cacti mesaToday’s game against the Dodgers is in Tucson, and it is a charity game to benefit the Christina-Taylor Green Memorial Foundation. You may remember Green as the 9-year-old granddaughter of Dallas Green who died in a shooting two years ago in Tucson. Deeply sad stuff, but it’s nice that the Cubs and Dodgers are doing something to try and help further positive causes advanced by the Foundation.

Scott Feldman takes the ball for the Cubs, and will probably try to get better results – not that the results are the most important thing – this time around than he got against the Rangers last week.

The game is available (audio) via There’s another game later tonight against the Mariners, but we’ll get to that.

The lineup:

1. Darwin Barney 2B

2. Starlin Castro, SS

3. Anthony Rizzo, 1B

4. Scott Hairston, LF

5. Dave Sappelt, CF

6. Welington Castillo, C

7. Brent Lillibridge, 3B

8. Brian Bogusevic, RF

9. Scott Feldman, P

  • waittilthisyear

    oy. i entered this spring with guarded optimism. not so much these days…

  • http://deleted bubbleshargrave

    ladies and gentlmen, please give a warm welcome to your rosemont cubs!

  • Kubphan82

    Not that espn is always right but they say the cubs have a night game against the Mariners tonight as well?

    • Brett

      It’s mentioned.

      • Kubphan82

        Sorry, I see it now… Been battling the flu for the first time in my life, age 30. Pretty crazy feeling… Definitely not the reader I usually am at the moment …

  • another JP

    Hope Feldman can get it together today- if he wants to be a bona-fide starter he needs to make it happen soon. One more crappy outing and I’d start looking seriously at Rusin as an alternative.

    • Kyle

      It’s spring training. The results don’t matter and tell you nothing about how he will do in April.

      • waittilthisyear

        the results dont matter, but the stuff does, and man he looks bad

        • macB

          yeah. results don’t matter, but this isn’t dempster. it’s a guy who has struggled as a starter the last couple of seasons and hasn’t shown us any reason to believe this year will be different. volstad alert.

          • Kyle

            Volstad had a solid spring training last year. That’s what got him the job over a superior pitcher in Travis Wood.

            Other Cubs pitchers with awesome springs: Rodrigo Lopez, Casey Coleman.

            It just doesn’t mean anything.

  • Kyle

    Sveum says Sappelt and Bowden have inside tracks on jobs.

    That means I have pretty much no complaints this year on roster construction out of spring training, based on what they have in camp. I’d prefer Clevenger to Bogusevic for the last position spot, but either is fine. I don’t have a preference on the last bullpen spot.

    • CubFan Paul

      So the bench is

      R Sappelt
      R Hairston
      S Navarro
      R Lillibridge
      And Yikes at not another Infielder

      L Clevenger just might have it. He’ll get a lot of pinch hit opportunities.

    • Kubphan82

      Clev vs. Bog: Perhaps I’d make my decision by saying I’d rather have Clevenger catch full-time in AAA until needed. That need could be fulfilled by either having a catching injury or Bogs not fulfilling his end of the Lefty batter off the bench role…

  • Kyle

    Paul Sullivan fans the flames of stupidity by calling Baez “arguably their best hitter.” Dammit, I’m going to have to listen to this kind of ridiculousness for the next seven months, aren’t I?

    • brickhouse

      not until he has some struggles at high A ball in Daytona

      • caryatid62

        That won’t matter, because lazy reporters won’t look at his MiLB stats, just what he did in 60 ABs this spring against pitchers testing out fastballs.

    • TheDynastyStartsIn2016

      If an A-ball player is our best hitter, we should start negotiating now with the 2014 first draft pick. And I’m a HUGE Baez fan.

  • ruby2626

    Hey Brett, Having some site issues, 3 times today this site just disappeared and I lost my internet signal. Not really going to complain here at work. Has it happened to anyone else>

  • Kyle

    “And I’m a HUGE Baez fan.”

    Yeah. The problem is all this absurdity is making it look like those of us with a level head don’t like Baez or something.

    I love Baez. I adore him. I love high-ceilinged prospects above all else, and his ceiling is huge. If he learns adequate plate discipline and puts it all together, he’s going to be the best in the game at his position. Aramis Ramirez with plus-defense at 3b or something like that. Maybe even better. I love his attitude, too.

    But my freaking goodness. We knew he was raw when we drafted him. We knew he had approach problems. And in his first full year as a pro, he struck out so much and walked so little that Corey Patterson would have been embarrassed for him. We’ve got scouts snickering in the stands when he took his only walk of the spring, remarking “that’s hard to do” about the pitcher managing to walk him.

    He needs to learn the difference between a pitch you should swing at and one you shouldn’t. Right now, he has no clue. This is one of the most fundamental skills a baseball hitter need to possess, and he’s a 20 on the 20-80 scale right now. You can’t teach him to fix that problem by popping a boner and rushing him to the majors. He needs to see slightly more pitching than he’s used to, and then slightly better than that, for hundreds of PAs at a time.

    • bbmoney


    • TheDynastyStartsIn2016

      I hope you didn’t interpret my comment as me wanting Baez promoted soon. He shouldn’t be.

      I agree that he has tons of potential, maybe more than we think, but now is not his time. The problem is, we have so little to look forward to, anything that gives us reason to be optimistic becomes way overblown. This includes high draft picks, prospect
      lists, and even a conversation about building a new stadium. We need our major league team to be newsworthy, then everyone can calm down.

    • BABIP (MichCubFan)

      It’s cool to be in agreement with you on something, Kyle. haha

      Good post.

    • jt

      Perhaps that is the approach that will be used.
      If so, I for one will be following him to see how well it works.