hohokam-park-signMOAR TV.

The Cubs play a couple split-squad games today – against the Royals in Mesa, and against the Rangers in Las Vegas – and both are televised.

You can catch the Royals game on WGN, and it’s the debut of the new broadcast team, Len Kasper and Jim Deshaies. The Rangers game, one of two in Vegas this weekend, is on MLB Network. So get your channel-flipping finger ready for a busy day.

Jeff Samardzija takes the ball in Vegas, and Hisanori Takahashi (still fighting for a bullpen spot, probably against the red hot Chris Rusin) starts in Mesa.

That Mesa game will feature both Javier Baez and Jorge Soler, so you can all finally watch them today. Another walk-off, perhaps? Maybe Soler this time?

Lineup versus the Rangers:

1. Luis Valbuena, SS

2. Darwin Barney, 2B

3. Starlin Castro, DH

4. Nate Schierholtz, RF

5. Scott Hairston, CF

6. Dioner Navarro, C

7. Brian Bogusevic, LF

8. Steve Clevenger, 1B

9. Edwin Maysonet, 3B


Lineup versus Royals:

1. David DeJesus, CF

2. Brent Lillibridge, 3B

3. Anthony Rizzo, 1B

4. Alfonso Soriano, LF

5. Josh Vitters, DH

6. Javier Baez, SS

7. Jorge Soler, RF

8. Rafael Lopez, C

9. Alberto Gonzalez, 2B

  • Rcleven

    I’m so confused. What game to watch? Baseball heaven.

  • cubzfan23

    I’ll be at tomorrow’s game against the Rangers in Vegas.

  • Cooper

    I’m attending both games in Vegas. Sad to see most of the exciting youngsters left behind in AZ.

  • rhino70

    I’ll be at both games in Vegas this weekend too. Wish Baez and Soler were here!

    • Cooper

      Agreed. I was hoping for at least one of the two.

  • spencer

    Answer: DVR

    • Rcleven

      Awww. Collective minds are always better. Now, which game to record and what game to watch live.

  • Die hard

    Both lineups together show how weak IMO defensively outfield will be

  • cubfanincardinalland

    Are you sure the game is on MLB network, my tv guide says they are showing the A’s game at 3:00.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Hmm. It was supposed to be on, as of when they announced the MLBN schedule. Maybe it changed.

      • J. Edwards

        MLB TV schedule has:
        Cubs v Rangers on FoxSportsSW, with audio on WGN.
        Cubs v Royals on WGN with audio via MLB.com

        • MightyBear

          This is correct.

  • http://www.survivingthalia.com Mike Taylor (no relation)

    My Guide says Angels v A’s as well.

    I’m going to be so disappointed if I have to watch the Split Squad vs the Rangers. 1-2, and 7-8-9 are gonna scare those Royals pitchers so much!

  • Coach K

    I’m going to be at the game in Mesa. Do they allow iPads in? If so I’ll try to get some pics and video of Baez and Soler.

  • spencer

    Brett, where exactly did you figure that the cubs will be playing on MLBN? We’re all getting A’s vs. Angels. Kinda bummed cuz I thought this site was a reliable source of info but i guess not.

    • DarthHater

      Yea, Brett. I thought you controlled MLB Network’s programming decisions. Very disappointed in you…

      • spencer

        Darthhater- i messed around with ur sister last night. Not long now til she finds out she has herpes :)

        • Die hard

          Can’t believe this stuff ok with D but speculating as to trades is taboo — D U need a values check up

          • DarthHater

            Oh, for crying out loud, grow up already.

            (a) My comment above was obviously a sarcastic reference to the silliness of Spencer’s suggestion that a change in MLBN programming is somehow Brett’s fault (but that’s okay, cuz the herpes have probable affected his brain) 😛

            (b) I never criticized you for speculating about trades, I criticized you for saying that other teams were “kicking the tires” on Cubs players without any evidence that those other teams had actually communicated with the Cubs about those players or expressed any specific interest in them.

            • MightyBear

              DH, since he brought your sister into it, I say you meme him.

              • DarthHater

                Can’t. I promised no more memes today. 😉

                • MightyBear

                  You are a man of your word. Gotta like the integrity. Theo and Jed would draft you.

                  • DarthHater

                    They would draft me and then back out of the deal after I had my values check up. 😀

          • MichiganGoat

            Okay we get it your feelings were hurt and now you’re going to get defensive with any comment. Your really progressing at Troll U at an spectacular rate. Great job

            • Die hard

              If that was directed to me I say what I want but dont get personal …..and dont care what this board thinks … but it’s clear that I can rile up others on this board who need to quit taking things so personal- but slamming others family members? There’s got to be limits

              • DarthHater

                I never mentioned anybody’s family members, so if that’s your problem, don’t aim your whining at me.

                And like I said, Spencer’s brain is addled by STDs, so we need to cut him some slack. 😉

                • DarthHater

                  Anyway, this whole annoying string is Bert’s fault for so egregiously failing to predict future programming decisions by MLBN.

    • King Jeff

      I’ve been seeing ads for the game on MLBnetwork all week. It’s an error or change on their end.

    • King Jeff

      MLB says because Cubs/Royals in on WGN they are showing that game tomorrow morning, Cubs/Rangers isn’t on tv.

  • Eric

    so cubs/rangers isn’t on fox sports SW? (I can’t even find that on my comcast TV) It appears MLB Network is replaying the royals game at 8:00 a.m. tommorow. Very confusing.

  • cubchymyst

    Excited to see the Cubs vs. Royals game on WGN. That is definitely one thing I’ll miss when the WGN deal expires since i outside of the Chicago viewing area.

    Damn the cubs are hitting well so far.

  • MightyBear

    Nobody F’s with DeJesus. Yard baby.

  • cubchymyst

    Baez Yard

  • Carew

    Baez’s bat speed is absurd

  • MightyBear

    More Baez hype coming. First ball fastball and he crushed it.

  • KidCubbie

    OMG Baez just killed that ball. Dude is for real.

  • http://Bleachernation.com someday…2015?


  • Rcleven

    Mr. Chen not fairing well.
    Who said the Cubs can’t slug?

  • Matt

    Wow, Baez makes a great first spring impression.

    One thing I’ve noticed watching him, he’s pretty quick for his size in the field, but he looks like his body will be more the size of a 3rd baseman. Not making any suggestions, because he does have the quickness of a shortstop from the very little I’ve seen, but just an observation.

    • cubchymyst

      Which position is harder on a players body, 2B or 3B?

      • TheDynastyStartsIn2016

        I’m going to say 2nd base. Much more running and you expose yourself to about 100 double play turns and 50 stolen base attempts.

      • db kyle

        Technically, 2b is a little harder but they both require different enough skill sets that there will be guys who can handle one but not the other both ways.

        The simplified version is that 2b is a SS without the arm, and 3b is a SS without the range.

        Baez could probably handle either, but I think I’d rather have him at third for two reasons. One, his size might make it a little hard for him to turn the DP from 2b and make him a big target for hard slides. Two, 2b is harder on the legs than 3b, and if his bat is as good as we hope I don’t want him wearing his legs down early in his career.

        • cubchymyst

          That was what I was wondering. I saw a article on fangraphs about Cano maybe wearing down faster because he played 2B, but their was no clear conclusion using high WAR 2B.

      • Rcleven

        Thru 4.
        Smarj: 0 R 2 H 1BB 2 SO.
        Cubs lead 3-0.

  • JR

    Baez thinks the cactus league is a joke. He also thinks Chen is horrible.

    • Matt

      Hey, that the man that totally relevant and credible color man (yes, that’s all sarcastic), Ken “Hawk” Harrelson refers to as Cy Chen.

  • Rcleven

    Smarj: End of 2 1H 1SO. 0-0

  • Rcleven

    Cubs take early lead in Vegas.
    Clevenger 2B Barney 1B. 1-0 Cubs in 3rd.

  • TheDynastyStartsIn2016

    The last three pitches Baez has seen have gone yard. Somewhere Keith Law is complaining about his plate discipline.

  • MightyBear

    Where’s DB Kyle? Did you listen to Theo during the KC broadcast? If you did, you’ll see why we are all excited to follow the Epstein/Hoyer regime and give them a pass for awhile. Just seems so different and better than what we’ve had in the past.

    • db kyle

      I was at the grocery store. If anyone recorded it, that’d be awesome.

      But I don’t doubt Epstein’s ability to give a great interview.

      • DarthHater

        Why would anybody want to record you shopping for groceries?

        • MightyBear

          LOL. That was funny DH.

          • DarthHater

            Uh oh, I just realized that Die hard and I have the same initials. I may have to change my name to DB DarthHater. 😉

            • Die hard

              Will wait while u catch up —-

        • db kyle

          I dunno. It’d probably be pretty educational. I take frugality and health pretty seriously at the store, plus I talk my way through everything to make it as educational as possible for my autistic toddler. So that’s at least three demographics you could market it toward.

          • DarthHater

            It’s good that you have some forums for talking, ’cause your otherwise so laconic. 😉

          • DarthHater

            I can hear it now: “There’s no reason why one cannot develop a diet that simultaneously addresses nutritional needs on several fronts . . .”

            • db kyle

              Dang straight. People try to say that eating healthy is more expensive, but they are doing it wrong.

      • MightyBear

        It wasn’t just the interview, it’s what he said and the way he explained things. Hendry gave a great interview as well but I still believe he was old school and didn’t use the up to date methods that the new guys seem to employ. In Hendry’s defense, he worked for three different owners but I still think Epstein/Hoyer is better. Just my opinion, I could be wrong.

  • DarthHater


  • DaveY

    The voice of Jim Deshaies sounds very similar to WGN news sports guy Dan Roan.

  • Drew7

    Great explanation of the “selectively-aggressive” approach by Theo during the broadcast.

  • http://www.survivingthalia.com Mike Taylor (no relation)

    What was I thinking? This is the lineup that I wanted to see.

  • Corey Costello

    Baez just hit two more home runs today. :0

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