brett jackson catchChicago Cubs outfield prospect Brett Jackson was always headed to AAA Iowa to start the year, so his latest injury issue doesn’t really have any impact there. The injury, a sore throwing shoulder, isn’t believed to be terribly serious, but an MRI did reveal some inflammation. For that reason, Jackson will be shut down for a week, though he is still able to do pretty much everything except throwing.

“I’m going to keep working every day,” Jackson said yesterday, per “No. 1 is to get 100 percent healthy again. I’m confident that we’re going to take care of that quickly, and obviously when I’m back we’ll focus on what’s next …. I’m confident we’re going to knock it out quickly and be healthy for the season.”

The hope is that Jackson’s revamped swing will allow him to cut down on his strikeout rate enough to be a viable starter in the bigs (because he’s got everything else you want). If he demonstrates that by mid-season, you can expect that he’ll be a starter in the second half, taking over for whichever outfielder is traded by then.

Another ongoing injury to update: Ian Stewart was supposed to play in another minor league game yesterday, but elected not to play. That has an ugly sound to it, but I would imagine the Cubs gave him the option of playing, or doing rehab activities if he was feeling soreness in his quad. He could get back into a minor league game today, but there still isn’t a schedule for him to return to Cactus League action. It could happen in a day or two, or a week. In these minor league games, he’s essentially just hitting and jogging.

  • waittilthisyear

    i know it is in the organization’s best interest to keep stewart, and as long as that is the case i hope he does well, but man he annoys me and i wish cutting him were a more viable option

  • LeotheCub

    I agree. Stewart has not shown that he should get the 3rd base job

    • Kubphan82

      Stewart hasn’t shown fans he’s deserving of the 3B job, we don’t know what he’s shown to management. If he’s our 3B, despite injuries, he’s obviously shown enough to earn and others have shown they don’t…

      I’ll root for Stewart, being critical of him in the process, throughout the year. He’s fighting to make sure he has a contract, I’m sure if he elected not to play it was a wise decision.

      • waittilthisyear

        all fair points, but i question the word “fighting.” in fact, that is my biggest issue with the guy. doesn’t seem to be fighting for it

  • spencer

    most cub fans don’t even know ian stewart exists lol

  • http://bleachernation thisoldcubfan

    When I was 18 I injured my quad during a softball game. It bothered me for 6 months. Now, I’m not an athlete, and I didn’t heal like an athlete would, but I was only 18 — and you heal pretty quickly when you’re 18. My point is that I believe this is going to be a nagging injury for Stewart throughout the year. I hope I’m wrong though.

    • dumbledoresacubsfan

      I’d say a quad injury shouldn’t be that big a deal. I pulled my quad as a sophomore in high school. Missed a week, maybe, before I sucked it up and started playing again. Granted, I’d heal a lot faster than Stewart, but he’s got all the good stuff. My point is that I believe Stewart’s just a baby.

      • cedlandrum

        Wow then you went out and played everyday for 5 months? It is great when you play a couple of times a week. You have time in between games to rest. Not in MLB. Plus there different grades of injuries when dealing with legs.

        • dumbledoresacubsfan

          Well, I injured it during pre-season stuff playing in a second league. So yea.. I went back to playing 4 to 5 games a week. No, it’s not major league level, but they also have infinitely better equipment to help players heal. I used ice and rest. I’m not saying my injury was on his level, but it was still a quad injury. I just want a player who wants to play–I’ve never liked Stewart; my bias is showing.

      • DocPeterWimsey

        Besides, Dumbledore rooted for the Chudley Cannons. Actually, that’s sort of the same thing, isn’t it?

  • Mike Taylor

    I’m anxious to see how Brett’s swing translates this year in “meaningful” competition. I think Bogusevic has beat out Sappelt for a spot on the team. Lillibridge’s defensive utility role (along with being 8th on the team in OPS this Spring) gets him a roster spot as well (due to injuries, one can argue).

    LF Soriano
    CF DeJesus (L) / Hairston
    RF Schierholtz (L)
    1B Rizzo (L)
    2B Valbuena (L) / Barney
    3B Stewart (L) / Lillibridge
    SS Castro
    C Navarro (S) / Castillo
    OF Bogusevic (L)

  • cubzforlife

    As a second year player at U of A I tore my quad slipping on wet grass in the outfield. As a midwestern kid I was behind the warm weather guys anyway but I lost my scholarship and never had a chance to play again. It is a painful and difficult injury to return from. I hope for Stewert’s and the Cubs sake he does return and has a decent year. Getting close to real baseball!!

  • Dave North East Cub Fan

    Let’s make it real simple: I wish we had Tyler Colvin back

    • Brian


  • Fastball

    I haven’t seen any significant improvement in Jackson. I highly doubt he evolves into a starter. He would have about a 10% chance of being mid season call up that produces. He very well may get called up. I will be shocked if he is as good as Patterson or Pie were at the plate.

    • Alex S

      I’d be pretty shocked if he were anything like Patterson or Pie considering he took more walks in 44 games than Patterson did in all but two seasons of his professional career.

    • TheDynastyStartsIn2016

      How can you tell? He’s only had 20 PA’s. Are you watching practices or anything?

  • fromthemitten

    has anybody noticed all the tweeting Ian Stewart is doing at 3am? not exactly the brightest thing to do when rehabbing

  • Alden

    How much will Jackson play with the big club this season?