respect wrigleyJust as my … suspicious detector went off when Dave Kaplan reported that Rosemont was suddenly offering the Ricketts Family a tract of land to move the Cubs out of Chicago, my … suspicious detector is going off today, now that the Mayor’s Office is spouting off about the Cubs very nearly blowing a deal.

According to the Sun-Times, the Mayor’s Office hasn’t been too pleased by what they perceive to be the Cubs playing hardball suddenly this week with Alderman Tom Tunney, and an anonymous source even goes so far as to suggest that the Cubs have imperiled the very deal that was going to get them what they want.

“They just accused the alderman of desecrating Wrigley Field [by suggesting removal of the Old Scoreboard], and [David] Axelrod is out there saying Tunney is in the rooftops’ pocket,” an anonymous “mayoral confidante” told the Sun-Times. “Every time we make progress, the Cubs do something stupid to set us back.

“There has been progress. There have been concessions made. But the constant one-upsmanship in the media only undermines the trust that’s been built over the period of months. Now, we have to try to rebuild that trust. We have to reclaim territory we’ve already covered.”

Constant one-upsmanship in the media? You mean like having an anonymous “confidante” talking tough to the Sun-Times? To me, this looks to be the very thing that the Mayor’s court is accusing the Cubs of: using the media for leverage. (Note that, whenever you read about anonymous Mayoral confidantes, it’s in the Sun-Times. Whenever you read about anonymous Cubs sources, it’s in the Tribune.)

The confidante told the Sun-Times that the Mayor’s Office is willing to sign off on a deal that would permit “some signage” in Wrigley Field which would yield “some blockage” of rooftop views, and that would increase night games from 30 to around 45. Or, at least, he was willing to sign off until the Cubs totally ruined it with their evil and nefarious smear campaign against Tunney. (Please read the previous sentence as dripping with sarcasm.)

Forgive me if that is hard to believe – after months of wrangling and fighting privately, the Cubs are suddenly going to ruin all of that by going on a public campaign against Tunney, even as a deal is close? I can’t accept that. It defies logic. It’s missing the nuance and context required to really understand what’s going on behind closed doors.

Which, unfortunately, is where we, the public, remain – standing outside those doors, subject only to the “constant one-upsmanship in the media.”

Just get the freaking thing done.

  • Kokomocubby

    Look, Indiana will take them. And they could do whatever they want. The East Chicago Cubs. Less taxes and a city that needs them. *tongue in cheek

  • Silly rabbit

    Goat: the sarcastic idiot that claims to be as old and dumb as a goat.
    TwC – The child that needs the need to insult
    And Darth: the midget fairy bully that can only spew jerking gestures

    • DarthHater

      Wow, you really should not be so cruel to Goat and TWC as to associate them with me. 😛

      • TWC

        The Dark Side *IS* stronger…

        • TWC

          Well, no, no, no. Quicker, easier, more seductive.

      • Silly rabbit

        Darth to be a bully of your stature is comic. i say that in praise you make me laugh for all the wrong reasons

        • DarthHater

          Yes, the master of brilliant wit who posts biting quips about licking toilet paper dispensers thinks I’m a big bully. How informative.

          • Silly rabbit

            I am sorry you give yourself much credit little man.

            • DarthHater

              I accept your apology.

              • silly rabbit

                But getting back to Tunney . I think the man has done a ton of good . I am pretty sure the People in his ward finds him acceptable and often are at odds when works on the Cubs behalf,but he has in the past present. and the future.

                I just dont see him as a sell out. When you look at his district for all the mayhem it is controlled nicely and crime is below the threshold compared to other wards with less traffic.

                I think once the roof contracts are up. Tunney stance will change.He is obligated to represent these business people . I think he is to be admired that he actually does his job well.

                This is why The goat , TWC and for comical relief darth felt the need to belittle my view on the matter it goes against their personal belief that Rickets toilet dispenser is sacred.

                Keep licking boys is the only thing you have going for you,

                • DarthHater

                  I never belittled your views on Tunney. In fact, I made numerous posts today defending him against conflict of interest accusations.

                  No, I belittled you because adding a little levity is the only way to lighten up the endless, mind-numbing monotony of your constant, ceaseless, incessant, cosmically-cyclical snivelling about absolutely everything related to the Cubs.

                  • Silly rabbit

                    Laughing at you.

    • MichiganGoat

      Whatever helps you sleep in mommy’s basement… don’t you have homework to do?

  • Asad

    Cubs will dump wrigley and move out. Tom is my friend I know. :)

    • DarthHater

      Ricketts? Or Tunney?? 😀

      • Asad

        Tunney…No dude lool of course its Ricketts. Tunneys a little to shady for my liking lol.