ll stop for the rest of today. 😛

              • MichiganGoat

                Yeah WE must be crazy to expect discourse to involve logical, fact-checked comments on responses. The site would be so much better if everybody just said random speculative unsupported rumors all day or ideas that are outside of reality. Yes that would make for a much more comment section. So let me play:

                1-Yankees are kicking the tires on Marmol since they need a closer next year and he could get taught my Mariano.
                2-Castro should be playing CF right now instead of SS.
                3-Cubs have interest in trading with the (insert team) for (insert name). There you have it the new Die hard meme generator.

                Yeah that sure made the site so much better and informative.

                ***preparing for the avoidance then insult response***

                • Die hard

                  To disagree without being disagreeable is an art and a science—it’s flattering that u save my posts- calm down
                  or you will implode

          • bbmoney

            None of which is too say there’s no chance Baez couldn’t eventually become as good or better than they are……I mean I wouldn’t predict it, but upside and all. Machado and Profar are already there though and Baez will likely spend the year split between High A and AA.

            So as of today, it’s not really a question about who’s better or more advanced.

          • cedlandrum

            While I agree that they are more willing to take a walk, I don’t think that Machado will make an all star game before Baez makes his debut. I think he is a rush job by the O’s and could really use another year in the minors. He has played well as a young player in the leagues he has been in, but was by no means a dominant player. Profar you may be right on but I think he will need to make adjustments like most young players. So I don’t know that Baez is no where near as good.

            I would rank them Profar, Machado, Baez but I’m not sure the gap is very big. Especially between Machado and Baez.

          • another JP

            You’re making some pretty bold statements there- not only isn’t it a lock that Machado and Profar play in the majors full time this year (the Rangers don’t have room for Profar right now), but Baez has a history of OPSing better than the other two at A ball. In fact, that trend has continued in ST where Baez is @ .829, Machado .773, and Profar .654. In fact, I’d bet Baez is an all-star before the other guys even if they make the majors earlier.

            • db kyle

              Both Machado and Profar played A-ball at a year younger than Baez, so the stats aren’t directly comparable. At the low minors, age (the younger the better) is actually more predictive than hitting stats because teams will only push the best prospects to play at levels they are too young for.

              And ST stats, as always, are meaningless.

              • another JP

                ST stats wouldn’t be meaningless if Baez’ OPS were worse than the other guys would they? Convenient how your logic works for you, like always. I guess if ST stats are meaningless then Super Joe wouldn’t have had a job with the Cubs last year.

                • db kyle

                  Interesting choice of examples for trying to make something up, because those who have been around for a year might remember that I argued very hard against Joe Mather making the team because I said then, now, and always that spring training stats are meaningless.

                  (There might be a small exception for K and BB rates for pitchers, but that’s still being studied)

                • db kyle

                  You have this weird persecution complex that seems to think that I hate Baez or am trying to make you look bad because I insist on accuracy and complete information.

                  I love Baez. I think his attitude is amazing. His low floor gets glossed over a bit by Cubs fans, but I don’t mind it so much because I love high-ceiling guys, and he’s got a huge ceiling.

                • David

                  Yeah, Kyle hates that Joe Mather made the team last year (and so did I). Really weird that you’d use that terrible player as an example, because he is a perfect example of why spring training stats ARE pretty meaningless and shouldn’t be used to decide much of anything.

                  • another JP

                    As long as teams have players competing for positions in ST, then stats will always matter. That shouldn’t be difficult to comprehend. Now for vets not competing for a spot on the team nobody will care what their ST stats are.

                    Re: Kyle’s “persecution complex” statement- the reason you get called out is because of your penchant for tossing cold water on every positive poster who makes a comment supporting a Cubs player, prospect, or management. You’re actually one of the most negative posters on this site and would lead me to believe you’re a closet Card or White Sox fan with the venom you direct toward this FO. It’s posts like yours on NSB that kept me from posting on that web site. Seeing how the short record of rebuilding the Cub system has been quite successful to this point, look forward to more argumentative posts from me in the future.

                    • db kyle

                      I like to correct things. It’s not my fault that most of the correctable things on this site are from fans who see things from a certain, fannish perspective.

                      I correct overly negative people, too, but we don’t see too many of them around these parts.

        • Die hard

          Some say its true

  • ruby2626

    Nice article on Sean Manaea, complete game last night against Minnesota. With Frazier shooting up the charts and Appel and Manaea pitching very well seems like our #2 pick is picking up value.

    • another JP

      Right now I think Appel is our guy. Houston is four years away from competing and it would make no sense for them to take a college pitcher that’s only a year away from the ML… Frazier seems to have the make-up they’d want and they could wait the three years it would take before he makes it to Houston. Appel has been the consensus top talent for two years now and is only a year from pitching in the bigs- for a team needing impact pitching he’s somebody we desperately need. Pick him and it’s possible he’d be a top ten prospect next year along with Baez.

      • Die hard

        I think Stanek

        • cedlandrum

          a lot can change between now and then. It is hard to say who will get taken where I know that a few people who I follow on twitter think that Jonathon Gray may move up the boards and pass Stanek and that Stanek may be the 4th best pitcher available. So it is too hard to say what the Cubs will do in a few months.

  • willis

    Is it me, or has the injury bug been worse this year than normal, even by Cubs Standards? Garza barely got a pitch off before he was hurt, add to that Castro,Stewart, Vitters, BJax, Lake, and now Almora in minor league camp. This is just ugly.

    • Die hard

      Other teams having their share…. IMO it could be that the season is too darn long not allowing the bodies to rest and heal… Also some of it may be pressure to play winter baseball instead if resting …. Some say it could be tied to PHD but I have no way to prove that….neither does anyone else and we’ll never know unless they admit

  • Dan

    The cubs are gonna suck until they start playing more night games and either renovate wrigley the way they see fit without the city and neighborhood up their ass or they build a new stadium

    • Die hard

      What’s your proof?

  • someday…2015?

    From Carrie Muskat: #Cubs on TV from Mesa: DeJesus CF, Lillibridge 3B, Rizzo 1B, Sori LF, Vitters DH, Baez SS, Soler RF, Lopez C, Gonzalez 2B, Takahashi P

    3 PM can’t get here soon enough!

  • alex

    Doc and dale. You two are the stupidest people in the world. You m ow
    Know thing of baseball or sports or general
    Common knowledge for that matter. Please stop tying to
    Start fights with people who actually so know
    Something. You north have the iq of 4 year olds. Baez is not better than the number one prospect of all of baseball. You are morons. That is all. Happy st. Paddys day all.

    • MightyBear

      Hey Alex, were you upset when you typed that? Please watch the auto finisher and chill out. This isn’t life or death.

    • HCS

      Methinks many green beers were involved in the composition of this sonnet. And besides, Doc was the voice of reason in that thread. ‘Twas myporsche with the bizzare suggestion. If you’re going to be angry, at least direct it in the right direction.

    • DarthHater

      I cannot post a meme … I cannot post a meme … I cannot post a meme …

  • bobo justis

    It’s definitely not life because if you had a life you wouldn’t be caught up in this, and it’s worse than death because reading this you realize you are in hell.