first cut is the deepestDoes it count as a cut if you’re told you won’t make the team, but aren’t, like, cut? I guess it does.

Today the Chicago Cubs informed reliever Zach Putnam and infielder Alberto Gonzalez that they would not make the team out of Spring Training. The Gonzalez decision was unsurprising, given that Dale Sveum has essentially said it’s either Steve Clevenger for that 25th spot or a waiver pickup.

Putnam, 25, was competing with Hisanori Takahashi and Cory Wade for the final bullpen spot, and hopefully he’ll now head to AAA Iowa to continue to develop and be ready for a call-up. I guessed yesterday that Putnam probably wasn’t going to win the job, and I’m sticking with Takahashi, thanks to his left-handedness. Wade would be a fine choice, too. Or, the Cubs might find someone on the waiver wire that they like better.

  • Bigg J

    Can we get Ricky Romero while he is having problems with Toronto?

  • Mike

    Like, if you aren’t really, like, cut, but are informed that, like, you haven’t like, made the team, like, does that make you, like, not on the like, mlb roster?

    • Brett

      Well now that’s just, like, too much.

  • Crockett

    Is Putnam on waivers then? Or is he eligible to be sent down?

    • Brett

      That hasn’t been decided yet. He’s on a minor league deal, so it depends on whether he’s got an opt-out built in like many other folks. If he doesn’t, he may simply have to head to Iowa (or Cubs could put him on 40-man and option him to Iowa).

  • justinjabs

    Team Takahashi!