gods-wrathYou gotta be freaking kidding me.

After deciding to play all of his regulars in a stupid, meaningless, fake game against the Houston Astros – who started no regulars – Dale Sveum is now going to be without his Gold Glove-winning second baseman for at least Opening Day, and possibly longer.

While trying to catch a foul ball against the wall in Houston, Darwin Barney gashed his knee open, and required five stitches. Brent Lillibridge will start in his place on Monday, and the Cubs will make a disabled list decision within the next couple of days.


This actually happened.

  • Patrick W.

    The team Dr. needs to say Barney hit his head too. 7day DL.

  • Blank

    Can’t imagine what we’ll do without Barney’s power bat in the lineup.


    • J Wilson

      HAHA I agree. The lights at Wrigley will go out because of the power outage. I’m not so sure why people are in love with Barney. His offense leaves everything to be desired. His defense is excellent, but I’d rather take a guy that can plate runs. I’m not sure how many runs Barney saved last year with his glove, but it’s far fewer than the number of runs a decent bat can knock in and score, especially when you compare runs saved vs. an average 2B. Lets see what Logan Watkins can do, or any other middle IF prospect.

      • J Wilson

        He might bring back Neifi Perez memories…dear lord.

      • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

        Just to be clear on my end – I’m not in love with Barney as the starter, and I never have been. But the step down in total value from him to Brent Lillibridge, for example, is going to become obvious if Barney is out more than a few days.

        • JR

          I hate to see anyone get hurt. Especially a guy who plays hard like Barney. But this team was set up to fail in 2013 for specific reasons. So a couple games missed by a glove only 2nd baseman isn’t too big of a deal, unless I am missing something…

        • http://401klogic.net Westbound Willie

          Actually lilli is a decent player that can play on par or better with Barney over a month period. Losing Barney for a couple weeks is a meaningless event over a 162 game season. It was rather doubtful that Barney would play all 162 games anyway so who cares?

  • Carew

    Hey, shit happens. Major or minor, it is what it is.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      For sure. But it’s worth discussing.

  • Montana Hipster

    He did it on purpose to avoid having to be on the field when Marmol pitches.

  • Melrosepad

    Well, Adrian Cardenas is still supposedly available

  • Dizzy D

    chon figgins rumors

    • YourResidentJag

      What about Miguel Tejada?

      • DarthHater

        What’s Miguel up to these days? Am I dreaming, or did I see him in the WBC?

        • YourResidentJag

          He’s with KC–for now.

    • DarthHater

      Right. You mean like the rumor that “The Cubs haven’t been in contact with Chone Figgins?”

  • DarthHater

    News Flash: Alfonso Soriano is now demanding that the Cubs trade him. 😛

    • Jp3

      Easy DH you’ll get me excited talking like that

  • Carlito

    Not feeling A. Gonzo

  • Dustin S

    I’m not sure who was more wrong in this case, Sveum for letting the starters go past the first inning or 2 max (just as goodwill for the paying fans), or Barney for going that hard after a foul ball in the last game of the preseason. I’m definitely all for playing hard, but there has to be some situational sense by Barney that in this last preseason game don’t go 110% pedal to the metal. Sveum shouldn’t have put him in that situation anyway, but Barney should have known better than that.

  • Bilbo161

    Don’t think you can get in the way of baseball instincts. I’m not sure you want players to confuse their instincts and purposely tank on a play they think they can make. If there is any fault it goes the manager. For the most part this is just a bunch of folks just trying to find blame where there really is none. When bad things happen its not always someone’s fault. Too many damn lawyer wannabes. The only thing I think of is that I would have rather been watching some of the prospects. So, do I get my wish in another way? Will the Cubs bring up a kid for a week? Lake is hurt so maybe Watkins?

    Happy Easter everyone!

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  • Die hard

    If he saw bone they have to DL him for at least 30 days given risk of infection

    • King Jeff

      I know he’s going to need some time to heal, but I think 30 days might be a bit much, even if we are talking about the Cubs. We haven’t seen the cut though, so any speculation is just guessing at this point.

  • Stu

    Really? Barney is not a difference maker, so why all of the drama? Baez is your long term solution at 2nd with Barney being a utility player.