guillermo moscoso a'sEnter a new bullpen competitor.

Today the Chicago Cubs claimed righty reliever Guillermo Moscoso off of waivers from the Blue Jays, who’ve been churning waiver claims like nobody’s business – they had just claimed Moscoso from the Royals last week.

Moscoso, 29, bounced around for years before finally breaking through with the A’s in 2011 as a part-time starter. He put up a 3.38 ERA (120 ERA+) and 1.094 WHIP over 128 innings in 23 appearances (21 starts). He wound up as an unsuccessful swing guy with the Rockies last year after being traded for Seth Smith, and then bounced around this offseason. Moscoso has also been terrible in Spring Training this year, but, well, Spring Training.

He’s an intriguing arm, especially if you dream on that 2011 season. He’ll compete with Hisanori Takahashi and Cory Wade for the final bullpen spot, but given that there isn’t a whole lot of “competing” time left, I’d say the Cubs know what their plans are at this point. Which, by the way, could include trying to sneak Moscoso through waivers at the end of Spring Training like they did with Luis Valbuena last year, if I’m remembering correctly. (This assumes Moscoso is out of options, which it appears that he is.)

If not that, then maybe Moscoso will be the guy who wins the final spot, and the Cubs will try to figure out a way to keep Takahashi and/or Wade at Iowa.

To open up a 40-man spot for Moscoso, the Cubs officially placed Arodys Vizcaino on the 60-day DL, which was expected. He’s still rehabbing from Tommy John surgery, and wasn’t expected to contribute at the big league level this year, if at all, until the second half of the season.

The 40-man is at 40 right now, however, and the Cubs still have to make room for Brent Lillibridge. That could come by way of a Scott Baker 60-day DL stint, or someone getting dumped.

  • tim815

    Trust thy scouts. Trust thy scouts.

  • Cerambam

    Not to go off topic or jinx it, can you just imagine if vizcaino comes back and is the starter his ceiling allows him to be. It’s crazy how the development of a few players this year (garza, bjax, and vizcaino) can have such a huge effect on the 2014 cubs. The sad part is there’s a chance garza walks/traded, vizcaino is just a solid bullpen guy (not a bad thing) and Bjax just becomes a solid bench option ( also not terrible, do they say it? Le sigh…)

  • Hack Wilson

    There is always that chance that Vizcaino never pans out, Garza keeps getting the injury bug, and BJax remains a K machine. The life of an eternal Cubs fan. Le sigh. :)

    • Cerambam

      But maybe, just maybe, Brett Jackson comes back strong as an obp/slg focused hitter with solid defense in center field and medium speed, while garza comes back early in the season has a solid year and resigns with the cubs, and then vizcaino comes back after the all star break and dominates in the bullpen, gets stretched out over the winter, and joins Samardjza and garza in the rotation in the spring of 2014.

      I promise Ill donate all of my Christmas presents if this happens

    • GergÅ‘

      Off topic: I don’t know if any of you guys are listening to The Baseball Show podcast with Rany Jazayerli and Joe Sheehan but it’s recommended. After their last episode talking about the central teams, they said some pretty encouraging words about the Cubs’ future (Rizzo, Castro, the front office, etc.). I have a strong feeling that it will be useful throughout this long 2013 season…

      • demz

        I think the general consensus around baseball is that the cubs are looking really good for the future and are going to be a team to contend here in the next few years.

        • GergÅ‘

          I know, nearly all of the national guys have high expectations. Still the fact that two appreciated writer wouldn’t want any front office over the Cubs’ is something to cheer about.

  • Noah

    Meh, it’s one thing if the Cubs can stick him in Triple A and see something they think they can work with, but the solid 2011 was probably largely a result of pitching in Oakland. He’s an extreme fly ball pitcher who doesn’t strike people out. In his one goodish year in 2011 he had a 2.42 ERA in Oakland and 4.70 away. And it looks like both the home ERA and decent home FIP that season were largely a result of the difficulty of taking the ball out of the park in Oakland.

  • mudge

    Maybe they signed him to play second base.

  • arta

    maybe, just maybe you get no presents.

    • cerambam


  • ChicagoCubsTalk

    If he makes in last spot do we know if he will be a middle relief guy or more of a guy that will just come mop things up when it gets bad? Any news on that?

    • tim815

      What I’m thinking as of now is a Carlos Silva flier. Wrigley is a great pitcher’s park when the wind is blowing in, especially for fly ball pitchers. Hope to get him off to a good start through mid-May. Perhaps someone will offer something for him in late-May early-June. When the weather changes.

  • Kenster

    Hey Brett what ever happened to Carlos Guttierrez? I know he was an early offseason move who was eventually DFA’ d shortly after but to my knowledge remembered he never left the system. I figured he would get an invite to camp after reading your posts on his upside. Do the Cubs still see potential or have a plan for him?

  • Rebuilding

    Looks like the Cubs put Vizcaino on the 60 day DL to clear a spot

  • Tommy

    Well his ERA was horrendous last year, but his K/9 and SO/BB ratio was awesome. That looks like a pretty decent waiver pick up.

  • Die hard

    Maybe he could allow Cubs to try Marmol in long relief with a goal to being a starter next year cause he has too much strength to pitch only one inning or two

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