respect wrigleyIn light of today’s explosion of discussion about his reported proposal to dump the iconic Old Scoreboard at Wrigley Field, Alderman Tom Tunney took to Facebook with an explanation and an update:

Negotiations are ongoing with the Chicago Cubs. As Alderman, I know the importance of preserving and renovating historic Wrigley Field in our community. The Cubs, the administration and I have had many meetings where creative solutions have been offered that could satisfy the community and the Cubs organization.

Moving the scoreboard to left field, where a similar one existed until the 1930’s, and replacing it with a video board it is just one of the many ideas that have been on the table. It was discussed in earnest by all parties and dismissed.

Overall, the discussions have been positive and conversations with the team continue. We all hope that solutions can be reached that are in keeping with the character of the community and the desires of the Cubs.

Moving the scoreboard is fundamentally different from demolishing it, and that would be a plan I might not hate. It might not make a ton of sense, but that’s a different story.

As for the rest of Alderman Tunney’s update, there isn’t much there. He applies a positive gloss to the talks, which I’d imagine most of you regard suspiciously. Of course, Tom Ricketts would probably say the same thing … so maybe it’s true? Eh, probably not, given how slowly the talks have proceeded and how negatively “sources” have characterized them.

Still, it’s good, good, good to have this stuff out in the public. The more the renovation issue is discussed, the more pressure all sides will feel to get an agreeable deal done. And pressure is what it’s going to take at this point.

UPDATE: As predicted, the Cubs’ statement was vanilla and agreeable: “We have made working with our neighbors a priority. We share Ald. Tunney’s concerns for our community and have been working diligently with him and the Mayor to resolve the remaining issues.”

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    The present value of their projected revenue stream is discounted 30 % at a minimum… Knock off another 20% for risk and uncertainty and there is a settlement figure in there where in exchange for a lump sum paid over term of contract Cubs could then be the owners of their destiny

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