cactusThe most important thing is that no one was injured.

  • I suppose the second most important thing is that Jeff Samardzija appears ready for the season. He went five innings and gave up just five hits (no walks) and one earned run, while striking out four. Keep it going next week, Jeff.
  • Hisanori Takahashi went the next 1.2, giving up only a solo home run, and striking out three. He’s the favorite for that last bullpen spot, assuming no one is picked up this week in the flurry of transactions, and he didn’t do anything to give it away tonight.
  • Speaking of giving it away … Carlos Marmol had a rough night. He gave up four hits, a walk, six runs and three earned runs in 0.0 innings pitched. Yes, he retired no one. Let’s just assume he was working on a new knuckleball or something.
  • The Cubs’ bats were largely stifled by Johnny Cueto, though Dave Sappelt had two hits in the game.
  • Steve Clevenger, the 25th man absent a waiver pickup, went 2-2 off the bench with a double that scored the Cubs’ only run.
  • There are just two more Cactus League games left.
  • Die hard

    Illustrates why Astros leaving makes Cubs division punching bag- that was our first string playing as best they can….100 losses

    • BT

      Exactly. I shudder to think of how many times the Cubs will leave a combination of Carlos Marmol and Mike Hamann in in the 9th inning in order to give up 9 runs. 40? 50?

      In your “first string” scenario the Cubs were losing only 2-1 going into the 9th against the consensus best team in the Central. Do you really think we can draw any conclusions as to what their win/loss record can be from that game? Because I don’t.

    • Misuser use of Hyperbelanalogy (BluBlud)

      Right. Because considering that we gave up only 1 run in 8 innings action against a pretty good team means we are clearly the worse team in the history of baseball. I predict we’ll lose anywhere from 162-200 games this regular season.

      • Misuser use of Hyperbelanalogy (BluBlud)

        sorry, 2 runs.

      • forlines

        And the slow clap award goes to……

  • Myles

    Marmol just didn’t have his palmball last night for whatever reason

  • Bilbo161

    Night/day, feast/famine, hot/cold, Jekyll/Hyde. Just a few of the many adjectives Carlos brings to mind.

  • http://none jon wickstrom

    The real reason Marmol is finished? Hitters won`t swing at his good slider. Why? Because if they go deep in count they could get a walk or will be delivered a “room service“ fastball with little movement. Pitchers talk to one another,and yes,so do hitters.

    • Brett

      He sure pitched pretty well in June, July, August and September for a guy who’s finished.

    • CubFan Paul

      ‘Pitchers talk to one another,and yes,so do hitters.’

      …and Jon Wickstrom doesn’t watch games. Marmol’s fastball has sick movement, combined with his arm slot, its a Plus pitch again (Bosio)

      • Westbound Willie

        I’d rather have a reliever that is consistent that has more control of his pitches. He’s erratic and this type of up and down performances puts mental stress on his teammates. You don’t necessarily see it on the stat sheet but marmot can literally kill a team over the course of a season yet he will have a bunch of saves as well. And of course the cubs will lose 90-100 games.

  • daveyrosello

    I wish Theo took a chance on Dan Haren. Because even if injured, he’s surely a helluva lot more valuable than Carlos Freaking Marmol. Ugh. I was told the boo-birds were out in Mesa last night. You know how often spring training fans get their rile up enough to boo the players? How about never. Marmol.

  • ryno23

    The Arizona air most be tough for marmol to throw a fastball,slider or any other excuses we can think of.

    • Spriggs

      Cueto had a rough time with that Arizona air last night too!

  • justinjabs

    I was semi-following along with Jesse Rogers’ tweets last night (for the lack of … whatever he’s lacking, he does a decent play-by-play and fan interaction) and decided to just go to bed when it was 6-1. I must say though I am SUPER pumped to see Shark mow some Pirates down soon. Watch the water, Pittsburgh.

  • cjdubbya

    Ugh. I think that sums it up, at least the 9th. Wife got antsy so we bailed at 6-1. Samardzija had a couple hard hit balls but otherwise looked the part. Marmol looked bloated to me, musta been he is trying to stay hydrated in the AZ sun? Super frustrating to see Alfredo Simon basically intentionally walk Vogelbach on four straight, really wanted to see him swing the bat! Good plate discipline though. On to Fitch this morning for a bit, then resting up before our trip ends w/a game at Surprise tonight against the Royals. Been a great time for sure.

    • Brett


  • fromthemitten

    Did you see where three dbacks left the game last night with injuries? BRUUUUTAL. Kubel’s ankle injury may open the door for the CAMPANA ERA

  • DPRagen

    What’s the surprise? Marmol has been useless in the past, is useless now and will be useless in the future. “Westbound Willie” is correct. Why not try making him a starter again if you don’t wish to release him? Their is a challenge for any pitching coach. At least he wouldn’t be lurking every day threatening to throw away any game they have a chance to win!

    • Brett

      If Marmol was “useless” in 2012, 95% of relievers were similarly useless from late May through the end of the year.

      • BubblesHargrave

        Maybe, but that doesn’t take away the face that the Cub’s record would have had 8-10 more wins if he hadn’t blown so many saves in the early part of the year. And I think his stretch of good pitching started in July, not late May.