cactusThe Cubs ended their Cactus League slate – and their stay at HoHoKam Park – with a whimper, losing to the Mariners. At least it was mostly with young players and prospects.

  • Carlos Villanueva had a mixed outing in his final tuneup for the season. On the one hand, he gave up just one earned run over five innings (a Michael Morse homer – the Mariners won’t do much right this year, but with the fences coming in, they’re going to hit a lot of homers), but he really labored. Ultimately, he gave up three total runs on four hits and two walks. He struck out three.
  • Hisanori Takahashi got an extended look as the Cubs continue to consider him for a long-man role (he’s best suited as a LOOGY, but if he can do both, that would be swell), and it didn’t go all that well. He gave up three earned on five hits in three innings. At least there were no walks.
  • Shawn Camp wrapped up his ridiculous Spring with another two strikeouts on the day, and a 1.08 ERA for the Spring.
  • Alfonso Soriano hit his 5th homer of the Spring, and would be the best player in baseball if he could just always play Spring Training games in Arizona in March.
  • A bunch of youngsters got into the game, including Arismendy Alcantara, Zeke DeVoss, Tim Saunders, Jae-Hoon Ha, Ty Wright, Gioskar Amaya, and Brett Jackson (if he counts). Jackson is coming back from a shoulder injury.
  • The Cubs finish the Cactus League slate a couple games under .500. Shrug. Now it’s off to Houston for a couple “exhibition” games.
  • Patrick W.

    I’ve done an extensive analysis of the upcoming season and the Mariners will win 88 games this season. Mark it down.

    Then mock me incessantly when I’m off by about 12 games.

    • davidalanu

      So you’re saying we have to wait?

    • tim815

      They’ll win 100?

  • justinjabs

    You forgot to mention Brett Jackson’s awesome baserunning. Draw a walk, tag up from first on a flyout, advance the third on a groundout to SS despite being held on, run home on a screwy throw from the Mariners 1B. Probably the most exciting inning of the game.

  • Die hard

    The season in a nutshell…. 4 runs isn’t going to cut it

    • Patrick W.

      Could not agree more. I’m 100% certain that throughout the season Sauders, Clevenger, Wright, Alcantar and DeVoss will get 75% of each game’s plate appearances.

      • TWC

        You obviously work for the rooftops.

  • Die hard

    Mets going to eat 30 million on Santana contract … Makes Soriano contract attractive given he at least is trying to earn it

    • Carew

      The whole Santana situation is just absolutely unfortunate, he would definitely be trying to earn it if he could play

  • lou brock

    Alcantara looked very good at short & did well at the plate & on the bases. Keep an eye on this kid. Had a triple his first time up & just missed a HR by a few feet on another at bat from the right side. Villanueva was not hit hard other than the one HR. Plate umpire was squeezing him & he gave up a few soft bloopers to set up the other 2 runs.

  • Dustin S

    Just a that fyi tomorrow’s exhibition game against Houston is a free game of the day, so it should be viewable to those interested. I know these last couple games (and the last week ftm) aren’t the most exciting, but I figured I’d pass it along.