matt garza chinToday, as they’d been expected to do, the Chicago Cubs added Brent Lillibridge and Hisanori Takahashi to the 40-man roster, and sent Scott Baker to the 60-day disabled list to accommodate one of the moves (the 40-man had been at 39). Lillibridge is expected to start at second base for the Cubs tomorrow, with Darwin Barney probably heading to the disabled list after cutting his knee yesterday.

Steve Clevenger has also made the club, and Alberto Gonzalez is traveling with the team to Pittsburgh in case Barney does go on the DL. If he does, and if the Cubs haven’t picked anyone up off of the waiver wire, Gonzalez will probably replace Barney, but will need a 40-man roster spot. All of that will be sorted out shortly, perhaps early tomorrow.

Baker, who’s recovering from Tommy John surgery (and a recent setback thereof), is now not eligible to pitch for the Cubs until May 31 at the very earliest, though he’s not expected back until mid to late June.

The Cubs also put Matt Garza (lat) and Ian Stewart (quad) on the 15-day disabled list, as expected. Garza won’t be back until May, and Stewart is likely coming back around the same time. That’s without setbacks, of course.

Brett Jackson was officially optioned to AAA Iowa, where he’ll play for at least a couple months – hopefully then forcing the issue with an improved contact rate.

We’ll see if the Cubs grab anyone who was dumped in the last day or two, but, if they don’t, the rosters are set for the start of the season.

Which, like, did I mention that the season starts tomorrow? Finally.

  • kmr1453

    I’ve always been a fan of Ryan Sweeney. Wish the Cubs had a spot for him.

    • Die hard

      Could’ve had R Cedeno cheaper

  • Houston Transplant

    Hooray for baseball! Ill be at the Astros game tonight and taking off work to watch the Cubs tomorrow! Go, Cubs!

  • Die hard

    If no more injuries and Garza returns to pitch 150-160 innings and everyone plays to ability this team ends up 70-92 which is progress and will take it

  • http://illontheSmokies...Willtheyforsurebesentdown? Rudy

    Is there any news on the final minor league rosters? Last I saw Soler and Baez were still on the Smokies… Will they for sure be sent down?

    • Brett

      They’ll be on Daytona. Final rosters haven’t been announced yet, though.

    • Kyle

      The players should have gotten their asignments during the day today at the latest. Official announcements should start trickling in today and tomorrow. Baez andSoler are definitely in Daytona.

      When we signed Soler, I think “starting 2013 in Daytona” would have been a silght disappointment.

      • Brett

        Maybe. No one reasonably expected an arrival earlier than second half 2014. That’s still very much a possibility.

  • corey costello

    DL for a cut?

    It better be bruised as well

    • Colocubfan

      A cut down to the bone and stitches! Probably couldn’t play for several days anyway.

      • corey costello

        Oh, stitches are a different story.

        • DocPeterWimsey

          True: but “cuts” include everything from scratches to decapitation. Louis XVI probably didn’t bruise either, and he’s still on the DL, after all. So, if a guy goes on the DL for a cut, then you know that it was a bad one.

    • AB

      Dermis/Epidermis on the knee is obviously thin; a very susceptible infection spot especially considering how much movement is required of the skin at this particular part of the body.

  • THEOlogical

    I’m gonna head to Daytona as soon as I’m off for a couple of days and the Cubs are playing there. I’d sure hate to be an opposing pitcher knowing Baez and Soler will be there. But worst, maybe the left side of the infield knowing Baez will be there. I’m sure Cubs fans aren’t the only ones who’ll be happy to see them get promoted.

    • corey costello

      They play the team in my town this Friday night. Trying to get friends to go.

  • Xoomwaffle

    I have a little bit of a technical question. Is Alberto Gonzalez technically on Iowa’s roster then? He can not be on the 25 or 40 man but still travel with the team?

  • cubfanincardinalland

    Saw that Buster Olney scouted the class a game between Giants and Cubs, and had an insider column about the prospects. Sounds like he liked Johnson from the start of the column. Can anybody summarize what he said about guys, without plagerising him?

    • David

      You mean Keith Law?

    • Noah

      The only Cubs prospect Law discussed was Johnson. He was impressed by the stuff (fastball at 89-94, mostly in the higher end of that after the 2nd inning), solid slider and change, good control of the fastball. Law has a concern about his motion, in that he turns the ball over late in his motion. Turning the ball over is good, as it creates movement. But Law has a concern regarding when he turns the ball over, that it can create stress on the forearm and elbow. If he stays healthy, Law said he could envision Johnson as a solid 3 in a rotation.

  • When the Music’s Over

    Has Garza thrown any more than simple catch? I feel like I haven’t seen news on him in quite some time. If not, mid-May is beginning to feel like an aggressive date.

    • Jono

      And let’s hope that trend continues, not hearing about garza

  • Adventurecizin’ Justin

    I see that Zack Cox has been DFA’d…is that someone to consider?

    • cubfanincardinalland

      Another in a long list of overrated, overhyped Cardinal prospects. You would think teams would figure it out after a while and quit trading for them.

  • Westbound Willie

    Maybe you should send out a memo to the other 29 teams so they can get in on your little secret.

  • Troy

    When will the minor league rosters be announced??

    • Westbound Willie

      On the minor league websites.


  • Troy

    I said when?

    • Westbound Willie

      You can call the affiliates and ask them. They’re open for calls during normal business hours.

    • AB

      What a half-wit troll.

      The press releases should be Monday or Tuesday this week. Sounds like the lineups are pretty much set, the only questions is which pitchers get cut from the Iowa group.

  • Troy

    Oh ok thanks douche!! Will get right on that tomorrow!

    • Carew

      This conversation was just unnecessary

  • cubfanincardinalland

    In the category of things could always be worse Cub fans, I see that Marlon Byrd is batting 5th and starting in right field for the Mets tomorrow.

  • Wilbur

    I’m going to say this once, as I doubt anyone knows me from Adam and could give a damn anyway, but suffice it to say that as an old guy I’m going to comment on month’s of comments I’ve read:

    Regardless if you are a troll (I defer to the vernacular of the medium) branded or self -proclaimed; or an official or vigilante troll hunter, the personal insults only detract from your Argument.

    I consider all observations as interesting, regardless of how they do or don’t match mine. Reasonable or in my opinion absurd.

    Except, that I disregard all comments regardless of how much they match mine when they are combined with an attack on those they are in response to.

    Why? The same thing I’ve told my kids for years, an intelligent mind does rely on perceived superiority, emotion, or volume to convince others of the merit of their position. The clarity of thought and the validity of the argument do that.

    Have a successful 2013. Go Cubs …

    • Patrick W.

      Very well said Wilbur, just curious… what do you consider a personal attack? That is, how do you define it? Just name calling or also being dismissive of somebody just based on their past arguments, like “You drink the KoolAid” or “You hate the FO”?

      (Also I presume you meant an intelligent mind does “not” rely on…)

  • Believe in 2015

    First series preview tomorrow morning Brett?

    • Brett


  • FFP

    What do meaningless “exhibition games” have in common with the WBC? All risk for MLB teams with million dollar commitments and finely tuned, multi-tiered, multi-year battle plans; all control, all potential-reward in the hands of MLB corporate. Get well Darwin. Everyone else, please, play ball.