God’s Wrath Watch: Scott Baker Feels “Soreness” in His Arm, is Getting MRI

gods-wrathLe sigh.

A day after making his Cactus League debut – and saying he felt good – Scott Baker is now feeling soreness in his pitching arm, and will get an MRI on his elbow, according to multiple reports. Baker has been rehabbing from Tommy John surgery, which he had in April 2012.

Obviously this could be nothing, but it’s always worrisome when a guy feels soreness in his elbow for the first time during a rehab schedule after facing batters. You naturally amp things up for that kind of outing, and you see how your arm responds. In Baker’s case, it may not have responded well.

Even if the MRI comes up perfectly clean (and, with soreness, it seems “minor inflammation” is a minimal possibility), it’s very hard to imagine the Cubs putting him back out there in four days after “soreness.” That means, his return time line is going to be pushed back. He was scheduled to return around mid-April, but that’s not looking so hot now.

I’m tentatively nervous, but we’ll see what the MRI reveals before going into full-on panic mode.

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34 responses to “God’s Wrath Watch: Scott Baker Feels “Soreness” in His Arm, is Getting MRI”

  1. hansman1982

    and now the Cubs won’t sign a single guy coming off injury next offseason…

  2. cubchymyst

    All of the talk about the rotation possibly being better than last year is taking a large hit this spring training.

  3. db kyle

    Even if they find nothing, it seems likely they’d shut him down for a bit. And if they do that, then he’s probably got to start his entire pre-season build-up over. I have trouble seeing him pitch before June with this news.

  4. Sillyrabbit

    As the dominoes begin to fall towards the wastebasket of the Disabled, so does the confidence factor in reestablishing faith in this team productivity.

  5. JR

    Wasn’t it only a couple weeks ago when the Cubs had an exremely deep/half way decent starting rotation? Damn. Hopefully it’s not a “stress reaction” in his elbow.

    1. Sillyrabbit

      No that that was the spin reality is getting closer as April First (FOOL) approaches……..

  6. DarthHater


  7. Spencer

    Who’s surprised? No one? That’s what I thought.

  8. DarthHater

    So, signing lots of players coming off injuries was supposed to be exploiting some kind of market inefficiency in our favor, wasn’t it? :-P

    1. Wilbur

      Yes, if one or two make it you win; if there or four don’t you lose, but doesn’t seem like you lose much. Seems like between last year and this year we’re in the gray area …

      Regardless of outcome, I’d have done it then and I’d suggest doing it going forward …

    2. Die hard

      Get with the program…. It’s tread water until rescued by Soler et al

  9. Rich H

    What is a Monday without at least one God’s Wrath watch……… Man is it going to be a long season.

  10. Sillyrabbit

    Ever get the feeling the way things are going , The Cubs will not afford its own renovation and blame everyone but the team they assemble on the field. Do I believe this NO. Its just so damn depressing to be a Cub fan.

    But i have a life ,its time to get back to it- oh and by the way .one can still buy great seats at the Cubs /sox game even after all the marketing promotions. Unbelievable

  11. JR

    Has anyone ever got back to back Tommy John surgeries? Like as soon as you come back and start training from one, you have to go back and get a another one… It’s so sad it’s almost funny.

    1. hansman1982

      I think it is exceedingly rare. What I have heard is that the ligament repaired during TJ surgery is typically stronger than most natural ligaments in that spot.

      Now, it is entirely possible that the Dr. botched the surgery.

  12. another JP

    You’d assume Baker would be a little sore since it was his first real action since his injury. Sign injured players and this will happen occasionally… it was due to be a recovery year of sorts for Baker anyway, just like Vizcaino. At least the FO had the foresight to acquire extra arms because of this possibility.

  13. BWA

    hey brett,

    how would an international draft affect the cubs?

    1. db kyle

      It might significantly devalue the Dominican complex we just spent $8 million to build, depending on the details.

  14. Morken

    Welcome to Baker’s 2013 season!

  15. mak

    They don’t call it gambling for nothing.

  16. When the Music's Over

    I wonder if at some point performance clauses, including games played, become a much more standard part of contract language. Because baseball is still typically 100% guaranteed salary, teams take on almost all of the risk to free agent contracts. And now with grumblings about the pay for performance for pre-arbitration and arbitration years from guys like Trout, teams might have to eventually take on even more risk. Baseball players have it real nice in this regard.

  17. MightyBear

    I could cry. Baker was the one pitcher I wanted to see bounce back and pitch for the Cubs because he doesn’t walk a lot of guys.

    1. willis

      Yeah it’s sad, but it was as easy to predict as the sun rising. The Cubs don’t really have a good history with major injuries, and they went out and signed a bunch of often injured players. What did you/me/all of us think would happen? Pretty predictable. Just like Stewart’s injury.

  18. willis

    This Spring has just been comical with the injuries and getting worse. If this season wasn’t going to be tough enough, all these injuries derailing players will make it worse. I mean my God, when do these injuries stop?

    Another nice injury signing for the squad. Love wasting money.

    1. another JP

      Just reported that Chase Headley might miss a month due to a fractured left thumb. And look at the Yanks… the Cubs aren’t the only team with injured players and ours aren’t nearly as pivotal for success as some other clubs. Still sucks though.

  19. Stevie B


  20. Teddy Ballgame

    Please, no more “God’s wrath”….how bout “injury update”? We’re bringing back Chip Caray’s jinx’ing specialty by calling it God’s Wrath….let’s go!!

    1. King Jeff

      Yeah, Brett’s “God’s Wrath” schtick that he’s been using since he started this site is jinxing the Cubs. Because the Cubs haven’t been a walking injury ward since as far back as I can remember.

    2. FFP

      No surprise here. I agree with a poster named Teddy Ballgame.

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  22. Teddy Ballgame

    The organization is tryin to change culture, shouldn’t us fans do the same? Optimism!!!