jed hoyer and jason mcleodWhile the Chicago side of things hasn’t yet confirmed a deal, this doesn’t look like the kind of trade the San Diego media would screw up in their haste …

San Diego writer Corey Brock reports that the Padres have traded positional prospect Jose Dore to the Cubs for a PTBNL or cash (which usually means the PTBNL isn’t going to be much to fret about).

Dore, an outfielder who just turned 21, was drafted in the 8th round by the Padres in 2010, and hasn’t yet played above A-ball. The timing means, yes, he was a Jed Hoyer/Jason McLeod draft pick. He received a well-above slot bonus ($450,000), so the now-Cubs duo must have really liked him at the time.

The timing of the deal is a bit strange, though prospect trades do often happen after the flip of the calendar. The Padres’ system is notable for its glut of quality positional prospects, so I can imagine that they perhaps saw Dore getting squeezed out of a developmentally appropriate spot, reached out to Hoyer and McLeod, and felt out whether they wanted to re-acquire him. For their part, the Cubs probably felt like they could use another outfielder at the A-ball/High-A level.

Dore hasn’t done much offensively in his time with the Padres, though he’s had a decent walk rate (to go with a high K rate). In 2012, he played just 9 games, going down in the first week of the season with an injury, the details of which I haven’t yet been able to track down. I’d imagine that’s why he spent his little time on the field in 2012 at first base, though.

Because of his limited professional experience, you’re not going to see too much written about him in terms of scouting reports or rankings information. He strikes me as a legitimate, but remote and lower-tier, prospect.

I’m sure we’ll hear more about him in the coming day, as well as more about what the Cubs will ultimately give up.

  • King Jeff

    From what I see he plays first and outfield. Was he a he a high school infielder?

    • Brett

      Yeah, he’s an outfielder. The first base thing threw me off, but that was just rehab, it looks like. Gonna call him a “positional” guy for now.

      • King Jeff

        From what I read he’s a great athlete, with pretty good makeup, and a favorite of some of the Padres prospects lists. He’s just been injured a lot, which makes him perfect for us.

        • Edwin

          Especially if he keeps getting injured. He’ll fit right in!

          • cubzfan23

            Lmao… The cubs way.

      • Cubbie Blues

        FanGraphs has him listed as OF/DH.

  • db kyle

    An 8th round pick out of college who hasn’t shown any ability to hit?’

    I’m assuming he has a superior makeup and is the kind of guy teams want as a future coach and great teammate in the minors, because otherwise he’d be cut right now.

    • db kyle

      Derp, nm. He was drafted out of high school.

      • Brett

        Youngest college player ever. Dougie Dore.

        • db kyle

          I guess if you squint really hard you can see a prospect and not organizational filler. Barely. Like, he’s on the watch list and if he doesn’t start hitting immediately in 2013 he gets shifted to the latter.

          Not top-30, but maybe top-60 in our organization.

          • Brett

            That sounds about right to me (based on our limited info so far).

            • tim815

              Whoever he steals a roster spot from, I prefer the guy who misses out. He must be a great kid.

  • db kyle
  • Cory

    He dislocated his shoulder in the first week of the season last year. From what I’ve ready he was serviceable at either corner of the infield but played more 1st base. Also read a article from 2009 when he hit 15 HR’s as a high school senior.

    • Brett

      Thanks, Cory. Given the first base installment last year, I figured it was an arm issue. Interesting that he was retooling his swing for last year when he got hurt. So this would be his first year with the new swing.

  • cubs1967

    Is this supposed to help the team?

  • Edwin

    I’m pretty sure all you need is some batting practice video of him, and then he can be declared a top prospect.

  • Vince

    He is 6ft’1 170 so he has plenty of room for growth which is good. He averaged a home run every 10 games which is a little low but considering he could possibly get into 190’s weight wise there should be a lot more power to come.

  • Cedlandrum

    All this injury news has me feeling not good about the season. So I am just grumpy, but Meh on this move.

  • hansman1982

    What about the compensation issue to the Padres for Jed and Jason?

    Seems that they have compensated us pretty well so far.

    • Brett

      It was forgiven. But, sure, we can call this that.

      • DarthHater

        I disagree. They should send us more compensation for taking those bozos off their hands. 😛

        • BluBlud

          Yeah. I think we deserve a load. I would say Headley. But since he’s hurt, him and another A+ prospect will do.

        • hansman1982

          I heard their bum of a third baseman is injured…we have a couple 3B prospects we can even send back…

  • Rebuilding

    I would like to see Logan Watkins get some time a 3b in Iowa while Lake/Vitters are hurt. I think most view him as a super utility type or competition for Barney, but His 383 OBP in Tenn last year with a left handed stick looks nice. I don’t see the point in trotting Valbuena out there if anyone with any upside could take those at-bats

    • Rebuilding

      Does Watkins have the arm to play 3rd? I know he has played some short and some outfield so I’m guessing he doesn’t have a weak arm

  • dan wis

    Rodney Cedano just relased there is our 3rd baseman …………………..Bad joke

    • Danny Ballgame

      I laughed and shook my head at the same time. Well done

  • MichiganGoat

    JOY BleacherNation is back online

    • Whiteflag


    • FFP

      Brett was just trying to drive us all over to twitter and facebook.

    • Cubbie Blues

      BN is back up again. Hopefully for realzies this time.

  • Internet Random

    The whole Internet might as well be broken.

  • Die hard

    If we exclude Baker and Stewart what grade should Theo get? C-

    • DarthHater


      • Die hard

        And to include both? D

  • Wolfpack3

    I know the kid, seen him play in high school..he did have pop and a heck of a arm, his hitting was alright..he did face marlins pitcher dejai oliver as a senior and was blown away much easier than expected…dj was throwing 88-90 at the time…i think he has pop but he def need hitting to make it